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  1. I can’t move as much as I’d like, either. For you, it’s your knee- for me, it’s my hip. As soon as I get some more of this weight off, I’ll be getting a hip replacement!
  2. NancyLF

    Cravings Are Killing Me

    I also was sleeved on the 22nd. My schedule is WK 1- Clear liquids & broth. WK2 - protein shakes, cream soups (no lumps) WK3 & 4- Pureed food. Fat-free gravies, SF Pudding, low fat ricotta, small curd cottage cheese. WK 5-skinless chicken breast, fish filet, turkey... So far, I'm over-lapping weeks 1 & 2. I'm staying with clear liquid most of the day, with a shake for 1 meal. I haven't been feeling hungry, so I'm not going to rush it.
  3. My doctor doesn't have me taking any vitamins. I go in every 2 weeks or so (started a month before surgery) and get s B12 shot & an IV of nutrients, mineral, etc. (potassium, magnesium) I haven't had any problems with the liquid diet. I am feeling NO hunger. I saw my dr. yesterday. He's pleased with my progress. 30 pounds! 10 were pre-op & 20 post. I'm nearly 2 weeks post-op. I have stayed with the clear liquids & may alternate clear with protein shakes. Doc says, "fine". He'd rather I take it slow than try to move too fast. I have an assortment of drinks, soups & shakes that I purchased here on the BP Store. They're quite good. I hope all your difficulties smooth themselves out. I guess I'm just lucky. Now... If I could only come up with some winning lottery numbers! LOL!
  4. Oh, Yes!! It helped me. I found it to be SO much easier. I lost 10 lbs in those 2 weeks.
  5. NancyLF

    Where is everyone from??

    Hi, Bronx! I wa s born & raised in The Bronx. Now I'm in Yonkers.
  6. No problem. My surgery was 3 days before yours, on 7/22. I'm having no problems & am especially happy about the fact that I'm not feeling hungry! I have ordered Protein shakes from the BariatricPal store. They have a large selection. I tried one (French Vanilla) before my surgery & found it quite tasty. You can order a sample pack that comes with 9 packets of different flavors. A friend of mine buys these & swears by the Cinnamon Swirl. They (BP) also has a YouTube channel where the products are reviewed, mostly by a former sleever.
  7. My post surgery diet doesn't call for the protein shakes until week 2. I have protein drinks. I especially like Protein02. The grape is my favorite. It's available at my local Rite-Aid. Bone Broth also has protein. My favorite is The Chicken Bone Broth by Kitchen Basics. It's available in my local supermarket.
  8. NancyLF

    Do you know your bougie size?

    I asked on the day of surgery - - - it was 36.
  9. NancyLF

    1st week after sleeve

    I wish I COULD walk! My hip is so messed up. I need to lose the weight so I can go for a hip replacement.
  10. NancyLF

    Diabetic and sleeved

    “Things that were trying to kill me are failing because of my sleeve. “ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE BEST SENTENCE ON THIS SITE!!!!
  11. NancyLF

    Diabetic and sleeved

    I was on 2 oral meds & a once a week injection. The day after surgery I called my Endocrinologist to ask about my meds. She immediately took me off the injection & one of my pills. For the past 5 days, my blood sugar has been holding steady. Hopefully I’ll be able to eliminate the other pill!
  12. NancyLF

    1st week after sleeve

    My surgery date was 7/22/2019, so tomorrow will make my official 1 week. i think I may be a (lucky) anomaly. I have not experienced any difficulty in drinking my water & protein drinks. I haven't had much gas. While I was sore & swollen for the first 4 days, today most of the swelling is gone. The best thing for me? I'm NOT hungry! I'm lovin' this! I hope it lasts.
  13. My surgery was done on Monday. I didn't have a ton of pain. Soreness, yes. Discomfort, yes. But no doubled over in pain. Yeah... coughing is rough - but mine mostly vanished by day 4. The worse part for me is getting in & out of bed. That's because I'm dealing with a bum hip as well. I refuse to think about what I can eat later. I need to change my opinion on food & not let it rule me.
  14. I'm 5 days post-op (VGS). I have been doing well. My incisions are healing. The only real sore one is the stomach retrieval one. There's still swelling around that one. I have been doing surprisingly well with my water, clear fluids & broth. I never did suffer the gas problems some others have had. The protein water I was drinking pre-op, now seems super-sweet. Now I mix it with plain water & it's fine. The best part? I am NOT hungry!! Woot! Woot! My problem is walking. I have a bad hip & walking is very difficult. I need a hip replacement but had to lose weight before I could get it done. There's s great, paved walking trail not too far from me. I think I'll load my 'rollator' into the car, head over there & see how I do. At least I'll be able to stop & rest easily. I'm just going to keep on keepin' on!
  15. My VGS was done on Monday. I'm not as sore today as I was yesterday. 2 days out -- there's HOPE!
  16. NancyLF


