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  1. amithistrose

    lipo lift

    Has anyone tried a lipo lift procedure for skin tightening? How did it work for you? I lost 80 lbs, not looking for perfection, just better.
  2. Does anyone mind sharing their total cost for Mexico surgery? I want to do lower and upper body? Also would love to hear about experience and down time.
  3. amithistrose

    Who I chose as my Dr in Mexico

    How much are they charging u?
  4. amithistrose

    mommy make over

    does anyone know an affordable place to go maybe somewhere with in house financing?
  5. amithistrose

    insurance tips for plastics

    Talk to your dr about a surgery referral for the back pain from your loose skin apron
  6. Does anyone know how to get your insurance company to help with the loose skin part?
  7. amithistrose

    insurance tips for plastics

    You can try to keep in contact with your dr to see if he can refer you to surgery for medical reasons
  8. amithistrose

    lean muscle mass building

    Does anyone have a great program for building lean muscle mass? I want to make my skin look better but I don't want to get huge.
  9. I am looking to have excess skin removed from upper arms, upper thighs , tummy, butt, poss chin done, and maybe breast work.How does this all work if you go to Mexico? Do you pay it all up front, can you make payments? is i safe? How do you find someone to do it? and can you fly right after release?
  10. amithistrose

    lean muscle mass building

    I have learned a lot from Dr. V while I don't agree with everything He says though. Do you have any suggestions on people (motivational self help speakers) to listen too, I am looking into branching out, and like to listen while I am getting in my fitness.
  11. amithistrose

    lean muscle mass building

    As I said the weight thing was a theory I heard because of giving your body time to heal properly and letting you get your eating and mind on track, as weight lifting can cause you to feel more hungrier and need a little more calories taken in. It was a time to work on your brain and let your body heal.
  12. amithistrose

    lean muscle mass building

    Really I never heard that
  13. amithistrose

    lean muscle mass building

    also I tried one of Dr.v theories on the gym and it worked. He said fittness is great but workouts is not great for weight loss, as it builds muscle. He said if you go to the gym for working out your weight loss will be sabotaged by the muscle gain, So I tried not going for 2 months and guess what? My 2 to 4 lbs a week continued. also stay away from bad carbs, processed food, and sugar. I never experienced stalls I just quit loosing, but some of the people in my support group do experience them for months. I also belong to a facebook group called kpbariatric a lot of people in there r kaiser patients, but they don't have to be it is not kaiser affiliated, you can get a lot of good info and support, it's a great group.
  14. amithistrose

    lean muscle mass building

    do you weigh, measure, and track your food? I use an app called baritastic it's very helpful, I also use my fitness pal for sleep n step tracking I do the water n food on everything else. I also follow DR. Duc Vuong on facebook and youtube, He has a lot of good information, but he does use a lot of foul language too. I was 210 at surgery 230 highest weight and now one year out 122 I have been holding there since month 8 out. I go to gym 3 times a week mon 30 min stair climber wed 30 min treadmill fast and raised up a bit fri split 15 stair 15 treadmill. now that I am a year Im going to add yoga n weights on tues n thurs.
  15. amithistrose

    lean muscle mass building

    too much too soon. cardio till your a year out than go to weights. Just remember muscle weighs more than fat, so instead of the scale look at pic of yourself (side by sides) see the diff in pics n fit of clothes
  16. amithistrose

    lean muscle mass building

    Thank you so much! That makes me feel good! I'm going to look up Bret Contreras programs! Doe this help with the loose skin look?
  17. amithistrose

    tightening loose skin

    Has anyone tried using weight lifting/muscle strengthening for a better look for your loose skin? How well does it work? how long does it take to notice a better look if u go semi aggressively, and what amt of weight is good for muscle building?
  18. amithistrose

    tightening loose skin

    That's probably my hope too
  19. amithistrose

    lean muscle mass building

    Thank you
  20. amithistrose

    lean muscle mass building

    Thank you
  21. amithistrose


    has anyone tried lipolift for skin tightening? did it work well? what was your experience?
  22. Has anyone tried aesthetics or gone to see Dr. Darm? did it help with skin tightening? what was your experience? Please n thank you!
  23. amithistrose

    skin removal in mexico

    O wow thank you. I have an apt with my dr. I will def get clarification on this
  24. Has anyone tried tattooing to hide the ugly look of the upper arm? What did u think? did it help?

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