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    Oh the abdomen pain is real

    I’m hurting too!!! They gave me children’s tylenol to take, Cherry flavored. It’s absolutely disgusting and I can’t even choke it down. So a few days post op I refused to take it anymore. Well now I’m on day 6 and I’m forcing myself to gag it down because I know I need it for the inflammation inside my stomach. Everything hurts. I cried myself to sleep last night because of my pain. I don’t want to lose my strength. But if I try to do too much then I’m screwed. I hope your pain is better.
  2. mrs.smiley

    Milk of magnesia ?

    My Rn suggested it when I had extreme gas pains after surgery. The barium from the X-ray got stuck and cemented my large intestine and caused a major back up. I went 2.5 days without farting or pooping. Which is a lot for me. I was throwing up the gas pains were so intense. 4tbs of milk of magnesia and I can’t get off the couch soon enough.
  3. mrs.smiley

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    9/3 is my day!