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    Here On Out A Win, Win

    daisyJane I haven't exercised for fear of losing way much more, I am 5'8" and already look like Olive Oil from Popeye! lololol I could use some firming up here and there but afraid I will just melt away! Lolol
  2. So, today I had my appointment and I am currently at 181.2 lbs, 34" waist, BMI 27 and feeling great!!!!!! I have one more appointment in December and I will be a year out! The question asked of me today, "You want to know how to stop losing the weight?" I thought oh, my goodness yes! I have had clothing altered, not once but twice, I have had my wedding ring resized twice and refuse to do it again! I am so grateful and happy about my weight loss but I am afraid I will not stop losing! I was encouraged to eat good fats, olive oil, avocados, nuts, more fruits, protein, carbs and whole grains. Even the thought of drinking a protein shake makes me gag, I find them way to sweet and I have tried all flavors that I thought would be tolerable for me. (PremierProteinShakestobeexact) The funny thing, I have already been doing this and still losing weight. I hope it comes to an end soon! I don't want to start looking emaciated. Any suggestions? #stilllovingthenewme
  3. SlimChickadee

    Here On Out A Win, Win

    ms.sss yes that is what family is saying haven't told any of them of the surgery and made my husband sware not to tell, I just tell them I'm on a soup diet! lolol their response is you need to add meat to that soup! lolol Thank you for the feedback!
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    Here On Out A Win, Win

    I am so glad to be a part of this group, thank you so much!
  5. SlimChickadee

    Here On Out A Win, Win

    Thank you so much, you are always encouraging!
  6. SlimChickadee


    I too after having RNY found myself buying quite often so I took my favorite clothing to a seamstress and had them taken up, funny thing I took a few skirts to her and only two weeks later could not fit what she had taken up and she was kind enough not to charge me to alter them again! I am currently 9 mths out and refuse to buy any thing. I too work remotely and work in sweat pants or pj's most of the time! My other clothes I gave them away and they were donated to women being released from jail/prison to have decent clothing for interviews.
  7. SlimChickadee

    IBS and RNY

    Hello, I was diagnosed with IBS-C, I do not have any issues with the constipation anymore, I also use to take Linzess but I do not take that any more! If you are not careful of what you eat, you will have dumping syndrome and I have also noticed that if I am not drinking my water like I should it will slow down my bowels, but I really do not believe I have anymore issues with the IBS. Good luck and hope this helped!
  8. SlimChickadee

    Food Before and After Photos

    Just got me some pink salmon Starkist poches going to try this, thank you so much for recipe!
  9. I have reached my goal weight and was wondering how and when will the weight stop coming off! I have lost my boobs, butt and walking hasn't helped with building it up! I love the new me but scared I am going to look like Olive Oil from Popeye before it's all over! My last visit, I discovered the passing out episode was d/t blood pressure dropping to low and all of my blood work came back FINE! I am currently now in a 12 and wearing size Med in my capris! Again, I am so happy with my New Me but will I every stop losing the weight!? I am up for any suggestions, for my athletic bariatric family! Thanks in advance!
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    7 months out, "Touch Down" Goal Met

    Love it, thank you so much for the information will take a look at it! I appreciate all of the advise! LOLOL Yes, I am always cold too, I keep a sweater in every room or a blanket!
  11. SlimChickadee

    7 months out, "Touch Down" Goal Met

    LOLOL, Thank you so much! I will have to change from football to basketball then, I will gladly rebound! LOLOL Thank you so much for the insight!
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    Feel So Good Part 2

    So, I recently posted how good I feel with the current weight loss! The day after my post, I was at my seamstress, getting some of my favorite clothing taking up and we talked for an hour and all of a sudden I felt light headed and diaphoretic and told her I needed to sit down. My doctor had told me to take a half of my blood pressure medications and I had forgotten and taken the whole pill. I passed out and she gave me some orange juice after I came to and I told her I needed to call my husband because I couldn't drive home due to still feeling bad, my vision was blurry and I felt faint again but was able to contact my husband before passing out again, she spoke with him and told him I had passed out, she said I seizured and when I came to I had fallen into her glass mirror and had glass all over me but only had small cuts to my hand, my head hurt and was pounding and she truly felt I had a diabetic seizure, she said I fell forward out of the chair and hit the bottom of her full glass mirror, I do remember I kept yawning uncontrollable before passing out. With the Covid going on I refused to let my husband take me to the ER and contacted my primary which I had seen the day before. He thinks I over exerted myself by walking a mile and a half that morning and taking a whole blood pressure pill, my blood pressure was 118/72 and I didn't test my blood sugar d/t I have never had any issues prior with my BS. I drank G2 the rest of the day and the doctor told me not to walk and rest he rest of the weekend. Has anyone every experienced this? I am currently 5mths out and other than the scare I STILL FEEL GOOD! I received my blood work back Monday and all my levels are great! I have not walked any more but have been doing my 5lb weights. Any suggestions! I go to my Bariatric appointment the 23rd of this month.
  13. SlimChickadee

