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    Hot Chip Lovers Rejoice

    Omg Ive seen the idea of using them as mini taco shells but I wasnt super enthusiastic because I hadn't found a flavor I liked, now I'm actually dying for a taco night! 😅 I haven't tried spicy sweet chili but it sounds right up my alley because I am partial to the doritoes of the same flavor 👀
  2. Thewholekitandcaboodle

    Hot Chip Lovers Rejoice

    Ok so! This is just my very happy rec post for the quest protein chips, but specifically the chile lime flavor! One of my favorite snacks pre-surgery was Takis and Chile Lime Doritoes, so for a while I havent found anything that really scratched that itch yknow? (since I got my surgery a year and a half ago, specifically lol) I had the quest chips before in cheddar and it was meh to me, so I was hesitant when buying chile lime, but I was pleasantly suprised! If you are, like me, a spicy chip lover, check out these!
  3. Hi guys! I'm looking for some good recommendations for basically any kinds of meals and snacks for my lil' sleeve, there are probably threads like this out there in the depths of the forum, but it's hard sometimes finding peeps that are farther out like me. I know that's kind of vague but I'm a year and 6 months out and I've been slacking pretty bad, so I'm just shopping around for food inspo! (Covid having me locked up in the house and eating my feelings is not a good mix y'all. )

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