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  1. BeJimmietum

    Protein and calories and meals, oh my

    Im going vegan after seeing, hearing about, and reasearching the countless benefits, over a long period of time and I want this. I want to become vegan. Something to consider is that I weightlift and take it kind of seriously. I try to take about 3000-3300 calories a day and 150 grams of protein. I drink whey protein shakes pretty frequently. I need a substitute for that and a diet that is packed with calories. Is this even possible? Do I have to change the amount of calories I eat and amount of protein? Im brand new here so any feedback would be much appreciated, thank you
  2. BeJimmietum

    Balloon scheduled for 8/31!

    The interview is scheduled for January 30th..... When do they have to be there to do the physical exam? Can you give the link or website of what to take? I didnt use an attorney
  3. BeJimmietum

    Any veteran gastric balloon patients?

    Ive recently moved to Denver area and am looking for a transmission shop that can look at my 4R70W here near Littleton. Anyone have any suggestions?
  4. BeJimmietum

    Starting over

    I am so happy you have returned from exile. I have missed your stories so much that I have had to reread them that I almost know them by heart. Thanks for you hard work.
  5. BeJimmietum

    Backpacking 2 months out from surgery

    I thought so. Hes does have an weird flow to him. Actually no flow...But like you said great conditioning. He has narrow shoulders too but Im not gonna point that out.
  6. i feel ya....im kinda partial to female butts myself, lol but at least she will feel better about herself and THAT will be good for you as wel.....TRUST ME
  7. BeJimmietum

    Best exercise routines -100+ lbs weight loss?

    I heard that zoloft can cause you to retain water. This makes sense, seeing is my urine is more pungent and yellower. Could this be contributing to my lack of weight loss?
  8. BeJimmietum

    Body Fat % w dexa scan

    OHSU has a bod pod and DEXA scanner. I have experienced the scanner as part of a research study - not sure if it available to the general public though. The DEXA scanner is cool You lay on a table for about 5 min while the scan happens, and then you can see a really clear image of your bones, muscle and body fat. Im sure that the medical people understand the real value of it, but I was mostly impressed with being able to see my whole body like that after only 5 minutes.
  9. BeJimmietum

    8 months in

    Just thought I would share the great news Frankie min schnauzer has not had a full seizure in 9 months today Although he does occ. have tremors, he is doing wonderful and is in level 3 agility Good job Frankie
  10. BeJimmietum

    Dates that don't revolve around food

    I discovered that this morning too. This isnt the first time I have noticed it. Jason, did you go straight to the main index or, like me, did you go to a thread first? Paul
  11. Hey ladies So at the beginning of this year I went to a new OBGYN and she put me on met..I didnt really take it for long before I started looking into weight loss surgery. Fast forward to now...Im 5 months post-op VSG and down 70 lbs. Still have irregular periods, and dont think Im ovulating because of my temp chart but I have had positive OPKs. Ive been thinking about getting back on met to see if it helps with my FREQUENT stalls and hormones, etc...but was kind of worried because Ive lost so much weight Any input? Thanks SW: 247 CW: 176
  12. BeJimmietum

    Is this my new normal?

    I bought this bike new and I am just finishing my second season on it. I have attached a picture of the work I have put into it. I had very regular tune ups at the shop and kept the bike clean and paid attention to any loose parts. My question is, is this level of work put in normal?
  13. BeJimmietum

    New here!

    Hello Avel Love your name Be sure to read, read, read the information we have here. Watch some video tuts and learn as much as you can. Then buy at least 6 bags of KK and get to it for yourself Be prepared for failures and setbacks, but feel confident that you CAN do this
  14. BeJimmietum

    Pain Medication

    Im coming off the medication now slowly really very clever of the pharmaceutical companies to produce a drug with such devasting withdrawals that you are almost forced back on. I have good days where I am able to use the tools here and mindfulness etc other times Im in such severe distress that nothing helps at all..apparently this is the pattern of withdrawal and nervous system damage from long term use.
  15. BeJimmietum

    Rewards points

    You know the thing in GTASA where you get points for flips, rotation, and jump length, height, etc........silly question, but cant you use that?