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  1. 39 minutes ago, SassyTwin said:

    My doctor has recommend avoiding Pasta because it is really filling. Sounds like the Pasta salad and steak are not a regular part of your current diet. What are you eating regularly?

    Thanks for your reply - my dietician has soft pasta and rice in stage 4 of my post op diet ( each stage min 5 days max 2 weeks) - at the moment im eating poached eggs, porridge, smashed avocado, steamed vegies, steamed fish, mashed vegies, mince with gravy....so your right its probably too heavy compared to what i have been eating....the pains just scare me a bit ...i live 2 days drive away from my dr/surgeon which scares me if i end up having a leak (always in the back of my mind when i start having pains) .

  2. On Tuesday im 4 weeks post op and Im struggling to eat the 1/4 to 1/2 cup of food (pureed or soft) that my dietician has recommended. Doesnt matter what i eat (soft Cereal / porridge / poached egg etc) I can only get through 3 teaspoons of food, over a 5 - 20min period. If i go a 4th teaspoon i end up with the sharp pain in my left shoulder and a horrible full feeling that lasts for about an hour after eating. I dont pile high my teaspoon its literally a small teaspoon amount. Should i speak to my dietician??

    Last night we had a friend over for dinner who i havent told i had surgery and i tried to eat a small amount of Pasta salad and the tinniest amount of steak (chewed for ages because it was my first time eating a firmer meat) had the frothies after and 12hours later i have a sharp pain across my belly button . Is this part of the "over eating" symptoms??

    i feel like im going to be on pureed/ soft foods for life :(

  3. On 10/28/2019 at 4:55 AM, BillW82 said:

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm new on here and joined because Google searches we leading me down a rabbit hole. I had my surgery on the 15th of October and I feel great. However I am craving food I can chew. I'm just looking for any tips or trick that may have worked for some of you.

    i was the same just craving to be able to chew (had op same date as yourself) when my family all had steak for dinner...smell of it drove me nuts. I cut a small piece of steak and just chewed it without swallowing ...was enough to satisfy my craving for actually chewing. The dietician and dr said I have 2 weeks until i can start eating casseroles and stews and i cant wait!

  4. 3 hours ago, pssk said:

    I’m 4 days out and pretty much burp after every sip. Plus the noises, My God, the noises!

    I am sore at incision sites. Other than that, I’m doing quite well.

    Glad you are doing well!! The noises are crazy Im sipping, burping, bubbling, gurgling and a whole heap of other strange sounds i cant even explain!! 😂 Burping is non stop for me as well.

  5. Im 5 days post surgery and so far healing ok. Just discomfort across top wound and slight pain in shoulder. The thing im struggling with the most is interpreting the "sensations" in my stomach - i have slight pain in my stomach and my brain is going "you've got hunger pains, your hungry eats some toast!" ....so i have a drink of 125ml across 30mins and i end up burping (my dieticians notes say to increase Fluid intake to 125ml in one sitting at this stage...but whats one sitting in time???) ..burping : which is exactly what i used to do if i overate pre surgery. Its such a mind game of rediscovering body signals!!!

    Im so worried ill stretch the sleeve!

  6. 1 minute ago, funky_monkey800 said:

    I think I have tried almost everything. I have lost 100 and some change...I work out religiously but still a saggy belly and extra skin on the thighs....afraid at this point my only option would be a Tummy Tuck and lipo... sure it looks better than it did, but I'm still self conscious. And unless I win the lottery looks like spanks from here on out 😏

    wow well done on the loss. Thanks for letting me know what you have tried to combat the loose skin. 😊

  7. 21 hours ago, PlanetHopper said:

    I am still pre-op but I have also looked into loose skin. Loose skin after weight loss surgery is common because your skin does not have the time to adjust to the rapid weight loss. Although everyone is different, you will MOST LIKELY have loose skin and the only true way to completely resolve that issue is through plastic surgery. Based on some Youtubers that are bariatric patients, compression clothing can really help with minimizing the visibility of loose skin.

    I do recall a Youtuber suggesting that you buy quality compression clothing because it can make all the difference. I am sorry this isn't coming from personal experience but this is the best I know of it so far. You can look on Youtube for first hand experiences from real patients.

    thanks i hadnt even thought to search on youtube for information so greatly appreciate your help :)

  8. 5 hours ago, Linda72 said:

    Went to surgeon office today and I'm down 7 more pounds only need to do 10 day pre-OP diet instead of 2 weeks. Everyday counts lol...

    thats really good well done!!! i start the pre op on monday which is first day of school holidays..i didnt time that to well!

    On 9/26/2019 at 9:21 AM, Linda72 said:

    Yay. I'm excited too. Congratulations to you.

  9. I have my surgery booked for October and im hoping to loose 45kgs (100lbs) and the thing that scares me the most is the thought of the amount of loose skin that I could possibly end up with. Ive researched compression clothing and just wanted to see if anyone used compression clothing (like 2xu or under armour brands) post surgery and if they found it helped and have recommendations....ive had two unplanned csections and still have separated abdominal muscles (4 years after)......

    im going crazy researching "tightening skin naturally" ...buying collagen protein...organic broths...even looking at jowl creams and face braces to lift and tighten the neck area....sounds so lame when i read what i have written because loose skin should be the least of my concerns... did anyone else have this concern it doesnt seem to come up on other forum topics of what to expect/didnt expect/wish you knew before hand....