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  1. Surgery was 09Sep2019, I am 41. I started with the weight of 295, was 279 on surgery day and today I am 227.
  2. NagathaChristie

    Filling So Full

    i am having this right now. the only thing that happened is i have been very busy and not eating as much. maybe it tightens up if you arent filling it?
  3. NagathaChristie

    Touchy subject.... stinky poo and gas :(

    Undigested fats cause loose and frequent bowel movements. These are often hard to control. You may have cramping, foul-smelling diarrhea, and lots of gas. Are you eating too much fat?
  4. NagathaChristie

    Eating out after Gastric bypass surgery

    At chinese restaurants I can get a bowl of egg drop soup. At IHOP or diners I can get an egg or two. At mexican places I can get a taco and just eat the inside stuff, ignoring the tortilla shell. I like smoothies but be careful with them because Tropical Smoothie's are very high carb but Smoothie King has Fit and Trim options that are about 200 calories and have protein. I can also eat some meat off of my husband's plate.
  5. I still do not have my surgery date. I think about my surgery constantly. I read forums, I watch videos, read blogs. Is anyone as obsessed as I am? Is this normal?
  6. NagathaChristie

    Smoother, Girdle, Compression, Shaper

    So do any of you wear this type of garment under your clothing to look smoother? If so, what do you use? How well does it work?
  7. NagathaChristie

    Pureed Diet! Wooohooo!

    Monday I start my pureed stage of my post of diet. What was the first pureed meal you ate?
  8. Well I am not at all hungry. I even feel full from my soup. ...but I want food. Pizza would be soooooo nice. Anyone else feel this way?
  9. NagathaChristie

    500.5lb Guy now down to 316!

    Wow, how much your life must have changed!
  10. NagathaChristie

    Let’s talk and see what happens?

    What a great idea! Hey everyone. I am 41 year old married woman from the USA. I had RNY on 09Sep2019. Right now I am sitting here with a belly ache because I took my vitamin B complex.
  11. NagathaChristie

    Incision infection?

    Doesnt look too bad. Air is great to have on it. Can you wash it with a gentle soap, pat it dry and sit with out a shirt for a while? It may help very much. Let your HCP know when you speak to him/her
  12. NagathaChristie

    I'm not hungry... I want food.

    Once we can get past that head hunger... then we realize we are not really hungry at all.
  13. NagathaChristie

    First Month Average Loss

    Surgery on 09Sep2019, weight was 276 lbs that day. Today, 22Sep2019 my weight is 259 lbs.
  14. NagathaChristie

    * HELP HOW many days in hospital???

    I was in the hospital one night. If you are up and walking and doing well they released you. Unfortunately I had an issue so I went back to the hospital for 2 nights in the same week.
  15. NagathaChristie

    Pureed Diet! Wooohooo!

    I will check out the pureed recipes. Thank you. I am going to make myself some bland egg salad. I even bought a food processor for the occasion.
  16. NagathaChristie

    I'm not hungry... I want food.

    Thanks everyone! I got through it! I just licked the pizza and smeared it all over my body. Just kidding. I just waited it out and it went away. But it sucks when it happens!!!!
  17. NagathaChristie

    I'm not hungry... I want food.

    Totally agree!
  18. NagathaChristie

    September 2019 🍂🍁

  19. NagathaChristie

    Smoothie King

    Ok, I tried it today. I did slim-n-trim Pumpkin and added whey protein too. I got the 20 oz and it took me forever to finish it. It was delicious and has inspired me to make some of my own at home. Also, remember that lots of fruits can be sugary. That is why I did the pumpkin.
  20. NagathaChristie

    Ankles Swelling

    I had Gastric Bypass on 09Sep2019. I have noticed that since then my ankles have been swollen. Anyone else have this? Anyone know why this happens? I did not have an issue with ankle swelling prior to the surgery/
  21. NagathaChristie

    Full liquids

    I hate protein shakes. I have been doing Fairlife milk since it has 13 G of protein per cup. I also made some creamy tomato soup with it yesterday and sipped on that all day.
  22. Fairlife fat free milk has 13 grams of protein per cup. It is lactose free too I love it.
  23. NagathaChristie

    Smoothie King

    Did you try it, how did it go?
  24. I had surgery on Monday. I am cold! I am glad though. You see... being a big girl I was always hot. I could not enjoy outdoor summer activities at all. Fairs, carnivals, outdoor concerts, were just not tolerable to me. Today when I got home from the hospital I was able to sit outside in the summer heat and relax Felt good!
  25. NagathaChristie

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    I had surgery on the 9th. I have not eaten any food since the 7th. I am back in hospital due to fever. I am not hungry at all