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  1. Still stalled. Hating every week of it. 

    I'm in that "I must be doing something wrong, I won't lose any more weight" mode of thinking.

    Hating everything about myself dull drums. If it wasn't for the stress of work, i'd probably be more upset.

    1. Serengirl


      I am right there with you. hang in there. At least you know you're not alone but yes, it FRIGGING SUCKS. no two ways about it. Its so disheartening.

    2. Serengirl


      TBH the stress at work is probably part of the stall. Never underestimate stress on weightless.

  2. On the 3 week plateau from hell.. It seems like an endless desert with sand dunes that represent the 1-2 pounds gain then dropped from day to day. Met with my weight loss group tonight and was told its normal. That this is sometimes like a step, plateau then drop, plateau then drop. Only for the plateau's to go on longer the farther away from the surgery date I get. Much like EDM, I can't wait for the drop. 

    On top of it all, I lost my ass. Seriously.. its gone. All that cushion that I enjoyed lounging on eating what ever I ate, watching what ever was on the computer or tv... is gone. That glorious support system is vamoosed. I know this because my ass (tailbone) hurts all the time. I'm sitting on bone now and its sore. I am my own literal Pain in the Ass! (My family would say whats new, but who cares about them.. my butt hurts.) I have yet to bring a pillow with me everywhere I go to sit on, but I'm getting ready to as I sit for my job working on computers. So far losing the weight is a Pain. I hope it gets better. 

    1. ms.sss


      Hang in there, the plateau will end eventually. Also I feel you on the butt thing.

    2. FluffyChix


      I have a butt pillow. I'm not proud. :D

      The plateaus suck!!!! Keep the faith and motor on!

  3. Went back to work for the 1st time since surgery this week. Also had to report for two days to Jury Duty as well. I've been quite stressed this week.

    I know everyone suggests to only weigh yourself once a week, but I weigh myself once a day just to keep an idea of what is working and what isn't. I gained 5 lbs in a day and slowly have been losing it, only today getting back to my original weight from the beginning of the week. 

    I found it hard this week to also get up and ride the bike. I did so well at it when off of work, but this week just threw me. I know I shouldn't be so hard on myself and need to lower my expectations for me. I just want to use this chance with the surgery to get healthy and be able to do things that have been difficult if not impossible.

    I don't want to screw it up. 

  4. Donated about 80 Shirts that are too large on me. 


    Pretty much decreased my wardrobe by 80% and have only a few items. 

    Guess I'll be doing laundry more.

    1. Goldn02Grl


      That is awesome!

    2. Solkpiche


      http://qzxcz.net/home.php?mod=space&uid=117570 stack since dollar here chopped

  5. Donated 50 lbs of Jeans and another 30lbs of shirts to Salvation Army. 

    Had to go buy some new clothes that I used to hate, but now kind of like. Trying not to buy too many though as I know in a few months I'll be donating them as well.