    I didn’t have one.
  17. I am HOME!! I had my VSG on Mon 7/22. My surgery started just past 9:30am. I was #2 on that days schedule. There were 4 scheduled that day.My Mom & sister were there for support. The supporting staff were amazing. They explained everything that would be going on. In recovery, my family was shown in. They then followed as I was brought to my room. Once I was settled in, they went home at about 2pm. I spent the rest of the day getting my BP taken, being checked on for pain. One concern was my O2 levels. They want it to be around 95 - mine was in the low 90s... high 80s. This actually didn't surprise me. That's always been an issue . They decided to put me on a HPAP machine which is similar to a CPAP. UGH!!! What a nightmare! They moved me to a private room so it wouldn't disturb my roommate. They had me walk about 10pm. Walking is difficult for me due to a bad hip. Luckily, I wasn't having a problem with gas. In fact, I didn't have any of the issues described by many people who have undergone the same procedure. They told me I'd be going for x-rays at about 10:30 or so. I alerted my family & asked them to stop by the pharmacy to pick up the meds that were called in the day before. Mom & sister came at about 1pm, fully expecting me to be dressed & ready to go. NOPE- I hadn't been to the x-ray yet!! They came for me shortly after. I have heard of people having difficulty drinking the barium liquid. No big deal for me. When I got back to my room, I was brought 3 one oz "shots" of Snapple diet iced tea & a small bowl of chicken broth. Then an 8oz cup of ice water. I was able to consume them with no problem. The next thing I knew- they told me to get dressed & the nurse would come in with my instructions. So at 3pm I had my marching orders. We were all laughing & had a great time. My sister joked that the best thing about having anything done at the hospital, is getting another pair of socks! LOL! Jennifer (the nurse) said, "Hang on a sec!" She came back with 2 pair of socks (grey & yellow) for the 3 of us!! She was amazed that was recovering so well. In fact, all of that day's surgeries went off without a hitch & all 4 of us had no problems! I have some soreness, but no real pain. I was home at about 4:30. All is well!
  18. I had my surgery yesterday! I feel fine. It’s 6am & @ 8, they’ll take me for an x-ray to check for leaks. If all is OK, I’ll be homeward bound! Then the work begins! Gas hasn’t been an issue. A few little burps that’s all. I measure burps by what would delight a 9yr old boy. The bigger & louder- the better! They would have been disappointed with mine! LOL!! I’m a bit sore at the incision sites, but not real pain. I’m looking forward to getting on my new road to a better, healthier lifestyle!
  19. I'm ready to launch into a Les Miz song -ONE DAY MORE!! Tomorrow- 7/22/2019 is SLEEVE DAY! I'm ready! Let's do this!
  20. NancyLF

    Nervous surgery Monday

    I'm having my surgery on Monday, 7/22 as well! Good luck to you! I'm ready to go-go-goooooo!!! We can do this! Failure is not an option!
  21. NancyLF

    Where is everyone from??

    I’m in Yonkers, NY - just north of NYC.
  22. UGH! Those sf fudgesicles are just downright NASTY! LOL!
  23. NancyLF

    Hello all!

    Me, too! There's so much encouragement - just what's needed to calm frayed nerves. I also found YouTube videos a big help. There's lots of positive energy all over! There are also videos of the actual surgery. SQUEAMISH ALERT!!! Don't look if you don't like seeing a person's insides! LOL!
  24. THANK YOU!!! I also am nervous, scared, excited & ready to get this done! I am stocked up with water, protein drinks & LOTS of sf Popsicles! LET'S GO!!! Good luck to my fellow July week 4 surgery buddies!
  25. NancyLF

    July 2019

    CONGRATULATIONS!! I think it's SO cool that you two are going through this together. Sorry about Hubby's kidney stones! I have been through that - VERY painful! I figure if I could survive passing a kidney stone, VGS surgery will be a breeze! LOL!