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    3 mth post up update

    Great job! You look amazing!
  2. Midnightsun


    I was a month to 6 weeks for salad. I do have some but less on the iceberg lettuce as too much bothers me. I get a grilled chicken salad and more or less eat the top and only partial if the lettuce. The baby spinach settles much better as I put that in almost everything I cook. When you do have lettuce take it slow at first and see how you feel.
  3. Midnightsun

    Dr. Doesn’t require protein?b

    Maybe your friend is misunderstanding the directions. Any site you look at protein is a requirement. I would ask your friend to call the nutritionist \ surgeons office to verify instructions.
  4. Midnightsun

    Crazy personal question

    I would not worry about it. You may be fine or If by chance they would sag and you had skin irritations...maybe your insurance would cover a breast lift. Just go with the flow and do what you need to do. Sounds like it was a mean comment made out of jealousy or to put you down to make her feel better about herself. Some people like to give those little digs.. I have a friend like that it gets old.
  5. Midnightsun

    Protein and Weight Loss (unrelated)

    Hi, I would absolutely LOVE to see Alaska! All the wildlife. Yes I am a July sibling lol. July 8th, 2019. I am doing well. Went from start 203, surgery 198 to 166 today. I could... should be better.. I am 53, an do enjoy a little wine etc. I feel so much better. I have fine but a whole lot of hair. At 3.5 month I did have some come out more than I wanted. It appears it may have slowed down now at 4.5 months, I think me and my husband are the only ones to notice. I am going to cut my hair medium length in the next couple days as it isn’t as full. I started bariatric vitamins months prior to surgery, I take the bariatric vitamins, biotin, hair skin nails with vitamins, sublingual d3, sublingual b complex, collagen, msm, protein either shake or powder daily. It is frustrating. I guess it is normal to lose up toll 6 months. Hoping it doesn’t last that long. My nails are ruined from my psoriatic arthritis so I couldn’t tell you if that is affected. the issue with my liver was 10 years ago when I was just diagnosed with my autoimmune disorders. That is why I try to double check everything from my doctors. I made certain I hit my goals. It is confusing because some say you cam only absorb a certain amount at a time. I added peanut butter powder, collagen powder to my shakes etc. So all of that may have been a waste. hope you hair loss stops ASAP as it sucks. No other way to say it. Hope you are hitting all your goals!
  6. Midnightsun

    Protein and Weight Loss (unrelated)

    I think you misread my original post. I was saying My nutritionist was Only counting My Liquid protein for my goals. He did not count my Oikos triple zero yogurt as me reaching my protein intake. He wanted to make certain I was absorbing the nutrients I needed. Not that other proteins don’t add up just not every gram of protein is absorbed especially in the beginning. I was on 2 shakes a day and still as everyone else eat your protein first etc. i am now a little over 4 months. I am on (30 grams protein) shake/mix a day pulse to eat my proteins. I can substitute a protein supplement for a meal if I choose. I have been reading up on it too. The reason being our stomach is small, the surface area is small especially in the first few months as it is swollen and as time goes on the swelling goes down and we can eat a little more. With less surface are. Less acids to break down foods, the stomach is also emptying quicker so not holding it there as long; so shorter time to be absorbed/digested. The liquid proteins are already broken down and more easily absorbed into out system. If you google it especially the bypass it actually shows some percentages of what bypass patients actually absorb at different phases after surgery in the medical abstracts. Not saying at goal weight you no longer or do need a shake. That is there general guide/goal they gave me. I was referring what information was given to me and me alone. Medical information changes all the time so I don’t know if this is new information or just something some surgeons are now paying attention to.
  7. Midnightsun

    Protein and Weight Loss (unrelated)

    I was typing, clicked away and lost my whole message...
  8. Midnightsun

    Protein and Weight Loss (unrelated)

    Hi, I went back and asked a completely different bariatric surgeon on why I am to have a protein shake a day until I meet goal weight and how/why/if the liquid protein is absorbed differently and faster than protein from our food intake. He stated that because “the liquid protein is definitely absorbed better because the small surface area of the stomach” Since we eat so little in the beginning my surgeon \ nutritionist wants to make sure I get the proper nutrition as some of the solid foods isn’t easily absorbed. I hope this makes sense to people and maybe it can help someone. I have psoriatic arthritis and almost lost my liver due to meds the Dr. put me on. I told him what was going on and he dismissed me. I have an excellent Primary dr. Called her my ast/alt numbers were 1800 and close to 2k. Should be less than I think 35-40. So I do verify information a dr. Gives me that I do not feel is correct. I appreciate your response and I hope this information makes sense to others as I am satisfied with the answer coming from my surgeon, nutritionist , bariatric nurse, my unrelated primary care physician and a completely unrelated bariatric surgeon. I have absolutely no problem if someone does not agree or thinks something is wrong or different\unusual. Just don’t dismiss the information / make fun of it and put others on the wrong track. Medical stuff changes everyday as they learn and drs have different opinions and approaches. That’s why I came onto this site to learn and see what others were doing. I just don’t like being trashed if you have a different experience or opinion. anyways thanks for your post and again I hope it makes sense now.
  9. Midnightsun

