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  1. Some surgeons have their "wants" I had to deal with the fact t that I'm vegan. The were understanding and we've had to discuss that along of the pre and post op diet criteria didn't match my diet. We made a plan that works. Even in the hospital they brought me a milk laden protein beverage, even though they know I'm vegan and lactose intolerant. I had my mom bring my protein powder from home and all was well. You just need to talk with the dietician and work things out Eddy Blaine Brown II
  2. ebbii0927

    5 years post op and have huge REGRET!

    Why do you think you've failed? Maybe with a little positive support you can right the ship. Lets talk about what did go right, what didn't, and what needs to happen next. Eddy Blaine Brown II
  3. ebbii0927

    Protein trial

    Some of them are ok, mist of them are junk. Be watchful. A lot of them have a lot of sugar in them. Also a lot of them are heavily dairy based. This is a lot of extra fat and calories. Eddy Blaine Brown II
  4. ebbii0927

    August surgery

    That is quite possible especially if you had sugar issues. I would wait at least 90 days as long as nothing major before going to an eye doctor for new glasses. If it seems to be a bigger issue definitely get that checked out. I know my moms glasses needs changed greatly after surgery Eddy Blaine Brown II
  5. I'm one week post op. I know we're supposed to stay hydrated, but I seem to have no trouble taking in fluids. I try to space it as best as possible. I just don't want to ness up Eddy Blaine Brown II
  6. ebbii0927

    August surgery

    Feeling great. I want to do so much more than I feel I should. I feel like returning to things as normal. I know I shouldn't, but I know I probably shouldn't. How are you doing Eddy Blaine Brown II
  7. ebbii0927

    Anyone for August 2020

    With your history of weightloss and gain over the last 8 years I wouldn't worry about the 6 month program. You've been on the "Diet Teadmill" long enough to teach the class. You'll be fine Eddy Blaine Brown II
  8. Well I did it finally. Im feeling good. Surgery was Tuesday morning and I was olhome before lunch time on Wednesday. They have me on very minimal medication, otc pain medication and a script for tummy issues, but i really don't even like taking them. I know I should, at least in the short term. Fwwling good. Ive lost 7 lbs in 2 days, but i still have a long way to go. Eddy Blaine Brown II
  9. ebbii0927

    August 2020 Surgery

    Congratulations Eddy Blaine Brown II
  10. ebbii0927

    Is this normal?

    I lost 7 lbs in first 3 days, but haven't seen much movement since Eddy Blaine Brown II
  11. Just days before expecting to get insurance approval for surgery I get payed off of work. I guess some things are not meant to be Sent from my SM-N976V using BariatricPal mobile app
  12. All went well just about home Eddy Blaine Brown II
  13. ebbii0927

    August surgery

    Hope all went well Eddy Blaine Brown II
  14. ebbii0927

    August surgery

    Your probably ok. Fl doesn't seem to want to lock down anything Eddy Blaine Brown II
  15. ebbii0927

    August surgery

    I'm in. My surgery was on August 4th Eddy Blaine Brown II
  16. You should see them right before surgery Eddy Blaine Brown II
  17. Mine did the same. I took the pain stuff for 2 days, but probably didn't need it. The other I did as well, but probably only needed it for 24 hrs. Im sure they can find a solution Eddy Blaine Brown II
  18. For the issues you are having it sounds like the full bypass is really the only option that makes any sense. The sleeve could make the acid reflux worse. Also you probably won't get the desired results with the sleeve because of confounding factors Eddy Blaine Brown II
  19. ebbii0927

    How did you pick your doctor?

    I went to 5he same surgeon my mom had do hers 2 years ago Eddy Blaine Brown II
  20. ebbii0927

    Covid Test!

    They barley stuck the tip in. I was very surprised. It didn't even seem valid, but it met the requirements to get my surgery Eddy Blaine Brown II
  21. ebbii0927

    Nutrition Appointments

    I'm having to redo a nutrition appointment I did before my original surgery date. They now have it scheduled for about 1 week postoperative Eddy Blaine Brown II
  22. ebbii0927

    Surgery day

    My procedure is in just a couple of hours. Over 1 year in waiting. Time to get it done Eddy Blaine Brown II
  23. ebbii0927

    Surgery day

    Headed in Eddy Blaine Brown II
  24. ebbii0927

    5 years post op and have huge REGRET!

    My bad. I misunderstood the timing of the onset of GERD Eddy Blaine Brown II
  25. Try a vegan protein powder. If your lactose intolerant there's no wonder. Orgain makes a decent one. I get one from gainful.com. it's a semi custom blend, and they will work with WLS cases. Eddy Blaine Brown II

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