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  1. ChristineSO

    July 2019 Surgery Siblings Post-Op

    I'm not sure how I'm doing. I am worried that eating is a lot easier. There was so much comfort in not being able to eat a lot -- now it's up to me and that word discipline. In April, 2019, I weighed 274. On surgery day, July 15, I weighed 261. Today I weigh 205. I have only lost five pounds in the last two months. No excuses, though. I think I was relying so much on my body not being able to handle more food/beverages that I didn't work on the discipline I need to get me through these times when eating is easier. I still eat only 1/2 a plate and I eat more in the early part of the day vs the evening. I guess I have to exercise a heck of a lot more than just 2 miles on a treadmill. Encouragement?
  2. ChristineSO

    July 2019 Surgery Siblings Post-Op

    That's a lot of weight to lose in 6-7 months! I had my surgery in July 2019 too but am only down 53 lbs from surgery date (261-209). That's an average of 7.5 lbs per month, which I believe is a normal and healthy speed. Your body is probably just readjusting. Plus, at that lower weight, you don't need the calories you needed to maintain anything over 200 so check what your current calories needs are. Eat sensibly, exercise, and let your body work it out. And make sure you don't repeat the mistakes you made leading up to the weight gain! It's hard because it's so much a part of who we are but we have to fight temptations and rejoice in the healthier lifestyle!
  3. ChristineSO

    July 2019 Surgery Siblings Post-Op

    Walked around Marshalls today and found a cute top on clearance. I wasn't planning on buying clothes until I was well down in weight but this one was too cute and too cheap to let go. Happy to say I was able to purchase a 1X instead of 3X, 2.5 months after surgery. That's the good news. The bad news is that last summer, after watching the Tidying Up show, I decided to get rid of all my "too small" clothes (1X). Oh, they were so nice and now I have to start over again! What I did not expect about weight loss is that my shoe size would also go down. My size 10's are slipping off and 9.5 is feeling good. Oh no! I have so many shoes! Oh well, it's all good as long as I'm losing weight!
  4. ChristineSO

    July 2019 Surgery Siblings Post-Op

    I'm in the same boat as you. My weight in July was 274, on surgery day of July 15, I was 261. Today I am 233. The weight has not flown off but it's a good pace. I don't exercise often, unfortunately. I was about to write an excuse but then realized it was an excuse (too hot, exercise room is a mess, etc). I will exercise more! It's good to interact with fellow July op folks to keep each other motivated!
  5. ChristineSO

    July 2019 Surgery Siblings Post-Op

    I'm sorry it hurts that he was a jerk, probably reacting to some emotional hurt himself. Nonetheless, you have to think of yourself and be proud of this courageous move you made. When dealing with bad situations (that in the long run really don't matter), I take strength from an Andy Warhol quote. Hope it helps you: “Sometimes people let the same problem make them miserable for years when they could just say, "So what." "My mother didn't love me." So what. "My husband won't ball me. So what. "I'm a success but I'm still alone." So what. I don't know how I made it through all the years before I learned how to do that trick. It took a long time for me to learn it, but once you do, you never forget.” ― Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol
  6. ChristineSO

    No energy.

    I feel the same! Tomorrow will mark one month since my bypass and I am exhausted. I'm at work staring at the computer, trying to keep my eyes open. Some days are worse than others and today is pretty bad. Waiting for that energetic rush to come my way...How much longer?
  7. ChristineSO

    July 2019 Surgery Siblings Post-Op

    Me too. I had RNY on July 15 and am only down 10 lbs. It's as if my scale is broken -- it will not go below 250. Once I hit 240, I will be happy because I don't remember being below that number for years. 250 I remember. Maybe this is the way it goes. I hope others who had these stalls give us encouragement!
  8. ChristineSO

    July 2019 Surgery Siblings Post-Op

    I had RNY on July 15. I feel great but taking in the required liquids is a bit hard. I am no way near 48-64 ozs/day. Constipation is a problem and I haven't lost much weight. I'm only down 10 lbs from surgery morning. I know everything will get better but I'm getting a little bit discouraged. I thought I'd be down at least 15 lbs by now. Has anyone else had a slow weight loss right after surgery?
  9. ChristineSO

    Getting Ready for Surgery

    Hey, congrats on this great move! I had my gastric bypass two weeks ago yesterday and I feel great. Here are some things I have experienced that may help you: The gas pain HURTS and pain killers don't take it away. Saw a video (after the fact) that a woman took Gas-X melting strips and she said that worked like a blessing. I didn't do that so I can't speak for it. Walk. Walk. Walk!!! Walk as soon as you are able in the hospital. I did so many laps and I believe that this led to my quick and easy recovery. Head hunger is real and can sure fool you into thinking you are hungry. Don't let your old habits carry over to your new self. Walk away from head hunger and do something interesting instead of eating. Don't overeat and don't under eat. Make sure you have at least two protein shakes a day (60 grams of protein) and drink as much clear liquid as you can. It's very hard to get all this in, especially in the beginning but try. Don't expect quick weight loss. In the two weeks post surgery, I have only shed 10 pounds. But I feel good and that matters most. I know weight will eventually come off because my caloric intake is a fraction of what it used to be. The biggest thing for me was finding out that my mind did not know I went through the surgery. I still craved food, looked through recipes, watched MasterChef with envy. But your body very much knows you went through surgery. Eat or drink too fast or too much, and your body will let you know. So far, I've only had tiny pain from drinking too big a gulp but it's very easy to forget to eat small and slow. Be positive and be happy. You are going through a lot and putting your body through a lot. Enjoy the possibilities of a brighter future and enjoy the ride! Best of luck to you!
  10. Thank you. I'm so happy I found this support group!
  11. I was very excited about this surgery until a couple of days ago when I read about post-gastric bypass hypoglycemia. That lead to me reading about more complications post surgery. Last Friday, I was so excited and couldn't wait thinking only positive things would come of this. Now I am pretty scared and wondering if I'm doing the right thing. I weighed 274 going into my first appointment and am now 264 as of this morning. Over the recent years, I've developed sleep apnea and just found out I have diabetes. This surgery is the better choice for me -- I know that. I'm just scared. Cheer me up?