    Feel So Good Part 2

    Right there with you, I am hoping to get rid of my BP medication all together! I went today and replaced the mirror I had broken and she was so happy to see me doing well, she also told my I was just inches away of a 911 call! LOL Like you I have never had BP levels that low and when I went to the doctor's office the day before the incident it was around 122/70 somethingish and that is why he reduced it to half! I also have never had any blood sugar issues. I promise I will not forget again because I went through my 90 day supply which I probably had 60 of them and cut them in half with my pill cutter, everyone of them! Thank you for the response!
  14. SlimChickadee

    Feel So Good Part 2

    Thank you so much for the insight, and yes, I thought dehydration as well! But I have been getting my water in and some and monitor my pee color (sorry TMI) and it is not clear but very light yellow, but great information and so glad you are doing better as well!
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    Feel So Good Part 2

    Will keep you all posted after appointement on 23rd of this month!
  16. SlimChickadee

    Feel So Good Part 2

    She was so amazing and is! Thank you for your response! I truly believe it was my BP!
  17. Amen,you are so right about that! The OMG she used weightloss surgery, I just love the look on people's face when they see the loss, my sister and brother in-law asked me was I sick or was I trying to lose weight, I told them no I am not sick and yes, I am trying to get healthy and your brother is walking with me! That's all they need to know!
  18. Hello, and yes! I told my husband and children I did not want anyone to know and if they asked, I was on a soup diet and wellllllll that's kinda true!LOLOL My primary physician half of my church members attend and I have told them I do not want it disclosed to anyone! Which it shouldn't be anyway due to HIPPA. The ladies of our church keep inquiring the kids which are 13, 10 and 19, we did not let the 10 year old know about the surgery but the other two I told them to say, "I see her eating soup all the time, and you will have to ask her!" They shouldn't be asking them any way! One member did ask me and I told her I had lap-band and she cut me off mid sentence and said, I didn't know you had lap-band and just her reaction to that I kepted my mouth shut, because it was if she was judging me for having a lap-band. I was not going to reveal the RNY surgery but was going to tell her I had adjustments to my lap-band. So, no it's none of anyone's business! As Forrest Gump would say, "That's all i'm gonna say about that!" LOLOLOL
  19. SlimChickadee

    Pooped from Pooping

    Okay RYN Family, I am 3 months post op! Started my regular diet Wednesday and even before, I have been pooping everytime you turn around! I drink and wait 10minutes before eating and after I eat I wait 30 min. It still seems as if I am drinking, eating and pooping. My butt is having a romance with the toilet paper and I am hating it! One day I wiped so much my butt split! I know TMI! I hope this will resolve soon! I went shopping today, I hate eaten my Breakfast did not have anything to drink a matter of fact was afraid to drink 30 min after the fact but my stomach rumbled and made obnoxious soundds I was so embarassed! I went and got me some Gas X to take right then and there! On the way home, I didn't know if I ws going to make it or not! (I made it barely) I remember my dietician saying, "Do not trust passing gas, and some people wear adult diapers!" I refuse to do that but not to prideful to wear a pad. Any suggestions or encouragement of this to shall pass! Thank s everyone!
  20. SlimChickadee

    Craving Ice Cream

    Do anyone have any good ice-cream ideas, I am lactose intolerant even moreso since the surgery and trying to find a good TCBY or ice-cream that would suffice my cravings. I have tried the no sugar popsicles and fudge bars but really want the taste of ice cream without all of the sugar and milk interaction? Thanks in advance!
  21. SlimChickadee

    Never Felt So Good

    So, I m down to 198 and feeling amazing, my husband and I started walking Monday and I felt so good, my legs were not rubbing together, I was able to keep up with him and I even noticed my shadow casted in front of me it was smaller, I did not have the broad shoulders or apple shape in front of me! It felt Soooooooooo Goooooooood! We walked 2 miles and did it again on Tuesday, Wednesday got rained out but we also celebrated 25 years of wedding bliss! WooHooo! Thursday, doctor's appointment and he was so happy of the weight loss! He also decreased my blood pressure medication in half! I also have went from a size 22W to a regular 14. I have to say it again, "I Feel Sooooooo Goooooood!"
  22. SlimChickadee

    Never Felt So Good

    How beautiful and Congratulations as well! Love it! Thank you for sharing!
  23. SlimChickadee


    Everyone looks amazing and I love that red and white dress you are sporting @Sophie7713, you look amazing!
  24. I am so sorry I missed all of your questions, I had a graduate Friday and she was the last of our babies to graduate and have been busy planning for her special day! Yes, it was that fast! Highmark was great, I had made my deduction the year and did not have to pay anything out of pocket except for a few small and I mean very small bills! Yes, after the lapband, I gained most of my weight back I was at 298 before being banded and at 289.9 the day of surgery for the RNY!
  25. SlimChickadee

    Found a new food frozen but tastes like homemade

    Awesome, will check tomorrow! Thank you so very much!