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  1. Hi guys I’m Celebrating a new weight bracket today!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I never really set myself a goal as such but I always said around 9-10 stone (126 - 140lbs)⁣⁣ & today I weighed 10 stone 10lbs! (150lbs) ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ So close to those goals now! However, I won’t be weighing myself again until 1st April 2020! ⁣⁣I decided to only get the scales out once a month from now on. I was starting to get really obsessed and panicky about the numbers on the scale all of the time so I thought it’s best for my mental health to see them only once a month. Plus, weight fluctuates so weighing daily is just silly at this point in my journey really! Yesterday the skirt was a NSV for me. Been waiting to wear one of these since 2013 lol! Instagram: @charlieannnn Www.instagram.com/charlieannnn I’m about to upload an FAQ to my Instagram TV. YouTube coming soon! 💜🌈💚🌻💙💁🏼‍♀️💗
  2. Starting weight: 266lbs / 19st / 120kg Current weight: 156lbs / 11st 2lbs / 70kg Goal weight: 140lbs / 9st / 63.5kg Surgery date: 9th June 2019 Surgery: Gastric Bypass What do I eat in a day? Example: Breakfast - Protein yoghurt (17g protein) snack - protein bar (10g protein) Lunch: 20g protein from lean meat & veg Snack: cheese (10g protein) Dinner: 20g protein from lean meat with veg & carbs (I portion everything out on a bariatric plate) Sometimes I will snack at night time on cheese / another low carb - high protein snack) I usually end up on around 75g protein per day. My goal is 60g. I post recipes / meal inspiration on Instagram a lot. @charlieannnn Www.instagram.com/charlieannnn
  3. Charlie-Ann

    8 months post op progress pics!

    Thanks so much ladies xxxxx
  4. Charlie-Ann

    8 months post op progress pics!

    I have 5 fur babies. They’re my whole world and more xxxxx
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    This skirt was a NSV!