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  1. I am 43 days out from having gastric bypass. I would say about 80% of the time that I eat I wind up throwing up, because it is getting stuck. I am chewing my food until there is almost nothing there. It happens with meat, veggie, eggs it doesn't matter what it is. Things that I have eaten before just fine. Dr. Richards mentioned having my esophagus stretched. Has anyone had to have their esophagus stretched?
  2. Painting my toe nails and breathing at the same time.
  3. furry life

    Hard time swallowing

    Thanks. You are probably right it being my stoma. I couldn't remember I knew it was in the general area.
  4. The one big downer being 5'1 and 300lbs before surgery. Is when I lose 30 lbs in a month, no one notices. I feel great and so happy, I want to scream it from the mountain top. Not that I want everyone saying "wow, you look awesome", but just one person would be nice. Still HIGH FIVE FOR ME!!!!😁😁
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    Pounds lost

    I am 23 days out from my gastric bypass on June 17. I was feeling like I'm doing something wrong because everything said the weight will melt off. Day off surgery I was 295, today I'm 281. Is this loss slow? I do notice I eat a quarter of what I would have normally eaten. I just got the app today. Glad to hear other stories.