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    Is this my new normal?

    I had my revision from gastric sleeve to ds on 4/8/2019 and i have only lost 31 pounds I am getting a bit fustrated but I have noticed that I have lost a lot of inches. can you please share your stats

    DS Body Fluid Odor

    Ok cool I cool with it put some today on my potatoe

    Post Op Weight Loss

    I am 13 days post op and I have lost 23 pounds don’t know if that is considered good with the surgery I had I mean it’s good for me cause I lost it but I had the duodenal switch surgery and just was wondering if I was doing ok with the amount of weight I’m loosing I do know some people that has had the bypass and lost 50 pounds the first month n a total of 75 in 2 months guess I want that type of success story but everyone is different

    DS Body Fluid Odor

    I have notice a change in my body Oder n poop and I keep smelling this weird smell but I can ck myself and it’s nothing there I’m a very clean person especially with my hygiene I’m 13 days post opt and I’m paranoid that people at wk will smell what I do my under arm odor has change smells strong a wired smell I could smell my deodorant but a sour strong smell n I hv never had that problem and I’m smelling that poop weird smell when I know I hv wipes off good I even wipe again n still smell it this is driving me crazy
  5. Just wondering if any one who hv had this surgery can tell me any success stories and how rapidly do you shed the pounds