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  1. New_Me2019


    Love the shirt! New_Me 2019
  2. I am 3.5 mths post sleeve and am also having back pain. Chiropractor says week mussels and my posture and weight is distributed different with my weight loss. No pain meds for me but I am getting mesage and chiro. New_Me 2019
  3. New_Me2019


    Happy birthday! New_Me 2019
  4. New_Me2019

    Weight coming off too slow

    I started at a BMI of 40. SW was 209. I am almost 3 months out and have lost about 25 pounds. So I have lost about 33% of my excess weight. While this is a lower amount of loss it is the expected percentage for 3 mths out. It is so hard not to compare to others but there are so many factors that effect rate of loss from starting weight, gender, hight, and medical considerations. So I am averaging about 2 pounds a week. I am OK with this rate loss as long as I continue to trend down. Best of luck on your journey and remember to follow your plan, drink water, move, and enjoy life. New_Me 2019
  5. New_Me2019


    Congrats..... I am sure it feels great. I know you will successfully make the transition to maintenance. New_Me 2019
  6. New_Me2019


    I am10 weeks post Sleeve. Scale is slowly moving. I have always avoided cameras. Need to purposefully document my progress because I just do not see it. Top is a XL pants are a loose 16. I started in a 3x. New_Me 2019
  7. New_Me2019

    Constipation complications

    Thanks for words of encouragement. Very sore from procedure and constipation. Sticking to my diet. Protein, water, vitamins, fiber, stool softener, and repeat. New_Me 2019
  8. I am 6 weeks post sleeve. Today I had extensive hemroid surgery. My hope is that I will heal quickly and my body will get back to loosing weight. I am getting Water and Protein in. First 2 weeks post sleeve I lost 15 pounds. Past month I have lost 3-4 pounds. Does this seem low? Could constipation be contributing to slow lost? GVS 210 7/23/19 CW. 192 New_Me 2019
  9. New_Me2019


    Thank you for the positive message. It was a hard week and I need to celebrate each milestone in this journey. New_Me 2019
  10. New_Me2019


    I am almost 5 weeks post vgs. Today I bought a cute dress that is an XL. My first buy in the regular clothes section!! Still getting up courage for a picture. HW 238 SW 210. 7/23/19 CW. 193 GW. 140 New_Me 2019
  11. 2 weeks out today! Feeling good, I go back to work tomorrow. Yes to moving to soft foods. I hope your journeys are going smoothly. Starting weight 234 VSG 7/23/19. 210 CW 196 GW 140 New_Me 2019
  12. I hope so. Have only lost 7 lbs in 12 days. Just trusting it will come off. I have been increasing my activity, going school supply shopping, buying groceries, etc. I am tender today and moving a bit slow. New_Me 2019
  13. Almost 2 weeks since sleeve, my weight has been stuck for 3 days now. How can it not move when I am only getting 400 cal. a day? New_Me 2019
  14. Yes day 4 I started feeling better. You can do this. New_Me 2019
  15. New_Me2019

    Anyone use a CPAP machine?

    Wishing you the best on this journey. A year ago I had no clue about sleep apnea. I have read so many post of people who see sleep apnea as a way to qualify for their surgery. But if you have sleep apnea then it is serious and may or may not disappear quickly. I also have sleep apnea. I have my appointment next month to see if we can adjust or reduce use but I am choosing to not make those medical decisions on my own. Best of luck. New_Me 2019