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    Florida BCBS ***

    I have BCBS thru Publix, my husband works there. The place I chose is a preferred provider, so I was happy about that. BUT the Publix version of the plan specifically excludes any type of weight loss management...No surgery, no counselling, no meds, nothing. The policy mentions even if you have a qualifying condition that weight loss treatment would improve and your physician determines is medically necessary, it will not be covered. When I was fussing about this to my hubby his reply was...of course Publix isn't going to want any procedure covered that will make you need less food. Insurance companies write the policy, but it's the HR department of the company that ultimately decides what it wants covered to fit it's needs. Exclusions save money on premiums. And we all know that's the ultimate bottom line, not the health of employees and families.
  2. Tinkerbellemom

    Urine Screening - Smoking

    Thanks for the replies. Since I last visited here on my lunch hour I got a call back from the insurance person in the Drs office, and my plan does not offer any sort of weight loss treatment. It specifically excludes it, everything related to it they could possibly include, anything to help you lose weight, even if you have conditions that may be improved by losing weight, or your Dr declares medically necessary, it actually says that. BUT...I DO have coverage for medical hair loss restoration. Too bad I'm fat and not bald.
  3. Tinkerbellemom

    Urine Screening - Smoking

    Total newbie here. I've only been to an info session so far, and I forgot to ask about medical marijuana. It's legal in my state, with an MMJ card, which I have. I don't smoke or vape, I prefer the tincture, and it's a very low THC, higher CBD combo that works on my arthritis pain, not even a high enough dose to make me loopy, but keeps my hands pain free so I can work. I can understand why they want everyone clean, so I've put it aside for now. I see here that smokers tested nicotine clear in 2 weeks...does anyone have experience how long THC takes to clear?

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