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  1. NancyLF

    Diabetic and sleeved

    “Things that were trying to kill me are failing because of my sleeve. “ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE BEST SENTENCE ON THIS SITE!!!!
  2. NancyLF

    Diabetic and sleeved

    I was on 2 oral meds & a once a week injection. The day after surgery I called my Endocrinologist to ask about my meds. She immediately took me off the injection & one of my pills. For the past 5 days, my blood sugar has been holding steady. Hopefully I’ll be able to eliminate the other pill!
  3. NancyLF

    1st week after sleeve

    My surgery date was 7/22/2019, so tomorrow will make my official 1 week. i think I may be a (lucky) anomaly. I have not experienced any difficulty in drinking my water & protein drinks. I haven't had much gas. While I was sore & swollen for the first 4 days, today most of the swelling is gone. The best thing for me? I'm NOT hungry! I'm lovin' this! I hope it lasts.
  4. My surgery was done on Monday. I didn't have a ton of pain. Soreness, yes. Discomfort, yes. But no doubled over in pain. Yeah... coughing is rough - but mine mostly vanished by day 4. The worse part for me is getting in & out of bed. That's because I'm dealing with a bum hip as well. I refuse to think about what I can eat later. I need to change my opinion on food & not let it rule me.
  5. I'm 5 days post-op (VGS). I have been doing well. My incisions are healing. The only real sore one is the stomach retrieval one. There's still swelling around that one. I have been doing surprisingly well with my water, clear fluids & broth. I never did suffer the gas problems some others have had. The protein water I was drinking pre-op, now seems super-sweet. Now I mix it with plain water & it's fine. The best part? I am NOT hungry!! Woot! Woot! My problem is walking. I have a bad hip & walking is very difficult. I need a hip replacement but had to lose weight before I could get it done. There's s great, paved walking trail not too far from me. I think I'll load my 'rollator' into the car, head over there & see how I do. At least I'll be able to stop & rest easily. I'm just going to keep on keepin' on!
  6. My VGS was done on Monday. I'm not as sore today as I was yesterday. 2 days out -- there's HOPE!
  7. NancyLF


    I didn’t have one.
  8. I am HOME!! I had my VSG on Mon 7/22. My surgery started just past 9:30am. I was #2 on that days schedule. There were 4 scheduled that day.My Mom & sister were there for support. The supporting staff were amazing. They explained everything that would be going on. In recovery, my family was shown in. They then followed as I was brought to my room. Once I was settled in, they went home at about 2pm. I spent the rest of the day getting my BP taken, being checked on for pain. One concern was my O2 levels. They want it to be around 95 - mine was in the low 90s... high 80s. This actually didn't surprise me. That's always been an issue . They decided to put me on a HPAP machine which is similar to a CPAP. UGH!!! What a nightmare! They moved me to a private room so it wouldn't disturb my roommate. They had me walk about 10pm. Walking is difficult for me due to a bad hip. Luckily, I wasn't having a problem with gas. In fact, I didn't have any of the issues described by many people who have undergone the same procedure. They told me I'd be going for x-rays at about 10:30 or so. I alerted my family & asked them to stop by the pharmacy to pick up the meds that were called in the day before. Mom & sister came at about 1pm, fully expecting me to be dressed & ready to go. NOPE- I hadn't been to the x-ray yet!! They came for me shortly after. I have heard of people having difficulty drinking the barium liquid. No big deal for me. When I got back to my room, I was brought 3 one oz "shots" of Snapple diet iced tea & a small bowl of chicken broth. Then an 8oz cup of ice water. I was able to consume them with no problem. The next thing I knew- they told me to get dressed & the nurse would come in with my instructions. So at 3pm I had my marching orders. We were all laughing & had a great time. My sister joked that the best thing about having anything done at the hospital, is getting another pair of socks! LOL! Jennifer (the nurse) said, "Hang on a sec!" She came back with 2 pair of socks (grey & yellow) for the 3 of us!! She was amazed that was recovering so well. In fact, all of that day's surgeries went off without a hitch & all 4 of us had no problems! I have some soreness, but no real pain. I was home at about 4:30. All is well!
  9. I had my surgery yesterday! I feel fine. It’s 6am & @ 8, they’ll take me for an x-ray to check for leaks. If all is OK, I’ll be homeward bound! Then the work begins! Gas hasn’t been an issue. A few little burps that’s all. I measure burps by what would delight a 9yr old boy. The bigger & louder- the better! They would have been disappointed with mine! LOL!! I’m a bit sore at the incision sites, but not real pain. I’m looking forward to getting on my new road to a better, healthier lifestyle!
  10. I'm ready to launch into a Les Miz song -ONE DAY MORE!! Tomorrow- 7/22/2019 is SLEEVE DAY! I'm ready! Let's do this!
  11. NancyLF

    Nervous surgery Monday

    I'm having my surgery on Monday, 7/22 as well! Good luck to you! I'm ready to go-go-goooooo!!! We can do this! Failure is not an option!
  12. NancyLF

    Where is everyone from??

    I’m in Yonkers, NY - just north of NYC.
  13. UGH! Those sf fudgesicles are just downright NASTY! LOL!
  14. NancyLF

    Hello all!

    Me, too! There's so much encouragement - just what's needed to calm frayed nerves. I also found YouTube videos a big help. There's lots of positive energy all over! There are also videos of the actual surgery. SQUEAMISH ALERT!!! Don't look if you don't like seeing a person's insides! LOL!
  15. THANK YOU!!! I also am nervous, scared, excited & ready to get this done! I am stocked up with water, protein drinks & LOTS of sf Popsicles! LET'S GO!!! Good luck to my fellow July week 4 surgery buddies!
  16. NancyLF

    July 2019

    CONGRATULATIONS!! I think it's SO cool that you two are going through this together. Sorry about Hubby's kidney stones! I have been through that - VERY painful! I figure if I could survive passing a kidney stone, VGS surgery will be a breeze! LOL!
  17. NancyLF


    CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm looking forward to the day **I** can say that!
  18. I was ROFLOL @ that one! When you think about it, it's true. If you can't see the thong, you need to lose some weight. LOL!
  19. Thanks! This one of the best & honest posts I've read! Continued success to you!
  20. We're Sleeve Sisters! My surgery is July 22nd as well! Nervous & excited! We got this! Let's go!
  21. NancyLF

    start of 2 week diet

    I keep VISUALIZING success. I know me... if I sit around worrying about failing, chances are, I will. You have to be the Little Engine - I **KNOW** I CAN! I **KNOW** I CAN! I **KNOW** I CAN! Keep on chugging along!!
  22. NancyLF

    It's Getting Real!

    Many of the Vlogs I have watched on YouTube said to bring LIP BALM! I have some ready! LOL!
  23. NancyLF

    July 2019

    I LOVE those popsicles! I have 10 boxes in my freezer right now! They're on sale this week so I'll be going back for more! My mother says my freezer looks like the store display! LOL!
  24. NancyLF

    How supportive was your GP?

    How do you get the cute graphics depicting the surgery countdown & body weight? I can't seem to find them. -- NEVERMIND! I just found it!!