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  1. Caltania

    Lowest point before surgery

    Mine was a miscarriage... Of course, I'll never know what, if anything, caused it, but it made me realize that, if I want to have a kid and give that kid the best chance of success in life, I needed to fix my own health first.
  2. Caltania

    🍂 Nov 2019 Challenge🍂

    Yeah, chic is definitely a good way to describe that area! I only live a few miles away from it, so I drive through Monona quite frequently. It's so lovely there! I wish I'd grown up in Madison (my hometown leaves a fair bit to be desired...), but I'm very grateful to have discovered it as an adult at least!
  3. Caltania

    🍂 Nov 2019 Challenge🍂

    Day 13 gratitude: I'm going to go with spring, because it (usually) has stopped snowing and dropping below freezing, and it isn't yet so hot that I'm desperate for air conditioning Plus it's also so pretty! Though fall is my favorite for sheer beauty, especially in these parts... As far as my hair - I miss it 😞 I've probably lost somewhere between a third and a half of my hair since having the surgery, though my hairdresser says it's already starting to grow back. I miss my thick head of hair, but it was well worth the cost!
  4. Caltania

    Four weeks post op RNY

    I had RNY and my weight loss was almost exactly the same as yours (about 17 lbs), but my SW the day of surgery was higher (286.6). It will continue to come off... hang in there, and keep doing what you're doing!
  5. Caltania

    Anxiety about All this

    Hi Issy, I can only speak to some of your comments - I had my surgery here in the states, and by some miracle, my insurance <i>finally</i> started covering WLS last year. I'm just about 5 months out from my surgery, and I have zero regrets about doing it, despite being warned by some that I might experience "buyer's remorse". My journey hasn't been without its bumps... my pre-op program was pretty rigorous, and they expect a lot out of you, but it was well worth it, since it prepared me so thoroughly. After the surgery there were very few surprises. I'd say to make sure you educate yourself as well as possible to know what you're in for (and I get the impression you've already done quite a bit of research!) As far as hair... I will admit, I've lost a ton of hair 😞 I had fairly thick hair before the surgery, and it's stunningly thin now - but my hairdresser says it's already starting to grow back. I don't know that every single person regrows their hair, but I think it's much more common than not for it to grow back. I've recently taken to wearing hats, and I get lots of compliments on my hats now, so it's a compromise I can work with Oh, and as far as planes... I've flown lots of times, and the only issues I've ever really had were my own anxieties about how I fit into the seats 😞 I found I could discretely ask flight attendants for seatbelt extenders and that helped! But as far as safety, I've always felt perfectly safe, even on a 12 hour flight (though let me tell you, that was a LONG day...) I hope some of this helps - keep us posted on your journey!
  6. Caltania

    🍂 Nov 2019 Challenge🍂

    Day 5 gratitude: I'm grateful for my refrigerator, which allows me to keep all manner of healthy products around without spoiling (usually, as long as I eat it in time! 😉) Day 5 and I'm still going strong in the challenge. I did have a bag of chips today because of a bit of confusing planning today, but I did limit it to a single serving bag and paired it with a protein (beef jerky, yum!) so I feel like I'm still doing fine. It was much better than the alternative of raiding the goody table! 😄 Hope you all are doing well - I'm really enjoying reading the responses here!
  7. Caltania

    Changing Habits Prior to Surgery

    First off - hello, fellow Wisconsinite! *waves* OK, on to the real advice :-) I can't really speak to long-term success yet, since I'm only about 5 months out from my surgery, but some of the best advice I've gotten came from a friend who had gastric bypass and gained it all back... he said that he tried too hard to be perfect, and that's what got him. It's taught me to embrace my imperfection and look at each day, sometimes each moment, as a clean slate. Just because I sneak some fun size candies from the dish at work doesn't mean this is who I am now. It means I made that choice once, and the next meals I have I can choose to be healthier. Self-forgiveness has been an incredible tool for me. I'll also say that the gastric bypass has been an <i>amazing</i> tool for me. I literally can't fit in very much, and I experience just enough distress from eating certain things that it generally dissuades me from wanting to have them. As someone who also loves sweets and sugar, I find most of the time I pass on them now just because more than a couple of bites can make me feel miserable. Anyway, sorry this is so long, but I hope some of this helps!
  8. Caltania

