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  1. dena81

    Not so easy to make friends here...

    I've been stalling myself. Hit about 20lbs loss and it's kinda stalling right now which sucks
  2. dena81

    Not so easy to make friends here...

    Haha yes ma'am! Oh my gosh I'm so excited for buying new clothes, feeling more active, feeling light, being less in pain. I've already started to see some awesome changes like my blood sugar and pressure have been amazing (main reasons I got the surgery) ohhhh and to finally get off all my meds will be awesome!
  3. dena81

    Not so easy to make friends here...

    I just joined recently (sleeved October 18th) but I noticed the same. I've gotten some replies on my posts but it's been quiet and since I just had my sleeve I'm just full of stuff I want to talk about.
  4. dena81

    Weight gain during period

    So I had my gastric sleeve on October 18th and since been losing weight evenly. I was down to 209 and then my period started on the 5th and I jumped up about 5lbs. I wasn't really worried as I normally gain 5lbs around my period but yesterday was the last day of my period and I'm still up about 5/6 pounds. Any of you have similar stories? Should I be worried or should it go down in a bit? Any advice is appreciated! Also having my 2nd follow-up with my surgeon next Monday.
  5. dena81

    Bras after weight loss

    I'm currently a HH so it's hard for me to get regular bras. Right now I have to amazing sports bra that I finally got to tighten to the last clip on the back!!! Can't wait until I finally get to shop new bras!
  6. dena81

    Bikini Shopping Midway Progress Pics – POST YOURS!

    Ahhh you all look fabulous!!!! I'm only 3 weeks since my surgery but I've been trying to push my best friend to lose weight with me so we can go bathing suit shopping together. Keeping my fingers crossed for both of us!
  7. Mine was the 18th so it's been exactly 2 weeks since the surgery. I got pretty lucky able to keep food down. Still adjusting to how fast I get full. Get to start normal food on the 7th!
  8. So my surgery was on the 18th and I'm currently in my full liquids phase (puree is on the 1st!) It no longer hurts as food goes down but I'm still trying to adjust to timing with eating and I feel starving at times. Hoping I get adjusted to that eventually.
  9. My doctor had me on clear liquids 3 days post op and then full liquids for a week then puree
  10. dena81

    Hair loss

    My nutritionist told me about this during our first meeting and had me take biotin since then
  11. It's been hard for me to drink since I'm taking small sips
  12. dena81


    I don't hate myself for it but there is that little voice in my head wondering if I made the right choice. But then again I feel like I did because I already have diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, etc. If I didn't do this I don't know if I would've been able to fix myself and instead be a mess in my 40s and 50s if not dead
  13. This is day 2 after the surgery. I'm home but now really feeling the pain and keeping up on my Tylenol 3 every 6 hours. Eating has been a big learning curve. Still trying to remember if I use a spoon to pace every 5 minutes and for the medicine cup every 15 minutes. Just hoping this pain in my back and at the incisions go away soon.
  14. dena81

    Fresh from surgery

    I just finished mine yesterday. Still trying to get used to eating.
  15. dena81

    Today's my surgery!!!

    Ahhh good luck! You can do this!!
  16. Nervous as heck and I had to wake up with a headache.... Ugh. But excited to start my new life!
  17. dena81

    Today's my surgery!!!

    You guys are so great! Surgery went well. I got some aches but nothing insane. So far no vomiting. Happy I'm starting my new life!!!!!
  18. dena81

    Today's my surgery!!!

    Ohhhh that's so awesome! I'll message you. Great to see another Monmouth county person
  19. dena81

    Day 1 of my pre op diet!

    Everything I got from Amazon!
  20. Hi everyone! Just started my pre op diet today. So far it hasn't been too bad but then again I was off work since I had to get my upper endoscopy procedure. I got a bunch of boxes of bariatric soups, gelatin, pudding, unflavored protein collagen peptides, two different flavors for my protein shakes, protein drink mixes, etc. Now planning for my stock for clear liquids after the surgery. Any advice is appreciated! My surgery is next Friday the 18th... And ahhhh my birthday is tomorrow, so birthday creamy tomato soup for me!!!
  21. dena81

    Day 1 of my pre op diet!

    Thank you!!! I'll have to try that!
  22. dena81

    Day 1 of my pre op diet!

    Wanted to make sure I had a good variety of stuff
  23. Surgery twin!!!! So excited and nervous!!
  24. Added myself! October 18th but the 12th... But I can't delete it ugh.