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  1. I don’t see where we have a thread on the post op side! So I figured I’d make one since very soon we will all be on this side!
  2. Same. I hit the ground running and never turned back. I Started walking constantly Day one and week 4 my dr cleared me to go back and to just listen to my body. It’s 8 months later and I run and lift weights 6-7 days a week since then. I workout HARD because I’m dedicated to my journey and to my results. A lot of people with be against this philosophy and sometimes I feel like ppl post Dr V so they can give themselves a reason to not give 100% but to each their own. Everyone’s journey is different and as long as you are headed towards goal and making the choices that work for you then you are doing great!!!
  3. Mom_of_Chaos


    Love the gym at 2am . I work rotating shift work so it’s always our same small shift of people in here without all the extras packed it. Lil Saturday gettin it outfit 💃🏼
  4. Mom_of_Chaos


    Luau Party & Family Sunday Outfits
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    I just checked to add the link and they are sold out boooo they are so cute the black parts are raised so they are almost 3D I guess you could say. Steve Madden and Soda both make a similar pair
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    Thanks guys! The shoes are special edition vans From Journeys my 2 year old has a matching pair.
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    How do I edit a post?

    I think it's two hours
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    July 2019 Surgery Siblings Post-Op

    My husband hit And passed Goal a few months ago I still have about 40 to go I think. Surgery 7/9/19 6’4 HW 360 SW 350 GW 260 CW 202 5’8 HW 310 SW 290 GW 150/160 CW 191
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    Don’t mind our gross work bathroom mirror. I’m a process operator so when I’m outside I’m in steel toes & nomex but because I run the board a lot those days I get to be comfy and tonight is one of them. Of course tomorrow night for the cold front I’ll be breaking out the boots just my luck lol
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    Two from the weekend it carnival season in Louisiana 💜💚💛
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    I was able to jump that step and go right to a consult with a bariatric surgeon, they checked all my coverages for me and handled Everything.
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    Our Valentines Day Date Outfits lol
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    I’ve been a stitchfix customer for about 4 years and it’s hit or miss now as my sizes do down but this sweater from my last box is probably one of my favorite items I’ve gotten from them.
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    GALS who started their journey over 300 lb+<br /> +

    I’ve been pretty quiet too but I’m still around lol. HW 310 SW 290 VSG 7/9/19 CW 190 I’ve been sitting for here about 3 weeks so it’ll move any day now. Hope everyone is doing fantastic!
  15. Mom_of_Chaos

    Kidney stones HELP

    My husband had 9 in the two months following his sleeve and then they started him on taking a few things To help dissolve them and they do ultrasounds periodically to watch his kidneys he’s got 7 in there now at 5 mo out. Some people’s bodies just don’t take well to the high protein diet.
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    July 2019 Surgery Siblings Post-Op

    Happy 5 Months Surgery Buddy
  17. Mom_of_Chaos

    No Pre-Op Liquid Diet?

    My surgeon doesn’t do a preop liquid diet either. All we had was liquids from noon the day before and nothing after midnight
  18. Mom_of_Chaos

    Eight Months Out

    I’m in Louisiana too! It’s not easy but it IS possible
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    July 2019 Surgery Siblings Post-Op

    Glad to here everyone is doing well. Things are great here to. Hubz is down 129 and I’m down 107 we make 5 months on Monday
  20. Mom_of_Chaos

    July 2019 Surgery Siblings Post-Op

    You’ll love it! We just got back from Disney.
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    I was back in the gym with weights and CrossFit & hiit workouts about mid week 3. I was already doing it before surgery so my dr told me after my 3 weeksL post op that I was good to go And to just listen to my body. You’re tired some days at first with the lack of calories but you adjust.
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    Opinion on Air Fryers?

    I use mine atleast once a day. I rarely use the oven unless I’m cooking something big now
  23. Mom_of_Chaos

    Can't see it

    Girl I’m right with you I went from a 22 to a 12 with lots more to go and still see the same person in the mirror it’s very common and it takes a while for you to mentally catch up
  24. Mom_of_Chaos

    Spike in weight

    I am totally 100% a daily weigher both because I’m Too impatient to wait a week and because i feel like it holds me more accountable knowing I’ll step on the scale each day. But you do have to keep in mind if you daily weight that water can swing you. As early on as you are its totally normal to bounce around and to stall. Some people will crucify you for weighing daily but you do what works for your journey, some people do better weighing every day some once a week and some don’t ever weigh and there’s nothing wrong with any method you chose as long as it works for you .
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    Vitamin Patches

    Vitamins make me very sick (always have this isn’t just post sleeve) when I was pregnant I’d get so sick on prenatal that my dr decided it was causing more harm than good. Post sleeve had similar issues then tried tespo .. even worse. Started using the patches and it was a total 180 difference. My Husband and I both use the patch aid patches now and Both of our blood work has been phenomenal. Our surgeon is on board and happy with our results.