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    Waist Trainer

    I wanted to reply to @SummerHot. I'm not saying that waist training doesn't work, but one of the before and after results is from a person I follow on instagram (mygirlishwhims) who has never done waist training. I recognize the pink outfit. So be careful referencing these websites. They will often take photos from other peoples profiles without tagging them or giving them credit because they're trying to sell a product.
  2. I wanted to start this thread for all the June Sleevers to share updates on their progress. When did you have your surgery? How many days are you post-op? How has your recovery been? Have anything you're struggling with? What does your post-op diet look like? I'll go first! I had my surgery on 6/8. Surgery went really well, had an outpatient surgery so I was home same day. Recovery was really good, pain the first few days, now I'm pretty much back to my regular grind. I am struggling with my post-op diet a bit, but more so because I'm wishing I could have some real creamy soups. I pretty much have 21 days of a sugar free clear liquid diet with the exceptions of two protein shakes. This is just phase 1. Phase 2 I move onto soft foods for 3 weeks, then solid foods. I haven't quite seen the weightloss I was hoping (3lbs), but you have to trust the process.
  3. srgrl08

    14 days post op 7 lb loss

    Yes, it's normal. Everyone's weight loss looks different. Just keep up with what you're doing.
  4. srgrl08

    June Sleevers Post Op

    Let's play a game, maybe something we can all do each week. Tell me one high in your WLS journey this past week and one low. Also one goal you have for next week. Here's mine: This morning I took my longest walk since having my surgery. I usually do 2, 30 minute walks a day. Today I walked for 53 minutes straight and it was only at the end where I started feeling fatigued. I'm going to try and do a little more walking this afternoon. My low happened Friday, I've been following my diet pretty exactly (for 22 days after surgery I'm only allowed my clear liquids and protein shake) this diet has made me pretty low energy and dizzy at times, but Thursday I broke my diet and had about a thumbs size piece of salmon. It was so yummy! I was initially pretty down on myself because I like to follow the rules, but I think tolerated it really well. My goal for next week is to find a hill or stairs to walk up!
  5. srgrl08

    June Sleevers Post Op

    @loveslostcause How are you feeling today? The first days are bit rough, try and walk as much as you can to relieve some of that gas pain. It get's better.
  6. srgrl08

    June Sleevers Post Op

    Hi @ Heather13 welcome! I think I was similar to you. I had my surgery on 6/8 and had very little pain and nausea. The only thing I'm currently struggling with is exercise. Before my surgery I was pretty active, boxing 3-4 times a week, I'm only three weeks out and when I get up too quickly I get a little dizzy, but I'm hoping once i start incorporating soft foods my doctor will let me pick up on the exercising a bit.
  7. srgrl08

    June Sleevers Post Op

    Hi all, I feel like I'm struggling with this post op diet. Pretty much all I can have for 22 days is my bariatric grade protein shake, clear low sodium broth, jello, and water (or gatorade zero or propel). I'm on day 17 and I have to stay on this diet until I see my doctor on July 1 (so technically I'm on it for 24 day). I was originally scheduled for a July 8 post-op appointment, but thank goodness I was able to get my appointment moved up. I wake up every morning feeling good and like I can do another day of this, but by the end of the day I'm just wishing I could have a warm piece of meat. Only 7 more days. I can do it, but I hope the next few days come sooner.
  8. srgrl08

    June 2020 surgeries

    I just wanted to share an update. I am officially one week post-op (surgery on 6/8) and in the first phase of my post-op diet. I was a little disheartened to see that I've only lost about 3.5lb since my surgery date, but I know I have to trust the process. I have always been pretty muscular and fit, so I expect my weight loss may be a bit slower. My post-op diet is a bit difficult. I'm on straight low- cal, sugar-free, clear liquids for 21 day except for the 2/day protein shakes. After this first phase, I do soft foods for 3 more weeks, than I can move on to solid foods. So far I'm not hungry, but wish I could have some creamy soups to break up the monotony of protein shakes and broth.
  9. srgrl08

    June 2020 surgeries

    My surgery was outpatient too. I got to the surgical center at 7:30am, started my surgery around 10am and was out by 12:30pm. They kept me there for 6 hours after the surgery just to ensure I was okay and had not complications. It may be that you are lower risk which is why you're able to have it on an outpatient setting.
  10. srgrl08

    June 2020 surgeries

    I had my surgery (gastric sleeve) on Monday and it went really well. After my surgery, I was up and walking around, even though I was hopped up on morphine. The first two days were a bit rough. I was pretty hard to even drink water. I am lactose intolerant and cannot stand the taste of milk, but that was the only thing that I could drink that remained down without any pain or air bubbles. Today has been great, I've still struggled a bit to get all my protein in, but I think by next week I will have all the proper nutrition down. Also waiting to poop too. Good luck to everyone who has future surgeries. And congrats to all of you who have already had yours.
  11. srgrl08

    June 2020 surgeries

    @pandajimjams183 I understand. COVID has been hard on a lot of people and I'm sure having your kids at home doesn't make preparing for your surgery any easier. Don't look at the mistakes you made yesterday, start making whatever changes you need to now. It's never too late to get on the right foot. While I think @Superman84 advice is coming from the right place, the delivery could definitely have been better. You'll be fine and you will be successful as long as you start making the necessary changes today. This should be a place of support, and it is. Your journey is just starting, and as you struggle and have bad days, we'll be here to support you
  12. srgrl08

    June 2020 surgeries

    Mine is scheduled for June 8th

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