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    As @GreenTealael said, the only way through it is through it. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.
    Right now THE most important thing is liquid. Get your Water in. Get up early if you need to in order to accomplish this. It's vital to your health and can quickly land you in the ER if you don't. Plus the bonus is, the more hydrated you keep your new tool, the easier time you will have in your Protein Drinks.
    Tips for getting your Protein and water in:
    Vary the temperature and find the one your pouch prefers the most. That's the temp of both protein and water (both count towards Fluid totals for the day) where things go down easiest with the least pain. Vary the thickness of your protein and water to find the thickness that is the easiest to go through your tool. The thinnest would be water, the thickest would be like a Premier Protein RTD drink or cream Soup. I had the best results by cutting PP RTD drinks with things like Decaf coffee, decaff tea, water, unsweetened cashew or almond milk, fat free Fairlife or other Protein Milk, etc. Vary the strength of your protein to find a sweetness level that you tolerate. I did best with a 50/50 mix of PP RTD and Isopure Drinks also Premier Protein Clear mixed with fluids that cut the sweetness such as fat free Fairlife Milk or Mootopia (adds protein from the milk), decaff coffee, decaff tea, water. Add unflavored whey protein to Soups, both broths and strained creamed soups. This gives a savory protein option. Also BP Store here has lots of lovely individually packaged protein soups. Use fat free Fairlife or Protein Milk to thin soups too, for even more protein. Make yogurt soup using Premier Protein RTD drinks mixed with Greek yogurt or Kefir (both fat free). For the first week or so don't worry too much about your protein. Focus on getting a minimum of 64oz of liquid made up from water, decaff coffee, decaff tea, protein drinks, warm cocoa (sf protein style), popsicles (sf), ice chips, whatever you need to function.
    The last tip I have for you is that we all have an individual level of emotional maturity. Temper tantrums and rants are sometimes necessary to vent emotions but left unchecked can be detrimental. Not only to you but to your immediate peers in a support group. I found that when I took my power back and seized action by reframing the situation, my mood and outlook improved. The energy drain was stopped. And the future looked brighter and more hopeful. I would really encourage you to take your control back and plan your actions for success. It truly helps.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Oh and don't forget to walk! Walk it off. Walk walk walk. It helps with the hunger, helps with mood, helps with strength.
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    Here is my progress so far.

  3. Congrats!
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    Update: I did finally get passed my stall after almost 4weeks and have since lost 8lbs. Im down 48 lbs now and am hoping to hit 50 soon. I really appreciate everyone's comments and help during this period of time as it has been both helpful and encouraging to keep going.
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    October 21st here!

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    I'm scheduled for the sleeve on 10/21 with a 2 week liquid diet beginning on 10/7!