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  1. woolhatgrl

    Blood sugars high after surgery

    Officially off all my insulin and just taking metformin right now. Down 64 pounds since surgery and feeling great. [emoji41] Sent from my SM-G973U using BariatricPal mobile app
  2. It is so weird and was not expecting it but have been so hungry ever since I woke up from my DS surgery. Not that I think I could eat anything lol I couldnt even really eat the broth they gave me until couple days but had no problem with crystal light. Like I wanted to eat but physically was just not into eating and also once the broth got cold it was gross lol. I was thinking I would have no appetite for a while but must be head hunger from not eating much during pre op diet as well. I'm looking forward to when I can have protein shakes which I didnt think I would be lol.
  3. woolhatgrl

    Got my DS yesterday morning

    I actually woke up with some pain and asked for medicine and it helped and was able to walk more. Unfortunately my blood count is low and need 2 bags of blood. Not sure if going home today after all which stinks because I dont feel too terrible. Just stomach hurts and a little tired. I want to go home 😥
  4. woolhatgrl

    Got my DS yesterday morning

    Thanks guys and you looked great after surgery.. wow! I'm def going to walk a lot more today and try to stay positive it's good to know this pain will soon be in the past lol.
  5. woolhatgrl

    Got my DS yesterday morning

    Thank you. Yeah I hate asking for medicine and some nurses are more willing to give it to you than others it seems. Lol I did get to walk again today and feeling a little better. Still pain when I breathe and when standing up but def feel better than yesterday.
  6. Had surgery yesterday morning and my blood sugars are very high. I don't get it. They havent been this high in months and now after surgery they are bad again. Nurse said could be due to stress from the pain as I have a lot of pain or from some of the medications they have been giving me. Has this happened to anyone else? I really was hoping my diabetes would get better as soon as I had my surgery.
  7. woolhatgrl

    Length of surgery

    Just had mine yesterday morning and took 6 hours with gall bladder out too.
  8. I was not expecting this much pain at all. I had a csection and was hit by a car before while walking in a crosswalk and this takes the cake. I made the mistake of falling asleep in the chair they had at hospital because it felt good to sit up and woke up freaking out in middle night the pain in my back and shoulders... dont know if it is gas pain but it hurts when I breathe and feels horrible. I was in surgery for 6 hours my fiance told me but also had my gall bladder out at same time. I really hope this is worth the pain. I can drink fine no problems there just my stomach on right side and this pain when I breathe that radiates from back and upper shoulders. When I have to stand up it is a nightmare. The nurses here are amazing tho and doing everything they can to help. I am usually pretty good with pain but not this time. They only let me walk one time so far and that felt good. Hopefully they let me walk more in the morning if what this pain is is gas. They gave me medicine for gas and pain but it is still painful to take a deep breath. I just feel like crap and venting at 4 am in the hospital lol. Thanks for reading
  9. woolhatgrl

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    My date is September 6th. I'm on my 2nd week of pre-op diet and lost 12 pounds so far in the first week. Had my scope done on Friday and woke up from the anesthesia laughing. The nurses got a kick out of that. I'm getting nervous... but I'm ready. Having the BPD/DS. 😄
  10. woolhatgrl

    A1c finally low enough!

    I hear you, it does take time and I had to reschedule so many times so I could make the appointments. I was thinking like, hey getting control of my diabetes is one of the main reasons for having the surgery. During my 6 month dr visits I had a different dietician and doctor every time I went in so one would say let's get your a1c down to 9 and then another would be like I want it at least 8 before we submit to the insurance. I was just glad I got it down to where they felt it was time.
  11. woolhatgrl

    A1c finally low enough!

    Thank you! My doctor def wants me to keep trying to get it lower and now that I know I can actually do it, I am motivated to get it even lower. Yes, carbs are my biggest weakness. When I follow very strict low carb meals my sugars are pretty good for me, but they have to be very low carb. I have been looking up recipes and meal prepping and that has really helped. I have a big sweet tooth and I love bread and pasta and all that so it has been difficult. My fiance is my opposit, he has like 2% body fat lol. But he encourages me and also looks at carbs for me when he goes to get me something to eat or drink. He actually does not like bread or cake or stuff that is really carby, that's probably why he's so thin lol. I just got a call from the hospital and I'm meeting the surgeon next Friday. I didn't think it was going to be that fast lol. After a year of things going slow I thought I wouldn't hear from them for a while. I'm nervous and excited. Thanks for the kind words. Changing the way you eat after so long of doing it the wrong way sure is tough, but it is doable.
  12. Hello, I am going to be getting the BPD surgery and It has been a little over a year when I started this journey. Today I went to the Dr. and my A1c is finally low enough for them to send the letter to my insurance. My highest A1c was 14. A year ago it was 12 then went down to 11 then back to 12 and in the past 3 months was able to lower it to 8.6. I worked very hard to exercise a lot more and make better food choices and stay in contact with my diabetes pharmacist to adjust my insulin. I really felt it was impossible at times to lower my blood sugar but it is possible. After my 6 month visits were over I was really upset that my a1c was still very high. I had lost some weight but my sugar would not get better. I was also upset when the Dr. told me I had to wait another three months to recheck my a1c. It was a tough 6 months trying to get to my Dr. appointments since I do not drive and my fiance would have to take off from work to take me to a few appointments. Somehow we did it and I actually found out there is transportation from a bus service that takes you to your appointments if you are on Medicaid. During my year journey, I have quit smoking this whole year, had my sleep study and got a CPAP machine for my sleep apnea, lost some weight and kept it off for a year, something I have never done in my life. Now I finally am getting some control of my diabetes. I still want to lower it some more to be safe for surgery, so I am going to continue to work hard at that while I wait to hear from my insurance and to meet with the surgeon. I have wanted surgery for a long time now and I am so close. I want to be around for my 2 year old daughter and to have the energy to keep up with her. I'm really excited about my next steps and can't believe I'm finally here.