    Before and After Pics

    Wow, what a difference indeed! You're doing a great job!
  9. Caltania

    🍂 Nov 2019 Challenge🍂

    I'm hoping I can manage this! I really need the extra motivation this time of year in particular... 1. My personal goal is to generally avoid impulse foods and stick to the pre-planned foods I have with me each day. 2. Gastric bypass, ~5 months post-op, still losing 3. CW 245.6, BMI 39.6 (just crossed out of morbid obesity - so proud of myself!) 4. I realize the challenge doesn't start until tomorrow, so for today I'll just say I'm grateful for this challenge! 😄
  10. Caltania

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    I can relate - I had to back off a while as well to deal with my preparation, recovery, and healing. You do what you need to do - the group will be here! Also, good luck with your surgery - you've got this!! 🤗
  11. Caltania

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    I'm definitely feeling your pain! I haven't had anything but protein shakes (with almond milk or similar), broth, and flavored waters since Friday night, with the exception of a tiny bit of cheese on Monday before my formal liquid diet started 😕 I started a couple of days early because some well-meaning friends kept wanting to go out for "one last meal" with me... Nope! I've been somewhat tired/fatigued, and I've been a bit nauseous... not to mention hungry. But... this is the start of my second chance. I got this! And we've all got this, my June lovelies! 😄
  12. Caltania

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    Quick update! I was getting really frustrated with all the "last suppering" I was doing, and also with friends who wanted to eat with me one last time before my life changes... so I pretty much started the liquid diet on Saturday rather than today. I've stuck to it pretty faithfully except for one small bit of cheese last night to satiate some ravenousness. It's been going pretty well so far all things considered. I've dodged some of the worse "keto flu" symptoms... mostly I've been pretty spaced out, and dealing with mildly fitful sleep and a bit of nausea. I feel like I'm over the hurdle today, but we'll see - there's still a lot of day left to get through! Welcome to all the new folks, and keep up the awesome work all of you lovelies! I'm rooting for you all!
  13. Caltania

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    I'm sure you'll get your fair share of liquid diet post-op as well though 😉 Right now, for me, I figure it's 4-6 weeks between pre- and post-op that I'm stuck getting my nutrition from a cup... Pureed food is going to seem like a godsend!
  14. Caltania

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    Based on my own personal experience, it sounds like your doc is spot on. If you're getting up and moving right after surgery, even if you really don't want to, it will help! I had an abdominal surgery two years ago (not WLS-related, and also emergency, so I was completely unprepared), and they had me up and moving several hours after surgery, despite lots of protests from me... but I'm so grateful they did, especially after I learned about the risks of clots. But when I woke up from surgery, they also had these cuffs around my legs that would help circulate blood for me while I was immobile (almost like blood pressure cuffs), so maybe your facility will have those as well. I think the Fitbit will help too - it provides a good motivation to get up and move! And I too need reminders to move, you're not alone there...
  15. Caltania

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    Could it be a hydration issue? My body tends to hang on to some excess water weight on days that I have not been drinking enough water... Also, one thing my program has reiterated over and over again (even making us repeat it out loud!) is that plateaus will happen, and that if you just keep doing what you're supposed to be doing, the weight will come off. If you find yourself stuck in a major plateau, then maybe bring some food logs into your nutritionist? Thankfully you have a group of people in this post who are in the same boat as you - we're all in this together!
  16. My program requires a 2 week liquid diet before the surgery. The reasons are to shrink the liver a bit before surgery, to get you into ketosis before the surgery, and to get you in the right mindset heading in to surgery. I don't have a strict number of shakes to have each day, just between 4-6 as I'd like. I've been preparing myself by having 1-2 shakes a day so far, so it won't seem so jarring to switch to the liquid diet. I still think I'll be a bit cranky though 😜
  17. Caltania

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    I'm going to allow myself one small splurge before the surgery, and it's probably going to be the Brazilian grill, since I know it will be a while before most meats are OK without being pureed 😜 It's also partly a buffet, which might be pretty pointless for me after surgery, since I won't "get my money's worth" 😄
  18. Caltania

    Geeky newbie here!

    You have excellent taste! 😉 I used to be a HUGE Star Wars fan, but that faded for me somewhat when Disney scrapped the whole Expanded Universe of books 😝 I still have so much Star Trek to catch up on - I never watched it growing up, so I've tried to make up for lost time!

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