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  1. Has any sleevers had a colonoscopy since they've been sleeved ? Going tomorrow and this prep is painful ughhhhh. Wondering how people have fared after the procedure? Sent from my SM-G930P using BariatricPal mobile app
  2. I have no desire to eat anything fried, other than that no real adversity towards anything I enjoy before Sent from my SM-G930P using BariatricPal mobile app
  3. Lbtnew


    since I am not working due to the pandemic I have been exploring and making lots of new healthy recipies. I try and make ones that I can freeze portions of, this helps me with quantity control
  4. Lbtnew

    Medical ID Bracelets

    do you have the name of the company you ordered from ?
  5. rotisserie chicken, egg/cauliflower crepes, almonds, kale salad and mahi mahi
  6. Lbtnew

    Look, Look!

    Congratulations !!!! What a great accomplishment, be proud !
  7. Lbtnew

    Taking Charge! C25K day 1!

    Good for you ! That's a great motivator, I used it for my first 5k pre surgery and again for my first post op 5k, I see you are in Florida and just want to say if you are near Tampa they have an amazing 5k, I flew down in February and ran the Gasparilla run with my daughter who lives down there. Can't wait to do it again next year ! Keep up the good work
  8. Lbtnew

    Can we drink probiotics?

    I'm not sure how far out I was post sleeve but discussed drinking Kombucha with my nutritionist since it was something I enjoyed regularly pre op. I have made my own and purchased store bought, she was fine with it as long as it was low sugar so I read the labels and am enjoying it again.
  9. you are doing great ! I am trying to drop my last 10 and it's become extremly difficult now that we have been banned from going to work I am out of my routine. I feel like I have cooked and eaten more this last week than I have in the last month........
  10. Lbtnew

    Sleeve vs C-section

    Congrats to you ! I've had 4 c sections and a hyserectomy, there is no comparison, the sleeve is a cake walk compared to those. Good luck and best wishes
  11. Lbtnew

    VSG Friendly Snacks

    Ms.sss wrote above a GREAT go to list with lots of choices, in answer to your new question about fruit I would thinly slice a 1/4 banana to start (I eat a half) then put a smear of almond butter on each slice and savor, also I would peel apples, slice and and bake with a little water and cinnamon covered in the oven, it's like warm apple pie filling. Now over 6 months out I can eat all fruits but those were my 2 starters
  12. Lbtnew

    Robotic sleeve surgery

    yes, my sleeve was done robotically 6 months ago, all good !
  13. Lbtnew

    I must announce....

    You have earned your bragging rights, CONGRATULATIONS!
  14. Hang in there, the first few days I was miserable, felt like I had been run over by a truck. 1 week later I was cleaning out a linen closet and a whole different person. Go slow, stay hydrated and get plenty of rest.
  15. Nice choices, right up my alley ! Being a sushi lover I often have sushi post op, I order a specialty roll without rice. I have been to 3 different restaurants that will accommodate. It is 3ven more delish without rice, wish I realized 5hat pre op. I eat about 3/4 of the roll for dinner and bring the rest home for a snack
  16. Lbtnew

    Emotional eating

    So sorry to hear, I can completely relate. I found out early January that my dad passed. Although I'm not looking for fried foods or sweets (just was never my thing) I am looking for larger portions of hearty comfort foods like cheeseburgers etc...I have also been hanging out wit my friend Jose (Quervo) and my buddy Josh (cabernet) so needless to say I have created my own stall. I find the one thing that helps me though is to try and keep drinking herbal tea.
  17. I had my surgery August 15th so almost six months out and I have not had a bowl of pasta or a piece of pizza since my surgery however I had my share of both the week before the pre-op diet and I have no regrets having attended my own little food funeral, I enjoyed every bite and at this point if I hadn't indulged in my faves back then I would have wished I did.
  18. Lbtnew

    So Tired

    Yes as said above keep up with your vitamins. Make sure you are getting all your protien too. I also had bouts of fatigue and I am a firm believer in giving in to it and resting when you can. Our bodies are still healing and if your body is telling you it's tired maybe you just need to slow it down a little
  19. You should be absolutely fine, I would suggest bringing a shaker cup along with powdered protien and purchasing some bottled water when you arrive, I did several road trips shortly after surgery and was just fine.
  20. @Lyndor, ccongrats on all of your accomplishments ! I ran a 5k 5 years ago when I was a thinner me. I am now signed up for a 5K which is coming up in 3 weeks, I printed out 2 couch to 5k programs and unfortunately haven't even started them due to being preoccupied by my fathers recent death. Question is, can I double up on 5he program and get ready in 3 weeks ?
  21. Lbtnew


    You look fabulous!
  22. Lbtnew

    Your Little Helpful Niche?

    Wonderful suggestion, thanks !
  23. Lbtnew

    Your Little Helpful Niche?

    please see my above post, meant to quote you
  24. Lbtnew

    Your Little Helpful Niche?

    meant to tag FluffyChix
  25. Lbtnew

    Your Little Helpful Niche?

    you always have great recommendations ! I am looking for single serve to go cups (reusable) microwaveable cups to bring food to work I can reheat. I have large ones at home but I am looking for no larger than 8 oz ones. I checked the above website but the only thing I could find were 22 oz ones. I checked Amazon but definately want BPA free. Any suggestions ?

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