    Need help

    Some of the protein shakes are really thick. I would put mine in a nutribullet with ice. It felt good on my stomach and I ate it slowly so it worked for me. I also added unflavored protein powder and collagen to crystal light drinks and made those in the nutribullet with ice. Made icees out of them it helped me. I drank a ton of Gatorade zero too because I was getting lightheaded and the surgeon said because I wasn’t having salt intake. I still have Gatorade zero occasionally. I still sometimes feel like the protein shakes are too heavy and put it back in the fridge awhile and finish it later. Good luck to you!
  10. Midnightsun

    Crazy Question

    Hi, at 4 weeks I was cleared for a regular diet. I would do sugar free. Good luck to you! That is awesome weight loss so far!
  11. Midnightsun

    Protein Amount

    Hi, I was on 2 to 3 shakes a day at your stage, 60 to 80 grams liquid protein daily. I was told since the small surface of the new stomach liquid protein is much easier for us to absorb. With you having only one shake a day you may not be getting enough. I would definitely verify what you should have with your nutritionist. I would drink most or all of it in 20 minutes or so give or take. Sometimes I could handle more at one time other times I could not.
  12. Midnightsun

    Protein and Weight Loss (unrelated)

    I believe in the beginning my surgeon \ nutritionist only count the liquid protein is be be certain we are getting and absorbing all the protein we need. This will change as I am able to consume more foods and hit goal weight. I can say I did not have any of health issues many have had, my labs were great, I feel good, have energy and honesty forget I had the surgery. I am losing weight, it is working for me. Here is a link that may help. Not only is the minimum protein intake not achieved by most patients, there are unique circumstances that potentially impact digestion and absorption of dietary protein following bariatric surgery. Due to anatomical changes following the majority of procedures performed today, specifically the reduction in stomach capacity, hydrochloric acid, digestive enzymes, and potential rearrangement of the small intestine, protein digestion and absorption may be impacted. http://bariatrictimes.com/inadequate-protein-intake-bariatric-surgery-dietitian/
  13. Midnightsun

    Protein and Weight Loss (unrelated)

    I don’t have ANY problem someone who disagrees or questions it. I questioned it myself. I don’t think I needed to be talked to the way she did or for her to make fun of my surgeon \ nutritionist. I am sorry we are suppose to be here to help each other. Just because someone can post on almost every post does not make you a professional and should not be giving information as one. It is one thing to post something what you were told or what you are doing so people can see if that is good for them. It is NOT OK to give medical advice or to downright discredit something you are not qualified to do. I was so pissed off With her response I called my nutritionist to verify and he went through everything again on the reasoning. I just don’t feel this is how we should talk to each other. Shame on her!
  14. Midnightsun

    Protein and Weight Loss (unrelated)

    Well FluffyChix, you really don’t need to be so ignorant and rude in your response. Are you a nutritionist? As I stated that is what I was told from my nutritionist. I also advised for them to talk with their nutritionist. So I just got off the phone with my nutritionist and I was told to at this point to have at least 30 grams of liquid protein a day until I hit goal weight. Or replace a meal and have the 2 shakes. Earlier it was the 60 grams liquid protein. (I just hit 4 months). I asked him what the difference was between the liquid protein and eating food. He stated it’s the liquid protein that drives weight loss. That the liquid protein hits the metabolism harder and is absorbed better. He went on to describe about the difference how food vs the liquid and how and what is actually absorbed. I really could not write that fast. Anyways, Yes, I am still to have liquid protein and there is scientific reasoning behind it. I am not a doctor, not a nutritionist, I am doing what My Nutritionist AND Surgeon told me to do. I passed on this information so they can ask THEIR nutritionist about it.. not to take my advice. I think your know it all response and you wahoo you are right attitude is certainly not going to help anyone. It is wrong of you to make fun of someone’s response. You certainly think you know everything don’t you?
  15. Midnightsun

    How to tell family??

