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  1. I'm 61 and dealing with all of those things except sciatica. It's hard telling folk about this because of the resistance still and not understanding all of the pros and cons. Any surgery has risks, but the benefits I do believe outweigh those risks, especially at our ages. Of course you should discuss with your doctor all of the benefits as well as risk based on your own history.
    67 and had my sleeve on 8/28 this year. So far everything is going great. I had to do a six month doctor weight program and as of now I have lost 95 pounds. I suffer from knee and back pain so exercise is limited. Hoping that will get better. It's the best thing I have done for myself. Good luck.

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  2. Hi. I’m 67 and finally got my surgery date. December 23rd. Whoop! I’m excited and nervous. Some may think I’m too old but as I told my dr yesterday - I’m not dead yet!!
    Cinde 52- I had my sleeve on August 28 and I am 67. I ran into a little trouble with a leak but after my doctor went back in and fixed it I am doing great. I was questioning if I was to old but I wanted to do it so bad. My body and joints were starting to give me a lot of pain. I had to do a six month doctor weight program and as today I have lost 93 pounds. I feel like a different person. I know you will do awesome. Just follow your surgeons directions and good luck.

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  3. Hi,I am having sleeve july 1 ,I am almost 67 with bone on bone hip and knees,,I am in the prep phase,,I would very much like to hear from folks that had sleeve over 65 and have success stories, only positives,Thanks so much ,

    I had my sleeve on the 28 th of August and I turned 67 right before my surgery. I also had two heart stents put in November the year before. I had the six month insurance weigh ins and lost close to 72 pounds within that six month period. My sleeve surgery hit a snag when my surgeon had to go back in due to a leak. I spent five days in the hospital .He fixed that and I have done great since. I am currently at week 4 and on pureed food till next week. Hit the dreaded three week stall. Staying on course though.

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  4. There can be a few extra challenges to weight loss surgery later in life. It would be nice to support each other on the journey.

    I turned 67 right before my sleeve surgery. Along the pre - op journey of six months I had two heart stents put in and did very well. Two of my daughters had the sleeve surgery and encouraged me to get it done. I have been overweight most of my life and was now having back and knee pain. I was excited to be approved and had my surgery on 8/28/19 . Things went good till my blood pressure bottomed out , so my surgeon went back in to look for a leak. Whatever was going on he fixed it and after five days in hospital , I am home and doing great. I don't regret any of my process. I am at 4 weeks today and now have hit a stall for a week but I know I am still on track and the stall will end.

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  5. I brought a robe (those gowns don't cover much), small cloth blade fan (the room didn't have good AC and I like air circulation. This can be found on Amazon), Slippers (they had the footie socks with anti slip, but I have really large feet and they barely fit), CPAP as instructed, Cell Phone Charger, Headphones (AirPods, they use the same charger as the phone).
    I too wore the same clothes home that I wore to the hospital. Never used my slippers, wore the lovely brown socks they furnished. I also wore the hospital gown with pajama pants underneath. The Iv is hard to deal with if you use your gown. I only took one pair of pj s and I ended up with a leak and a five day stay in the hospital. I took my tooth brush,paste and deodorant and a hair brush. You will be resting for the most part.

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  6. And I still have the now 11 boxes of 3-4-5x and above sitting in one end of my kitchen . it is big enough I use a futon couch as a seat along the wall for my dining table. Better not have company, they're sitting on the futon. Now to seduce someone into taking me and them to Goodwill, nobody comes and picks things up for charitable centers! Frustrating for me because I'm sure there are Chubbettes like I formerly was here in On i x County that could use them, we have an ungodly Obesity rate, clear down to Toddlers and .and also preschoolers. Wish I could climb a pulpit and tell them all what Bariatrics meant to ME. But I once would not have stopped and listened, just wanted to get into IGA, Krogers or Wal-Mart, buy my stuff and get the _____ out of Dodge. I was too ashamed of my body, Me and how I THOUGHT I looked. I was emotionally pretty low and nearly without hope. Any of you relate? Yep Thought So! But time has given US progress, just wish in my [emoji173] all the others could find it too!
    I read some blogs where a few of the surgery centers had a closet that you could visit and get donated clothing as you lost weight. That would be great and save money as we all got smaller. I was fortunate that my daughter had the surgery a year before me and gave me a lot of her clothes.

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  7. I"m 8 weeks post op and am just now able to get close to my Water goals and then only sometimes. I didn't use those cups, I just sipped from the bottle. Gatorade Zero was my best friend in the first few weeks to keep from getting dehydrated.
    I haven't had the odd taste in my mouth.
    I had a really bad taste to the point that I would get out of bed and brush my teeth again during the night. Not so bad since I started the puree food .

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  8. I had gastric sleeve on 8/20/19. Every now and then i feel like im hungry. Or at least my brain is telling me i am. Has anyone else felt that way? Sorry i am new here. Thank you.
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    I had my surgery on 8/28/19. My second week I believe I was feeling hungry for a couple of days. My two daughters had surgery last year and they said I was having head hunger. Whatever.

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