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  1. Vance-666

    WTF Hunger?

    Happy to help!
  2. Vance-666

    WTF Hunger?

    I have a vitamin regimen that starts after my two weeks on a funnel diet, but yeah - its funny - the only mention of antacid in my binder is for occasional / discretionary usage. i agree that the vets can be a blessing, even if they are a bit preachy!
  3. Vance-666

    WTF Hunger?

    According to my surgeon, at this stage, pureed soups are okay and my meals are 6oz each, not 4. I am guessing our surgeons just define post op diets differently. Thanks for all of your responses!
  4. Vance-666

    WTF Hunger?

    Ah, I was not prescribed nor suggested any acid blockers. Accidental is easy when it goes down without pain and you go down the slippery slope of watering it down (doctors instructions) and literally forgetting that you drank 4 ounces already. Also - my wife just corrected me --- PINT, not quart, whew! As far as Purees go - pureed soup is on my funnel diet which starts 24 hours after surgery, Unjury chicken broth + boiled chicken sounded soupy to me. I will check it out with the team tho --- I would hate it if I am somehow misunderstanding what they mean by "pureed soup" thank you!
  5. Vance-666

    WTF Hunger?

    What's a PPI? thanks for replying! Aside from my accidental overeating of the egg drop, I am avoiding overeating as best I can.
  6. Vance-666

    Where are my water guzzlers?

    Awesome! am I reading you right?! you lost 71 pounds over 7 weeks?!?!?!?!?? mom_of_AMAZING!!!!!
  7. Vance-666

    WTF Hunger?

    I am 8 days post sleeve and I hunger constantly. I am getting my protein in, and sticking (reluctantly) to liquids and puree'd foods (I threw some chicken and unjury protein in a blender). Last night, i had some egg drop soup and almost ate the whole quart between an early dinner and a snack a few hours later. Is it normal to be hungry?!? The egg drop was the only point where I consumed too much of something and it bothered me. I don't know how this is possible. What are y'all doing?!? Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash
  8. Ever since I was sleeved 8 days ago, my dreams have been insane. To the point where every. single. one. is vivid, memorable, and makes me wake up questioning life. Giant wolves, super-hero antics, and scifi undertones. I have never been a huge dreamer. Sure, I would have the occassional nightmare or wake up remembering some epic story, but never in my life have I had it happen pretty much every day in a row. It's also to the point where the subjects of my dreams end up connecting to something that I discover a day or so later. My wife thinks I am becoming psychic. I don't really believe in that sort of stuff --- but there's definitely something different. Am I going mad, or is "vivid, epic dreaming" a known side effect?
  9. Vance-666

    Judgemental Docs

  10. Vance-666

    Where are my water guzzlers?

    Maybe I am too! I am able to put away 6oz at a clip right now!
  11. Vance-666

    Where are my water guzzlers?

    Life goals! I can have 2-3 ounces quickly currently, which is nice. Getting better every day!
  12. Vance-666

    Where are my water guzzlers?

    Thank you, Kathy!
  13. Before surgery, I drank A LOT of water. Like, an obnoxious amount. I drank it fast, cold, and rapidly. Obviously, with the new sleeve, I am down to sips. My question for folks here who have gone through surgery, and are happy with the results ----- can you chug without crumbling in pain? Photo by Julia Zolotova on Unsplash
  14. OMG AMAZING! Congrats to you!!!
  15. Vance-666

    OMG Its almost time

    You got this!