    I only told my husband. Not one other person. I am so glad I didn’t tell anyone. I am losing at a rate that no one has questioned I had surgery. I told everyone before I was using fitness pal app. To track my calories and exercise. Started that long before surgery. Anyways, when a friend had the sleeve she lost a lot of weight and did well. I mentioned it to a couple friends about getting the sleeve surgery and it was “oh, you don’t need that..” etc. so I didn’t go for the surgery then it cost me a lot of time. So I didn’t want talked out of it so I didn’t tell anyone. Then after I had it I didn’t want that to be my only conversation with people etc. I am so happy I didn’t tell anyone. If you decide to tell people I would wait until after surgery or right before so no one can change your mind. This was a great experience for me. Hope you have great success and a speedy recovery!
  16. Midnightsun

    Protein and Weight Loss (unrelated)

    I am certainly not an expert or anything but one thing I did not know. I eat the Oikos triple zero yogurt and was counting that towards my protein count. (Instead of 2 shakes I had one shake and 2 yogurts). Here the nutritionist said 60 to 80 grams of LIQUID protein... I was pretty upset that was not clarified to me or maybe it was and i didn’t understand it all. Anyways that is what they want me to count it just the liquid protein for best weight loss and health. Maybe ask your nutritionist about that when you speak with him/her. Something about how it absorbs. Also your body can only absorb so much protein at one time so if you drink double protein shake it isn’t doing you any good. Just a lot of info and I myself am trying to figure it all out.
  17. Midnightsun

    Weight Loss 8 weeks after VSG

    I was worried when I went to my appointment as well. They told me I was right on track. I am 53, have psoriatic arthritis so the weight loss is a huge help. Anyways, as the surgeon reminded me to not take advice from these sites as everyone is different and you weight loss is determined by so many factors especially starting weight. At my current weight 168 he said I should lose about 4 lbs a month. Although, I have indulged in a glass or two of wine which would have helped my progress more lol. Anyways, you are doing wonderful and my surgeon says you have a year for it to really come off. Then it slows down. Good luck to you and keep doing what you are doing.
  18. Midnightsun

    Preferred Alcohol Types

    I have wine once in a while, or flavored vodka and ice water. One thing you could do is take a crystal light packets or a mio and you could mix that with vodka or rum. I found some places do not have beverages that are not carbonated unless juice or sugar. So the packets come in good. Do a tea and peach vodka, cherry vodka and lemonade etc.
  19. Midnightsun


    At 4 weeks no restrictions at all. I don’t think any restrictions were on for flying.
  20. Midnightsun

    Post-op weight loss expectations

    You are doing great! You will most likely hit your stall soon.. Anyways I did for a bit. Doc said it was normal as your body adjusts. If you stick to the program it’s less than 10lbs a month so I would say super doable for you! Hope you surpass your goal and have a wonderful Anniversary Celebration!
  21. Midnightsun

    What to wear to the hospital and home

    I took comfy gym pants and a t shirt. Honestly, in the hospital I just wore the gown and did not change till I left the next afternoon. Basically it’s about 30 hours you are in there, just grab something comfy and don’t stress about it. Something that is loose around the belly area tho. Good luck with surgery!
  22. Midnightsun

    1 Year Surgervisary

    Congratulations! You look wonderful!
  23. Midnightsun

    Sleeve failure??

    I guess the surgeon may have not made the sleeve the correct size. I would save after having the sleeve 4 months ago it would be what you eat and drink. With the sleeve you can physically eat anything so if you make bad choices and eat often you can gain. It only restricts how much you eat in one sitting so you could still eat many times a day or be eating all slider foods like ice creams and puddings anything that will keep going through and gain. I would say it’s all about choices.
  24. Midnightsun


    I am so sorry you are having a hard time. I am 4 months out and so happy for this surgery. My start was 203, surgery day 193, today 166. I did this for health reasons so it isn’t so much of being fat. One thing I did and still do is mix my protein shake in a nutribullet with ice. After you are cleared for other foods you can mix in berries, pb2 powder etc. I also made my crystal light or Gatorade zero I would put protein powder, collagen powder in it and make a frozen drink. It really helps. I always drank fast and gulped. This slowed me down and made it easier. My surgeon office really prepared us for what was about to happen. I guess I was fortunate It didn’t bother me with seeing food or even cooking for my husband. This will pass and will be much easier. Once you can even have yogurt it makes a difference. I really forget I had this surgery, I enjoy life much more. I go out to dinner, just eat a lot less and take over half my dinner home. The hard part is the first month after that it is just normal but you eat less at a time. if you are struggling a lot physically or mentally I would reach out to your surgeons office for help. You want to nip this in the butt now so you can be successful. It also helps to look at all the pics these nice people post of their transformation. It is very motivational and can help pull you through the rough times. Good luck to you.