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  1. I’m a year post surgery & this idea just occurred to me. I was feeling like my protein bars were piling up because at this stage I’m not eating them as often & there’s so many times I want just a couple bites. Finally it occurred to me to chop a few up into 12 cubes & dump them together into a stay fresh container. If I grab 3 pieces that’s 5G of protein & about 45 calories.
  2. JanJan19


    Holy crap, just hit 199.4 pounds! It took me 7 months & 8 days to lose 65 pounds & dip below 200 for the first time in... idk two decades? I'm currently twirling around in circles unsure what to do with myself.
  3. JanJan19

    Surgery this week...

    I only told about 4 people, mostly because I didn't want to be stared at during the weight loss phase. I'm not in the least embarrassed about this choice, but weight loss is slow & I didn't want to have people looking & judging my pace I guess? Everyone is different. You can tell as many or as few people as you like!
  4. JanJan19

    I don't know what I am doing!

    Hugs girl. I promise you this will all feel differently in a month. I'm 5 months out & your post reminded me that I felt exactly the same at your stage. Like... wondering if I even had the surgery of if I was just some placebo test case lol. As far as what you can eat, that's different for everyone. Every doctor seems to have a different program. Did they send you home with any material/instructions? If not call them tomorrow!
  5. Every doctor is different. Mine allowed pureed soups the first two weeks. I was up to some regular foods by week 2. I feel for you- those two weeks were hands down the WORST part of this entire experience for me. I was out of my mind hungry. The moment I was able to give my stomach something to work on it was fine. I suspect liquids (soups) just go straight through & for me left me miserable. Vs 3 ounces of chicken & I'm very satisfied.
  6. JanJan19

    Day 2

    The pain was AWFUL for me from the moment I woke up till around 24-28 hours. Then we finally got the right painkillers & it was totally manageable. Was your pain under control when they discharged you? Vitamins- I really don't think you need to stress yourself over that the first few days. Just work on staying hydrated & walking laps around your house.
  7. Hey Boldi! I'm always afraid to comment for fear of admonishment as well. Whomp whomp. It sounds like you've figured out what works for you & that's awesome. I've found as well sometimes not every single thing the doctor says is good for us individually. Like mine said no need to weigh food at this point, eat just until I'm full. Like... uh no. I can absolutely do this in a restaurant just fine. But on a day to day basis at home? I still want/need to weigh & measure to keep myself from increasing portions. -- I want to hug this comment--- I avoided coming on here for a while as I felt like I was a fraud or a cheat or I would be admonished for not doing things the "right" way - but I know my body and I'm honest with myself about what I put into it, so for right now this is what is working for me, and me alone.
  8. Dark- wait so with the PCOS do you think you might be getting too much protein past 50 or 60g?? I've not researched that angle of it, the insulin resistance & protein. I've been shooting for 65g of protein daily, maybe that's too much for me. Hmm.
  9. YES! I used to eat whatever I wanted & maintain. And now that I'm measuring every last morsel I know damn well I must have been eating 3,000+ calories a day before. So I should be dropping like crazy on 800. FFS. I've wondered about RNY & bypass too, but I suspect it'd have had the same results thus far. Though my biggest gripe at this point is I'm pretty sure I COULD eat way more than I am. I'm not eating this little because eating is just too hard. I'm eating this little because I'm forcing myself to. For sure having a tiny stomach makes it possible to control myself but it's really entirely on me because I could eat more, for sure.
  10. Serengirl, it DOES help actually! Knowing I'm not the only one. And I tell myself the same thing about the skin! Maybe mine will be less saggy, etc. Maybe my body has more time to recover from each pound, etc. But man is it tough. It's so much easier (for me) to stay the course when the weight is coming off. When you're eating virtually nothing & it's not coming off it's real hard not to slip into "might as well be fat" mentality. I've not tried days of 300-400. I sort of feel like my body already thinks it's starving, but who knows. Really, no one freaking knows which is why the lecturing about calories is so aggravating. I did actually do a 500 calorie day this week with a real long nights sleep and - gained .4 two days in a row. I mostly stick to interment fasting - trying to keep my eating to an 8 hour window. Which I do most days just because I try to prolong eating as long as possible & get as much water in before that as possible. My doctor is fine with me having as much coffee as I want, so that's my morning routine & I feel like it does help keep hunger/eating at bay. I'm sure it'll come off eventually. It's so hard in the midst of it to not feel like I've lost the last pound I'll ever lose. And I do feel GREAT with the 51 pounds gone. Frankly, I just want to b***h about it this week & scream a little "not fair" when I see endless posts of people hitting goal by month 6. Unreal.
  11. I'm doing okay but I'm on the struggle bus for sure. I'm a week shy of 5 months & I'm down 51 pounds. I'm grateful for those 51 pounds, but honestly I'm super frustrated. I come on here & see endless posts from people dropping 30 in a month and.... it's frustrating. People down 80 pounds in 3 months & talking about being 20 from goal and I'm like, how??? And I see all the lecturing comments from those at goal about the calories in/out etc etc and it's like try living with PCOS! My journey thus far by month has been 14.2, 10.6, 9.4, 8.8, 4.6. Month to date I'm down 4 & the scale isn't moving. I know I'll lose more than 51. I know I will eventually but it's super difficult logging onto this site & watching others drop SO much faster.
  12. JanJan19

