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  1. I am wondering about post surgery restrictions - driving and stairs in particular. Please share the guidance you were given?
  2. Libby63

    Weird things happening

    Not surgery related but I get those symptoms both from blood sugar fluctuations and when my thyroid levels are not right.
  3. Thanks. I’ve never been great st alterations - I hate the ripping out but the challenge will keep me out of the kitchen so I guess it’s a good time to learn!
  4. Libby63

    December Sleeve Date!

    Oh my, that will be interesting. Will you have a kitchen on vacation? My date is Dec 10 provided I have insurance approval. I start my preop diet 2 days prior to Thanksgiving. No last Thanksgiving pig-outs for us!
  5. I ran across this video which has a pair of pants with Velcro in the waistband that can get you through a few sizes: https://youtu.be/oTxDpaYeuEw Starting at minute 7:19. I was wondering if any of you sew and can share pattern numbers that have worked best for you as you have lost weight?
  6. Thanks for your encouragement and input. The office manager called my insurance and they said no way. They said the 6 months is a hard requirement. So, my new date is Dec 10th. I’m not comfortable with the 9 month insurance gap with my RNY so I will have to spring for some Obamacare coverage for the gap assuming pre-existing will still be covered. I am disappointed but FluffyChix I will take your advice and start tackling those things.
  7. I had my 3rd of 6 monthly appointments with my team today. I was shocked when my surgeon said I was doing great and tentatively set my surgery for OCT 7th!. !!! Yikes !!! My insurance requires 6 months but counseling but will sometimes accept WeightWatchers for some of the time. I asked about that at the start and he said - let’s see how you do. He wants to try it since I have documentation from WW. I was not prepared for that and am not sure I am ready but I feel like I should try as my insurance runs out early next year. I have a 9 month gap between that time and Medicare. Insurance has 3 weeks to respond so if they take the entire time I will be starting my pre-op diet a week before I know (wouldn’t that suck). I’m thrilled and scared to death!
  8. Defining your style is one of the steps.
  9. In OOTD there was mention of defining your style. I used this blog to help me do that. It’s for mid-life women defining capsule wardrobes. It may be too old for some of you but the basic process is age- neutral. Capsule wardrobes can help if you don’t have a large clothes budget or closet space. https://www.midlifechic.com/capsule-holiday-wardrobe-2018-2/
  10. Libby63

    Fatty cysts

    Yes - that’s what I have too! So, catwoman7 was it the plastic surgery that got rid of them or were they gone before you had it?
  11. Libby63

    Fatty cysts

    I was wondering today if after surgery these marble size lumps in a variety of spots on my body (Dr says they are harmless adipose or fatty tissue cysts) will eventually dissolve or will I end up looking like a big skin bag with some loose marbles stuck to the sides? Does anyone else have these?
  12. Have you discussed this with your surgeon?
  13. Walk, walk, walk. I’m was having the same problem and when I upped my walking to 2.5 - 3.5 miles 6 days per week my weight started dropping. Good lock! We’ve got this,👍
  14. Libby63

    Dumping question

    Thanks for the frank and honest advice - AND for the great vocabulary word “craptastically”🤣