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  1. CoramDeo

    New pain in muscles

    I had my DS on 18 Sept; for the past month or so I have been having a weird issue where in different spots in my back, or my bi/triceps I get a pain, where it feels as though there is a needle jabbed into the muscle. And these will persist for days. Has anyone else experienced this kind of thing?
  2. Has anyone tried to maintain a keto diet after surgery? If so, what kind of macros have you been trying to maintain. I figure after all this liquid stuff is over, itll be best just to go keto, since, really, I already am carb wise
  3. I will refrain from saying any of the not nice things that wanted to come out of my mouth, and just say that its nice to see someone else in East TN!!!!
  4. CoramDeo

    Well this is about Sex

    PLEASE ladies, look at what forum you are responding in!!!!!
  5. Did anyone have any issues with sleep? I'm about 7 weeks out, and rarely am sleeping more than 5-6 hours at a time.
  6. CoramDeo

    Problems sleeping?

    @AZHiker how are you managing to IF? Or was it a good chunk of time out from your surgery? I'm finding it rough just to get my protein and fluids completely yet, 7 weeks out
  7. CoramDeo

    Tummy Tuck 8/21

    Thanks, gives me a ballpark number to keep in mind. Does that include all your follow ups and such?
  8. CoramDeo

    Tummy Tuck 8/21

    Out of curiosity, if you don't mind, how much total did this run you? I'm only 7 weeks out from my DS, but it'll be interesting to know for possible future plans.
  9. I'm sorry, but this sounds so unhealthy. Your eating will be different for the rest of your life; why tell stupid lies? Tell them you've made some lifestyle changes and be done with it. You can't let people camp in your head and cause you extra stress.
  10. Telling or not is completely up to you. But don't let other people opinions dictate what you do in your life. You know why you are doing what you are doing; anyone in your life that can't respect that, isn't worth being involved in your life anyway.
  11. Not sure if I'm so different because I'm a guy, but I personally don't care who knows; my health, my choice. If people don't like it, I will gladly point the door out of my life.
  12. CoramDeo

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    I disagree, I am 4 weeks out and get about 800-1000 calories a day in. What you want for a caloric intake will be affected by what surgery you had more than anything else. No disrespect to anyone, but I would trust the team that rearranged your insides rather than us random people on the internet.
  13. CoramDeo

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    I have not. My calories are usually 800-1000 a day, and I have stayed losing to the tune of about 1 pound per day.
  14. CoramDeo

    Eating after wls

    My second follow up is next Wed, and I have been bad.... I already transitioned myself to sorta solid food as soft wasn't cutting it.
  15. I was on Trileptal as a mood stabilizer for a while and it worked wonders for me, and didn't add any weight. I will definitely say, that being on keto did almost as much for me as my mood meds though.
  16. So, when I had my first follow up, my Dr and I talked about the common channel. Mine is approx 250cm. He said that there are opposing schools of thought on this, because my weight loss may be slower, and I will need to be more diligent to stop regain. But, that I should also have little to no diarrhea issues, and less malnutrition worries. He also pointed out that if need be, this can be altered in the future. Does anyone have a CC of this kind of length, long term
  17. One thing I wonder is about the preop diet people that had a lot of pain were on. I have heard that if the liver isn't shrunk enough, it causes a lot of pain right after surgery.
  18. My wife had a rny about 9 years ago, and if she eats too much sugar, her blood sugar bottoms out and she gets the shakes and such. Is there a drastic reaction like this on the ds?
  19. CoramDeo

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    Absolutely, I had the same surgery date. Strained cream of chicken soup is an absolute life saver. If you are having issue with enough protein as well, Unjury makes a chicken soup protein powder that is surprisingly tasty.
  20. CoramDeo

    exo cricket protein review

    How economical is getting cricket flour? Also, any idea if it would be an effective replacement for say almond flour in keto recipes?
  21. CoramDeo

    Surgeon Update

    Bumping this topic for an update, its vital people are able to access accurate information on this journey.
  22. This surgeon: https://www.bariatricpal.com/surgeons/444-james-ray/?tab=info Has now taken over the bariatrics at this hospital in another state: https://blountmemorial.org/doctor--James_B_Ray
  23. CoramDeo

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    What the heck surgery did you have that you can have solids already?