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    Zemi got a reaction from ARMoma45 in Eating after wls   
    My surgery was on the 17th and I just started purée yesterday but was sick after trying a meal,today, think I made it to try or something. It does feel scary to me trying a new stage so I understand it
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    Zemi got a reaction from LastChance57 in Thought rollercoaster ...   
    Getting closer to my surgery date with only a few weeks left before pre-op begins and my thoughts (and pesky emotions) are running all over the place. Somewhere between excitement to complete and utter panic. so thought about postponing surgery for a few months ... or a year, to have more time to lose weight to make surgery safer and work on my head more first but then i think more likely i’ll just end up in the same place as now but have lost the time. instead i could be weighing a lot less and getting healthier. So not really wanting to postpone and instead pushing forward!
    One of the big things that comes up is the feelings of being alone in all of this and the lack of in person support. It seems that the only support group/rehabilitation program (combined program) existing near enough to attend is one that requires health insurance to attend with no option for paying yourself; and for some crazy reason my insurance is one of only two insurers that doesn’t cover this as it’s not long enough or frequent enough. Hoping to find an exercise physiologist at least who can help but then i go into the financial freeze state i.e. how am i going to afford all this 🤯
    I’m starting with a BMI over 50 ... so i know health wise this is the right move for sure. Not sure really why i’m writing just now ... i know it has to be my decision and i’m the one doing it ... i think i just need (want?) some extra encouragement and to be reminded it’s worth doing and that i’m worth doing it for
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    Zemi got a reaction from Panda333 in Do you think 49 is too old for plastic surgery?   
    if you want it, do it ...
    i’m mid 40s and still deciding on surgery but one thing i’ve been looking at is the plastic surgery available later because i know for health reasons both physical and emotionally it’s going to be a strong likelihood. This is your life .... not anyone’s who says silly comments about being over 40 😁 wishing you well with this
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    Zemi reacted to thillman1987 in September 2019 🍂🍁   
    There are like 6 or 7 others in here with the same surgery day. I was contemplating going thru and making a list and chat that we were all in to update each other. I'm on the same day for RNY.

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    Zemi got a reaction from thillman1987 in September 2019 🍂🍁   
    That’s great it’s approved now.. well done on no smoking!
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    Zemi reacted to CoramDeo in September 2019 🍂🍁   
    I get 6 servings of raw vegetables, or like cream of wheat. So basically, 1 normal meal for me split across the day. Id love some meat or eggs lol. My nerves would be better if everywhere I went for preop and such people weren't like "oh wow, you're getting a full switch procedure."
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    Zemi reacted to Lynda486 in September 2019 🍂🍁   
    I am getting nervous for sure, I start my liquid diet tomorrow!
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    Zemi reacted to FluffyChix in Gastritis and RNY   
    Also, just FYI, the gastritis is a very very common finding in EGDs on bariatric pre-op patients. I'd maybe put that at around 80% or so? Maybe higher...but it's scary to read it. Right?
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    Zemi reacted to GradyCat in What do you do for sweetening things?   
    I like Splenda in my Decaf coffee, but everything else I take straight up without sweetener.
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    Zemi reacted to Dr-Patient in What do you do for sweetening things?   
    Sweet & Low works for me.
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    Zemi reacted to CoramDeo in September 2019 🍂🍁   
    Just under 7 days, absolutely. This preop diet is killing me, and getting really hard to stay on.
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    Zemi got a reaction from thillman1987 in September 2019 🍂🍁   
    my sleeve is on the 17th - just nearing the end of the first week of pre-op!
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    Zemi got a reaction from gabybab in Has your shoe size gone down? 100+ pounds gone   
    I’m needing a mans size 9 and hating no choice in women’s shoes so really hope so with shoe sizes changing
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    Zemi got a reaction from lingre in Meds After Surgery   
    hi, i looked it up and it looks like you can get it as an oral suspension? meaning crushed and in a carrier liquid ... can you ask and see if you can get that done? you said they thought you could crush but you weren't sure?
    i've had my betablocker made into a liquid for the first month post surgery after seeing all the comments about trouble swallowing; and been told i can crush my bp med (like you one of mine is for controlling heart rate)
    i went through a run around initially being told mine couldn't be crushed; then that it was disolvable (it sure wasn't), then that it was available as a liquid, then wasn't etc. but eventually got it!
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    Zemi reacted to Moa in Has your shoe size gone down? 100+ pounds gone   
    I've lost 94# so far and my shoe size has gone from a 10 to a 9.5...not a big difference, but I can feel the new looseness. Even the padding on my toes and sole are gone.
