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  1. Hello everyone, I am 2 weeks post-op for my bypass. I have lost about 30 pounds since my pre-op diet and am feeling really good right now. I am much more comfortable in my own body from just 30 pounds! Only 150 more to go! 😄😆 I had nausea the first day after the operation, but none since. I did have excess gas and some diarrhea (no pain involved) but GasX and Benefiber have helped with that. I have some pain on my lower right side where the main incision was which they said was normal. That pain has gotten a lot better. Going to see my surgeon tomorrow and pick up the vitamins. I will start pureed today with cottage cheese. Has anyone heard "Anything is pureed if you chew it enough" ? Is that advisable? So far, so good. I have not cheated a bit and I hope my healing continues to go well. I got a selfie stick to take before pics, even though I'm a little late with that, but I want to remember what I looked like and most of all how I felt, physically and emotionally. What questions did you ask at your first post-op appointment? I ask because I always seem to leave something out at the doctor. I wish you all well!
  2. Thanks to your suggestion, I asked the Doc how I looked inside. He said it was fine, thank God! I already have more than enough health problems. Thanks for your input! 😃💘
  3. Your right, I haven't deviated yet so I won't start now. Like BigSue said, I don't want to take any chances on this.
  4. What you say makes perfect sense, I had not thought of pureed that way before. And you're right, I don't want to take any chances. Thank you!!
  5. My surgery is tomorrow, it doesn't seem real. I did the liquid diet for two weeks no problem, no cravings, lost 26lbs. The only part of the post-op diet that bothers me is pureed. The thought of chicken or meat in a blender makes me ill, not doing it. I will live on applesauce and cottage cheese. If anyone has other suggestions, I'll take them. I am not telling anyone about my surgery outside of two extremely close friends and family. I was hired work from home in April, the camera in my laptop doesn't work (Alleluia!) so no one at work has ever seen me, my manager hired me without an interview. So they do not know how huge I am and they certainly aren't going to know about this. Too much fat prejudice out there and not their business anyway. To the hospital I am taking the clothes on my back, my phone and charger, insurance/debit cards, toothbrush, comb and warm robe. I am praying for a smooth recovery with no complications. I am only taking off 4 days from work. I don't feel comfortable with more since this is a new job and I am a contractor hoping to be hired full time. I'm open to advice, etc. Thanks to everyone who has posted about their surgeries and for all the advice given here! Hopefully I will be able to put diabetes in remission after 15 years and an amputated toe, as well as kick high blood pressure.
  6. mlmx1138

    Surgery tomorrow 11-10-20

    Thank you Jaelzion, your prayers are much appreciated!!
  7. mlmx1138

    Surgery tomorrow 11-10-20

    @GreenTealael & Mrb1807 Thank you!!! Good luck to you too, Mrb1807! I'm looking forward to getting in and out of the car without a struggle, among other things!
  8. mlmx1138


    Love consumerlab.com! I'm a member and highly recommend them. 😊
  9. I too went to see the surgeon convinced I wanted the sleeve and I was afraid of the bypass. The surgeon told me I would benefit more from the bypass. This is because I have diabetes and he said people have more success putting diabetes into "remission" (not having symptoms anymore) with the bypass. I also have a high BMI. On 11/10, I am having the bypass because if I can kick diabetes to the curb I will. I have many diabetes complications; nephropathy, a damaged retina, an amputated toe, etc. To get off insulin and live without diabetes is like a dream. I have been reading about people who have had the bypass and now I no longer fear it, I'm looking forward to it! If you have something like diabetes, I would take the doctor's advice. I've had it almost 20 years and it gets worse with age. I am more afraid to get older and older with my all health problems than of getting the bypass. Just my $.002, I wish you well with whatever decision you make.
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    Hi BigSue, I have my bypass on November 10th. I am a big supplement taker and I didn't know you could still take capsules after a bypass. How long after your surgery were you able to take the capsules? Thanks!
  11. mlmx1138

    Anyone November 2020

    As of today, my bypass in on November 10th! And I also started this in August of 2019! 1000islandgirl, we are twins lol. I need to start getting ready, thank God I work from home!
  12. Wow it's coming in fast. I got a call today, they want to schedule my bypass surgery for Oct 26, exactly 2 weeks from today! I am totally unprepared! I don't have any supplies! I am not sure I call pull it off by the 26th. Plus, it is very short notice for time off from my job! I am very stressed about this. First they told me early November and that is great, perfect even. They are going to get back to me if they have a November date, if not I will be taking the 26th of Oct, and start fasting the day after tomorrow! I'm not sure where to start. Not sure what kind of protein water to buy, etc. I started this journey in August of 2019, lost my job and insurance in Oct 2019. Was blessed to get a new job with the same insurance in April. Now my bariatric checklist is done. My health is terrible and I can't this surgery soon enough. However I want to be able to do it right. Any advice appreciated!
  13. I got a new date of 11/10, which is better, but I still need the encouragement, thanks!
  14. Thanks! I got changed to 11/10 which is a bit later. I can't wait to be healthier!!
  15. I know you're right, anxiety is something I deal with almost daily. I am glad I was able to get in on 11/10 though. Thanks, this makes me feel much better!
  16. You're right, they did work out. After many calls I got in on November 10th, yahoo! I was just so stunned, after not calling me for so long to schedule they gave me two weeks! Thank you!
  17. Yes, measuring cups, small plates and bowls, I need those. Good advice about not getting too many post-op things so soon... thank you! BTW, after many phone calls today, I got in for November 10th. I told my boss I need a "medical procedure" and she is great with my time off. (Only telling a few about the bypass) Alleluia! I'm scared, and happy!!!
  18. Hello, I am pre-op but under my profile pic it says "Gastric bypass patients." I'm sure I choose something I shouldn't have. I see others with "pre op" under their profile pictures but I can't figure out how to get "pre op" under mine. Can you tell me how I can get it to say pre op under my profile picture instead of saying Gastric Bypass Patients? Thanks!
  19. Thanks, I tried that and I have pre-surgery under surgery status. It still doesn't say pre-op under my picture. I'm wondering how it got like this but I guess I'll keep trying to change it somehow.
  20. mlmx1138

    Surgery done today

    Hi, Mind if I ask--what is it about the way the meat goes down that you don't like? Does this surgery affect your esophagus? Thanks!
  21. mlmx1138

    Help! Ate too much! Pain in the middle.

    Hoping and praying that you feel better soon!! Hang in there!
  22. mlmx1138

    Surgery done today

    I'm sorry, WishMeSmaller was right, I meant laparoscopic not laser. Please excuse my ignorance *facepalm*
  23. mlmx1138

    Surgery done today

    Hi perfektlynrml & WishMeSmaller, Thanks so much for posting your experiences. I am hoping to get my surgery done before the holidays and this is helping me greatly. I hope you don't mind me asking, but did you guys have laser surgery or the traditional way? They are going to do laser on me for my bypass and I wonder if it makes a difference in recovery. Thanks and I wish you both well in your recoveries.
  24. mlmx1138

    Alarming Hairloss

    Thanks, I sure hope so!!

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