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  1. Hey guys, sorry it's been way too long, but I'm checking in. Feeling great!!!! But..... just wait around for 10 minutes and I might bite off your head!!!!!! So, mood swings have been going for the last few days, I'm not a scientist or doctor but I pretty sure I know why they are happening. Other then the swings and sometimes lack of energy, it's been so much better than I originally thought it might be. I've been slowly been getting more active again, taking long walks and can't wait for my 1st post-op visit. I'm still on liquids(anything that goes through a strainer) and will be until my 1st visit. I'm guessing I will remain on liquids until mid-September, but who knows. I really feel like I'm recovering at a fast pace, but not going to take any chances. We all work so so hard to get to this point and I know the cost. I really hope everyone is doing great post-op and off to a great start! Can't wait to post my 1st before and after photos too!
  2. So, I had my psych evaluation 2 weeks. It went really well! I was nervous and scared I’d say something stupid that might prevent moving forward, but apparently I am a clinically sane person! Anyways, I got the phone call yesterday, “Hi how are you???? Are you ready? Pre-Op is the 15th and the surgery date is the 19th!” I literally sat on the other line in silence. I had no idea what to say, how to react, and I said “August??” The nurse started laughing and said yes!! I’m still struggling today and didn’t sleep well last night, 10 day, it’s only 10 days away!!! Obviously I know everyones story is different, I’m just blown away that I’ve been working on this for over a year, never thought I’d make it to hear someone telling my surgery date. I just hope this awkward numb feeling goes away. I know I should be beyond excited about having my date, guess that’s the procrastinator in me, wanting more time to plan. Please tell me I’m not the only one that has had this “awkward numb” feeling after you get your surgery date...
  3. Thanks Grady! The pre-op diet was easy, I’ve been following it pretty before I was even told to start. I knew if I got a head start mentally it would be “a piece of cake.” Probably have to come up with a new phrase post-op lol!
  4. It’s been overall an amazing journey, finding out who I am again! I wouldn’t change anything about it, it’s made me mentally so much stronger, and help me see who I can really depend on and trust, also who I need to distance myself from! Thank you!
  5. Thanks Goldn, been trying to stay busy most of today, keep my mind occupied! But meditation sounds like a great idea for tomorrow morning!
  6. Thank you Marie!
  7. Thank you! Hope we can all get some good sleep tonight!!
  8. I’m assuming I am the second case of the day because I don’t have to be there till 6:45am. So pumped! Almost there guys!!!!
  9. Well, made it through day 1 of only clears, and it flew by! Just one more day! I still can’t believe it’s actually here! I just can’t believe I made it. I wish all of you the best of luck, especially KishaG and Bianca! We did it! I’m so ready for this amazing life changing experience!
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    New and anxious

    That is awesome!!! I just finished my classes. I had to attend 6 altogether, but my approval situation was a little different than most. My Psych evaluation this past Wednesday and it went really well. Like you said though, there is a light and it seems far away, but you can make it! I hope flies by for you like mine did.
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    Pre-op work out

    I started my journey/process 5 months ago and slowly started hitting the gym about 3 times a week. after a month of not much to show for I started going more (4-5 days). Now, I'm addicted. I haven't missed a day in 2 weeks and have been working out twice a day for most of those days. I have good days at the gym and bad. If it's a good day, you better believe I'm going to push myself to the limit, and on the rough days, I just do what I know I can handle. My thought is at least I showed up! my starting weight was 371 and I'm down to 310 as of yesterday. Still waiting on that surgery date, but I know it will be coming in the next two weeks, and I'll be in the gym every day until I have surgery. I feel like it's my chance to get my body strong and ready to be operated on. Maybe I'm wrong, but I feel like if I'm in the best shape I can be pre-operatively, I will recover much faster and get right back in gym quicker. Congratulations, and good luck with your procedure!
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    Psych Study!!

    I’m headed to my psych study and I’m so nervous! This is the last thing I do before I get my surgery date so of course I want it to go smooth! Wish me luck! 🤞🏼Hopefully I’m smiling afterwards!
  13. TraviMac

    Psych Study!!

    It was painless, sort of lol!! I’m relieved that it’s over and looking forward to getting that surgery date!
  14. TraviMac

    Venting about my husband

    Thank you for sharing! I’m having the exact same issues! Glad I’m not the only one!
  15. TraviMac

    Surgery and Divorce - Advice!?

    Saggy Bits!
  16. Is anyone else experiencing struggles at home with your family support system? How did you overcome someone or multiple people trying to sabotage you preoperatively? I've had conversations about my concerns with them and I feel like I'm not being heard. I'm also worried if I'm too honest with the surgeon and Psych Eval. about being sabotaged they won't proceed with the procedure. Did any of you deal with this issue and how did you overcome this, because I know this is not something that I can't take back after surgery. I am changing my life and body permanently! Any help or support would be greatly appreciated.
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  22. Broken Arrow, Oklahoma here! Just joined today.
  23. Just getting on to find a great support community. My surgery date is fast approaching!