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  1. levinme

    Blurred vision

    I was going to post something similar. I am also three months out from VSG and have noticed that I am starting to have issues reading things. It could totally be coincidental as I'm 45 so I'm not really freaking out about it and I don't have any other symptoms but I did notice a change in my vision in the last few weeks.
  2. Hello, I am 1.5 months outside of VSG and I'm wondering if it is common for people to have difficulty swallowing following surgery? This seems to come and go; no matter how much I chew my food, etc... it's like my throat has constricted and is trying to restrict the food I intake after surgery, even on the first bite - I don't have to be full at all for it to kick in. It is also accompanied by chest pains - I have to beat on my chest to get it to stop and dial it all back and wait until it subsides. More often than not though; once it's set off - it's hard to reign back in and I have to put the food away and try later. Is this a common 'thing', if so - is it persistent or just a post-surgery thing? Thanks, oh web-o-wisdom!
  3. levinme

    Esophagitis after VSG

    Wow - that sounds super painful. I think I'm going to start back on the Omeprazole and see if that helps any and try and slow down more when eating. My throat seems to be revolting against taking food to my stomach, like it's got a mind of it's own and it's saying "look dummy, you can't eat -- you don't have the stomach you used to anymore, cut it out".
  4. levinme

    Esophagitis after VSG

    It can be anything really -- solid food, I try to avoid spicy and things like coffee or that are harsh like onions, peppers, etc... Part of me things: I just need to slow down and that it is psychosomatic. I haven't been able to find what I'm doing wrong.
  5. Try these people: they are very big on follow-up care https://bariatric.stopobesityforlife.com/
  6. levinme

    one year surgerversary

    Love it -- you look great. I'm sure it was lots of hard work!
  7. levinme

    Starting a new job. What about Surgery?

    OMG - they will totally work with you... good luck!
  8. levinme

    Starting a new job. What about Surgery?

    Yeah - tell HR about the surgery, negotiate that as part of the job offer. I would not cancel it if I were you !!!! If it's a desk type job, you probably don't need to take 2 weeks off for it. I felt like I could have gone back to work after 4 days but I took a week in any case. Just tell them about it and let them know it's something you have been working towards for a long time and need to do. Companies can also advance you PTO if needed to for things; there's lots of options to explore.
  9. Oh man, I had GERD and was on omeprazole before my VSG a month ago. They told me to STOP taking it and to take Pepcid AC and simethicone instead. Ever since, when I wake up in the morning; I feel somewhat nauseous -- and like I have a "foamy or frothy" stomach. I also cannot tolerate coffee (too acid) in the AM or really eat anything into this goes away -- something that seems to take a couple hours. Anyone else have foamy belly and what tips have you found to cope with it?
  10. levinme

    My Plastic Surgery Thread

    You look amazing!
  11. I'm on month out from surgery and found these little snacks balls to be super useful to have around and they keep for a long time. I mixed the following in a big bowel (you can play with the ratios of things as you like): * creamy peanut butter * oats * honey * vanilla protein powder Then ball them up into little balls and refrigerate. When you want a little snack; just grab one and pop in it! They travel well too for work and stuff.
  12. Squashes are supposed to be good for this kind of thing as well and soft... maybe prepare some butternut squash, stuff like that that is high in fiber but yet soft. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipes/1881/fruits-and-vegetables/vegetables/squash/
  13. I LOVE Miralax -- you drink it and it works in a day or so. Not a laxative or stimulant so no abdominal pain or cramping just draws water into the intestines and does it naturally.
  14. levinme

    PreOp Questions

    I was sent to a 2+ hour class that went over everything and I found it super useful to know EXACLY what would happen the day of surgery, in recovery and during the night. They also gave us a soap to bath with for two days prior, told us to change our sheets, etc... I was surprised to know they would be getting us out of bed every 2 hours to walk around; then the next day you drink a contrast and they image your stomach to check for leaks - if no leaks, you get water, then puree food. If that was tolerated you could go home. Also ask what kind of post-OP ongoing support do they provide and how frequent are the check-ins, etc... CONGRATULATIONS !!
  15. levinme

    Foamy/Frothy Tummy

    Tea is a really good idea. That sounds soothing.
  16. levinme

    Surgery ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!

    Congrats - it's super, super exciting to be able to finally get to that date. Stay positive and enjoy the process.
  17. levinme

    Protein Balls - scooby snacks

    I can appreciate that -- perhaps, I should lay off them and see where it goes.
  18. I went though the NY Bariatric Group -- that's pretty much all they do; can do all the testing on-site, have good follow-up and also a plastic surgery group too. I'd recommend them.