    One exciting thing is that my legs, especially calves, are so thin now that for the first time in decades I can wear stylish knee-high boots!! Previously my calves were too large to zip a boot up, but now I can also zip them over a pair of pants. So happy! This surgery has made even the small things in life such a joy! 😊
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    Zemi reacted to renjenn in Has your shoe size gone down? 100+ pounds gone   
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    Zemi reacted to gabybab in Has your shoe size gone down? 100+ pounds gone   
    When I young and thin I wore a 9. I was an 11 pre-op and now a 10. I'm hoping to get back to 9. So, yes you do lose weight in your feet.
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    Zemi got a reaction from KarenLR75 in Losing Hope   
    i hope you get that good news soon and everything will fall into place quickly after that ... and smoothly! sorry you’ve had such a rough time so far
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    Zemi got a reaction from Dee2938 in Weirdest things you are looking forward to after surgery   
    i love this topic because it’s given me so many things i’ve read and think yes!!! i want it for this reason as well 😀 still working on a list of my own but there are so many wonderful reasons listed
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    Zemi got a reaction from Orchids&Dragons in Did/do you track measurements and take regular photos?   
    Thanks... think I’ll try getting some photos taken this weekend or the next before I start pre-op, and I guess I should tackle the measurement issue! Love seeing and reading about the progress others have made
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    Zemi reacted to catwoman7 in Did/do you track measurements and take regular photos?   
    I did that every month on my surgery date until I hit maintenance. I found it EXTREMELY helpful and encourage everyone to do so (I've been working with pre-op groups for the last two years). I love having all this data as it documents my journey. It's also great to have when you hit those periods when you're not feeling successful. You can look back at where you came from and realize yes, you were/are hugely successful!!
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    Zemi reacted to Orchids&Dragons in Did/do you track measurements and take regular photos?   
    I don't take progress pictures but I track measurements religiously. It's not difficult with a tape measure you can pick up at the fabric section at Walmart. I'd suggest the "basic" measurements, plus any places that you start out particularly large. i.e. if you have very large arms or thighs, include those measurements. In addition to bust, I also take one directly under the bust. That way you can isolate how much boob is lost vs. how much "regular" fat. I measure to the nearest 1/4 inch.
    These are the measurements I take (for example) and it only takes me about 2-3 minutes tops. I included how much I've lost (Jan 2018 to now) so you can see how inspiring these can be, especially when the scale is being a b!tch.
    Bust -14.0"
    Under Bust -16.0
    Waist -18.0
    Hip (at largest point) -16.0
    Thigh (left) -8.0
    Calf (left) -3.5
    Ankle (left) -1.5
    Neck -4.5
    As you can see, my fat was spread very evenly over my whole body. (Boobs went down less because there wasn't much there to begin with 🤣 )

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    Zemi reacted to Frustr8 in Did/do you track measurements and take regular photos?   
    Measurements yes, weights fairly constantly, but Pictures? Nope I spent Too Too Many Years hearing How Ugly I was and Am, even from people who Billed themselves as LOVING ME- I am too Frightened and intimindated to take pictures for posterity to ridicule them and ME. So nobody even knows for sure what I look like for certain. I WILL STATE For the Record, 5ft8in, 188 pounds, nearly one-half the size I started at (365+ pounds) thin of hair, low calorie and probably Protein intake, I swallow all my Vitamins, minerals, prescribed meds, but an appetite- nonexistent, and foods ? Pretty indifferent, I try , some on the thin side, not even a full mechanical soft diet, and I fight to keep down as much as Precious Pouch,and my body allow, the rest reflexes and emesis-es ( is there such a word? Or Am I inventive?).
    And if any of you care for my whine of woe, you would be the First. Can't afford to Go Elsewhere so facility and I are uneasy Life Mates into Perpetuativity. A Fine Swamp of my life, but IT WAS ELECTIVE 😷SURGERY, perhaps that means- I ASKED FOR IT! 👈😯👉
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    Zemi reacted to FluffyChix in Did/do you track measurements and take regular photos?   
    Yes! Absolutely!
    My latest measurements pre-surgery:
    bust 38
    waist 29
    hips 38
    I also have a photo progression by month but haven't updated it in a long time.
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    Zemi reacted to rs in Did/do you track measurements and take regular photos?   
    I had surgery a year ago. I've only monitored my weight loss progress through the decreasing numbers on the scale and in clothes sizes, not through measurements or photos. I use the baritastic app to log my food to keep me on track.