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  1. Hi, I’m currently 5 months post-op, I have been experiencing some severe stomach pain. My doctor found tiny Gallstones and wants to surgically remove my Gallbladder. I’m nervous about having another surgery, but this stomach pain can be unbearable at times. Anyone else experiencing pain from Gallstones?
  2. Hello, I will be two months post op, next week, I went in for my post op psych evaluation and found out I gained 3 lbs after being down 26. Has anyone else experienced gain in this post op life?? Thanks!
  3. LoLo130

    Gain of 3lbs

    26 pounds when I weight in one month after surgery and gained 3 two months after surgery
  4. Good Evening, I am currently one month post-op I feel like my stomach is bloated and full, and my hunger has returned more powerful than before. I’m having trouble eating to many carb, I know I should not be eating rice and bread, but I have been cheating, I FEEL AWFUL!! (Mentally, not physically) I can’t have green veggies like salad, kale, asparagus for another two weeks and my body is craving a salad so bad. Doing a better job at getting in protein and my vitamins, currently off all medications that were prescribed after surgery. Working on increasing my physical activity Anyone else struggling with these issues??
  5. I have been soooo good with my broth and shakes, I am honestly just craving the ability to chew food, or a change in texture. Would it be the worse thing in the world to start my purée stage and vitamins a day early??
  6. The last couple days have been a struggle for me. I haven’t been getting all my protein in because foods just make me nauseous and I can’t consume my vitamins without vomiting. My urine is getting darker, despite the fact that’s I really try to get 60-80oz of water a day. Money will make two weeks post-op, I'm really struggling here, I hope I can turn this rough patch around. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!
  7. Very well said, I never meant for the statement to influence anyone’s opinions or treatment, I was asking a very specific questions about MY experience and MY results. Thank You!!
  8. Ordered this book yesterday and it came today, I’m so excited to read and spark some new food ideas. That Gastric Sleeve- Bariatric Cookbook By: Sarah Kent
  9. Well, my doctor says people with sleep apnea usually wake up with headaches, and feel like they didn’t get enough sleep. For the most part, I wake up well rested and never with any headaches unless I haven’t had enough hours of sleep During the sleep test, I was so uncomfortable being hooked up to all those monitors, on you head, arms, legs, stomach, I really don’t think it accurately picked up how I actually sleep- it took me forever to fall asleep, I kept waking up, I did not sleeping in my normal position(on my stomach), they come in and wake you up if one of your monitors disconnect. There is supposed to be a microphone placed near you mouth, mine would not stay in place all night. It was just a really uncomfortable experience for me and I take my sleep serious, I would never do a sleep test again.
  10. Today, I’m starting my vitamins, I chewed up the multivitamin and in 10 mins. I throw it back up, I could feel my stomach rejecting the vitamin and I knew it was going to come back up. It might be worth mentioning I took it on an empty stomach, was that the stupidest thing ever or is my body rejecting these vitamins?
  11. LoLo130

    27 April Sleeve?

    Absolutely, without my Crystal Light idk how I would get down my daily water intake
  12. Today, I am one week post-op, I am losing my mind just drinking chicken broth, high protein Ensure shakes and water/crystal light. I’m driving my boyfriend crazy talking about how hungry I am, my hunger came back far quicker than I expected. I just feel like he does NOT understand how difficult this has been when you are used to eating anything and now your not able to do that. Just feeling a little down today Happy One Week to me!
  13. LoLo130

    27 April Sleeve?

    A lil sore still, getting better each day. I’m starving for real food, other then broth and protein shake, my hunger came back quickly. I was thinking about starting my purée stage a day early? Good idea or Bad idea???
  14. LoLo130

    27 April Sleeve?

    I had my surgery on April 22, 2019
  15. I don’t think it is is buyer’s remorse, we know it will all be okay in the end, but there are days we struggle. Today was one of those days for me, and I’m only a week post-op. It truly is a lifestyle change and we can’t change everything overnight. The recovery stage is the hardest because your diet is so boring (if I have to drink more chicken broth my head will explode). Best of luck!! Progress, not Perfection!
  16. I have slept well all my life and my boyfriend says I snore but I have never stopped breathing in my sleep. I agreed to do the sleep test in the hospital- overnight the results came back that I had severe sleep apnea and needed to be put on a machine. (Results I completely disagree with) I never followed up about the machine and had me surgery last week. It couldn’t hurt to do the overnight sleep study in the hospital while being monitored by professionals. What do you have to lose? Best of Luck
  17. LoLo130

    Surgery day is here!!


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