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  1. I had my first and last appointment with my surgeon today. He is really cool, I feel like if we weren't doctor-patient we would move in the same circle. I scheduled surgery and paid my first payment ($1,050) and won't pay anything else until Feb of 2021, not sure what that amount will be. lol Just depends on how the insurance covers it all. But I'm soooo excited! It works out to where I will start the 2 week preop the day the kids and I return from our fall break so won't have to worry about dieting while I'm out of town. Unfortunately I will not be able to eat thanksgiving dinner, but in reality that's ok. My son is leaving for college Oct 26 so we are doing thanksgiving the week before he leaves. Anyone else have surgery around Nov 23?
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    Surgery Scheduled

    Yeah, I'm doing Thanksgiving Oct 24 so that my son will be here for it. If my family is still doing their thanksgiving (not sure with covid) then I will go, but won't be eating anything. My dr said I would be ok to drive as long as I wasn't on narcotics. It's an hour and 15 min drive
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    Anyone November 2020

    My surgery is Nov 23!!!
  4. before surgery that is! I had to take a pause and wait for covid and changing insurance to go through.. anyway, Oct 13 I will meet the surgeon, go to surgery scheduling, and go over benefits! Sounds like my surgery won't be until November, but it will be SOON!! I'm sooo excited!
  5. Hey everyone! It's been a crazy year! I was supposed to have surgery in March, however, in February I changed jobs and got different insurance. When this happened, I could no longer have surgery at my chosen surgery clinic (only one my previous insurance covered). Turns out, they lost medicaid/medicare capabilities, and went under shortly after! They're completely closed, which blows me away. Anyway, I have struggled getting my info in front of the bariatric coordinator at the new location. I finally did last week! She had gotten everything from the previous clinic before the closed (thank god!!) so I don't have to go through everything all over again! I did have to get the psych to send my results to her so she could send it to her psych. That finally happened last night. Now, I'm looking at surgery VERY soon... like within a couple weeks. WOW! I'm so afraid to get my hopes up, because this hasn't gone well so far lol I'm glad it has taken a detour. I've started back to school, spent an amazing summer with my kids going on vacation. But now I'm ready to get it done. Also, my previous plan was gastric sleeve, but in the additional time, I have chosen gastric bypass. So I guess stay tuned!
  6. I have all my clearances done! Bloodwork, letter of necessity and clearance from pcp, ekg, pulmonology clearance (I passed my sleep study, and since my sleep apnea is mild, i don't need a cpap or another sleep study), and just did the psychologist evaluation. I'm pretty sure I passed it, the tests I had to take were all common sense. The only thing I have to do is get a chest xray that I'm holding off on because I have a cold, and 3 more appointments with the bariatric center. Its getting so close! Looking at actually having surgery in march, hopefully!
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    So some of my friends have started going to a few different places locally that do herbalife shakes and teas. I like them. I've never found a protein shake that i like. But they're pricey. Has anyone found something similar? I just don't have the money to spend a crazy amount on them.
  8. We are the same size! I just had my 2nd appt of 6 prior to surgery.
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    So, today I had my appointment with my PCP to get medical necessity/clearance letter. It was a great conversation. My PCP has been my PCP for probably 10 years. I love him for many reasons- he is our local school nurses medical director and he has put together some great stuff for our nurses, his kids and my kids are in school together and we're both always there cheering our kids on, I was blessed to be able to take care of him when he was fighting for his life due to leukemia, but most of all, I love him because he's never addressed my weight issues. So I was nervous with how he would react. Turns out he is 100% behind me on it. He actually used to be the doctor overseeing the nurse practitioner at the clinic where all of my appointments are at. So he's done this before many times, including everything but the actual surgery. He agrees that the gastric sleeve is the best option for me, and gave me tips to make it easier now. He also said to let him know if there's anything he can do to help as far as running tests or stuff that may be cheaper with him than with them. He's excited for me. He took some concerns off my shoulders as far as wondering if it was something that I should do with this clinic or not, and if I was choosing the right surgery. He had me schedule an appointment for April so he can see me again before I go and answer any questions I might have at that point. Also, scheduled the appointment for my psych evaluation. Its not until Dec 13... but it's scheduled!
  10. Oh good @billy Bob! I'm glad they're looking into what's going on for you so you can move forward!
  11. So I’m not sure what the process is for the psych evaluation just that I will be having one. Can anyone tell me what their experience was? I have taken meds for anxiety and depression during a really rough patch but nothing in a couple years. Btw my phone makes this all black on black so please forgive any typos!
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    Wow, that was kinda fast

    I’m unsure if I will have neck surgery or not. On July 13, 2018 I hurt my neck catching a falling patient. (Not supposed to catch them, but it’s reflex....) from that time I couldn’t move my neck in any direction and it was stuck in a permanent looking down position. It improved, but still can’t turn my head to the right and my head is “crooked” while my neck was at it’s worse, the swelling caused the base of my skull, c1, and c2 to fuse together on the right side. According to the last doctor I saw with my local hospital through workers Comp, there’s nothing they can do. They can’t “unfuse “ it. Too risky. I asked for a referral to Barnes which is a research/teaching hospital. From what I understand they only take cases they think they can help, and they have scheduled me to see them on January 10. Will I gave neck surgery? I don’t know. I hope so because I want my neck fixed. But who knows? If they do surgery before I have the sleeve, I will need a letter of clearance from them. Neck surgery takes usually 3 months to fully recover. I don’t know if I would have to wait until I’ve fully recovered or what. A friend had his neck fused and his recovery time was 1 month to drive 3 to go back to work. But I think I would chose to have my neck fixed prior to anything else. It’s been a long time!
  13. I had my second appointment yesterday. She mentioned needing to do a EKG, send off for a letter of medical necessity from my PCP, a psych clearance, pulmonologist (sp) clearance, and a chest xray (former smoker). I got a call today from the scheduler making sure that the doctors she was calling to set up appointments with were ok with me. So sounds like all of this will be done very soon! Also, if I end up having neck surgery, I will have to get a clearance from the neurosurgeon. Once my 6 months is up, they send stuff to insurance to approve, which can take up to 2 weeks, then to anesthesia to approve, then i schedule surgery. So 6 months or so, and it will hopefully be done! Also, i picked up a used Fitbit Alta today for a few bucks. Unfortunately it doesn't monitor heart rate, but I'm an EMT so I have a bit of experience and tools to do that. lol
  14. I'm sorry yours has been stopped. I don't have any advice, other than contact the doctor and ask questions. See if there's a different psychologist you can see, or maybe if some therapy would help.
  15. Sounds like there's a pretty wide variance in what consists of a psych eval. lol I'm pretty blunt and to the point, so should be pretty easy.
  16. So I'm pretty excited. My insurance requires a few things. 6 months worth of appointments. Tomorrow is appointment 2 of 6. I think they said they would do the EKG tomorrow, and review blood work. Other than that, I have to have a sleep study done, meet with a psych, and I think a separate nutritionist. So looking for a surgery date of somewhere in march or april. On a side note, I have a neck injury, and am meeting with a specialist on 1/10/20 to hopefully get surgery to fix my neck... though the last specialist said surgery for it is not an option. I'm not sure how this will derail my sleeve surgery. I'm speculating that I would have to recover from my neck surgery first.
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    Appointment 2 of 6

    My neck consult is with Barnes, and sleeve will be done in KC. Thank you for the welcome!