    Adjusting weight in profile

    the easiest way ive found - scroll to the bottom of the page. bottom right corner there's a "together we have lost" & you can just enter your update there & it enters it to your profile.
  13. Hi Pepper, I'm at 4 months post op & I've had zero complications. I didn't have any digestive or heartburn issues going into this & I don't have any after. I'd say nothing has changed for me at all except I eat a lot less & I wish I'd done this sooner.
  14. Hey girl! Have you had the Oikos triple zero? It's like 15g protein & tastes really good.
  15. JanJan19


    yes, 3 months post op & I still feel like this at times. But it's more of a swing of, "I ate 900 calories today & feel like I could have eaten 1,500 if I'd allowed myself" vs days of "oh wow, it's 6pm & I've had 250 calories."
  16. Congrats on your appointment Maureen! I'm 3 months post op & I don't think there's anything I can't eat. I haven't tried bread, other than low carb wraps & those are absolutely fine. Honesty I went into this thinking I was giving up like, idk all sorts of things. I really thought, I'd never be able to eat them again. And even 3 months out I'm realizing that's not going to be true for me. Nothing has made me sick. This has all been super smooth sailing for me. That said, it means it's really up to me to say NO to all sorts of things. If that makes any sense? Like I sorta thought if I ate sugar or something, I'd be horribly sick like many of the members of this site. I haven't tested sugar much, but I had a tablespoon or two of creme brûlée at one point, I was fine. I've had halo top a couple times, I was fine. So far, I've had chicken, steak, ground beef, turkey sausage. All has been absolutely fine. Oh pizza! I have had pizza since surgery. Probably 10 weeks post op? I had a serving about the size of a slice of bread & I was fine. Is it something I'm purposely eating on a regular basis, no. I was at a thing & that was what was served. I haven't had alcohol or soda since surgery. Neither of them means anything to me so it's no hardship on me not to have them. I drink a lot of coffee & my doctor is fine with it. I also use straws - he's fine with that as well. You'll find a lot of varying opinions about that here. All in all, I feel exactly the same as I did before - in a good way. I don't really feel like much has changed for me except my stomach is much smaller & I eat much less. It's still up to me to make smart choices, but it's MUCH easier for me to do that with a stomach this small.
  17. I weigh (if I'm eating at home) to keep myself in the habit of knowing exactly how little 4oz is. I just hit three months & asked my doctor if 4oz was what I should be shooting for & he actually said - "don't weigh. I want you to eat just till you feel full." I don't actually agree with him him in that I think I still need the accountability at this stage of weighing so I can count my calories & protein.
  18. JanJan19

    What to bring with to the hospital

    Chapstick, a nail file, hand or face lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste. I didn't bring a mini mouthwash but wish I had. I wasn't allowed any liquids till the following day & my mouth felt DISGUSTING. I probably brushed my teeth 4x that first night. A small zip bag to put that stuff in so it's an easy reach on the bedside table & not rolling around. I didn't care so much about the pillow, but I wish I'd had a pillow case from home. The hospital pillow case barely stayed on the pillow. A pillow case wouldn't have been hard to bring & would have added comfort. I didnt miss having a pillow for the ride home, but I'm probably 20 min from the hospital. I brought a pair of comfy sweatpant/pajama pants to wear under the hospital gown & I'm so glad I had them. I would not have been comfortable walking around in that gown or even laying in my room in just that. phone, reading device or book, chargers. photo id, credit card.
  19. I'm 3 months behind you journey wise so I don't really have advice just want to say that I question this on and off all the time! Some weeks I'm like damn, I'm a rock star. This is going great! Some weeks I'm like, well. I bet that last pound was the last pound I'm ever gonna lose. (My internal monologue is clearly a little dramatic.) I'm just sticking to good choices, reminding myself that some weeks will be stalls & some will be losses & to just keep going.
  20. JanJan19

    Where are my water guzzlers?

    Hey Vance! Yes I was always a huge water drinker & I was back to guzzling probably by week 2. By guzzle I'd say - I could get out of bed, open the fridge & down 6 oz of cold water in one sip. No issues. No discomfort. I made it a personal goal to get 65 oz of water or iced tea daily. I don't count coffee towards that goal or protein drinks (when I was still on them). Just water, and sometimes iced tea. And I have no issue drinking that each day.
  21. JanJan19

    WTF Hunger?

    Vance, yes the first two weeks were hell. I was hungry & liquids were so unsatisfying to me. It got so much better once I was able to transition to having 4oz of chicken. Also not one thing has bothered me (I'm 3 months post op). I thought the same, that things would make me sick. But I'm never sick. 4oz does fill me up, but it's up to me to pick the right things to eat & not snack between. It is much easier to stick to good choices with a reduced stomach size so at least there's that. I've seen many a post about feeling sick & being unable to even get liquids down, but I didn't have that experience at all.
  22. JanJan19

    Newbie prepping for surgery

    hahah right? Mine was covered by insurance..... and it cost me my max out of pocket $7,900
  23. JanJan19

    im not going POO!

    I used to go daily. Now it seems more like every other day, but I'm eating less than half of what I used to. I don't feel constipated or anything, just a lot less food to process.
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    Zero issues with nuts, thought I mainly avoid as they have too many calories for me at this stage. But no issues digesting them.
  25. PCOS here too & slow (comparatively) weight loss. Though I've been pretty slow & steady the entire time. I never had a good week like you did though - with 15 lost in one week. I think even my week of surgery was like 6 pounds. I'm just about week 12 now & I've had one week where I lost half a pound. Some are 1.5 pounds. Some are 4 pounds. I'm just trekking on. I get a ton of water in 65 oz most days and I aim for 65 G protein most days. There are days where it's like 40 oz and 40 g of protein, but I hit the 65/65 most of the time.