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  1. Azlanie

    Concerned about Slow Progress

    Everyone's body works differently. While I had a different procedure than you did, I can tell you that I have periods of stall, plateau, followed by a loss. Sometimes I only lose weight 1 or 2 weeks out of the month but those losses tend to be significant. If you stick to the program, follow your surgeon and dietitian's plans...it WILL come off!
  2. Azlanie

    Thirty-year-old sleevers

    I was sleeved when I was 34, now 35. I'm still within my first year and learning something new about myself and my pouch every day. I did not have any issues with recovery outside of the normal pain and swelling the first few days post op. I even surprised my boyfriend's primary care doctor when I accompanied him to an appointment less than a week later! I have sagging and loose skin in the usual problem areas: upper arms, stomach, back and upper thighs. I have found that being sure to get in my fluids and moisturizing has been critical in reducing itch and how dry the extra skin folds are becoming. If I miss fluids by 8 or more ounces a few days in a row I FEEL it! I'm a shut in socially (even before Coronavirus) but I have found myself looking forward to social outings more when I have the opportunity. My clothes fit better (and are much smaller than they were before). I have more energy. I just feel "better" than I have in a long time. My coworkers have been extremely supportive, as have the few friends and family that I associate with on a regular basis. My advice would be to really take advantage of any nutritionist appointments you can get through your physician's office and insurance. I feel like I wasted some of my early time in navigating what I could and could not eat and my loss has been slower than anticipated. I know this is directly correlated to some of my not so balanced choices. It really sucks questioning how much of each nutrient you should get in a day after a certain stage. Get active when you can - I have been doing low impact walking and resistance training since 2 months out when I was given the go ahead to really move around more and I feel like it has done me *so much* good. This has given me so many more opportunities for the future and I am SO happy I did it!
  3. You can still submit a written request for your medical records, you have a right to those. I would call around to the bariatric offices (or whomever you are seeing) in your area and inquire if they could help you out. If you find one that works with your insurance (if you are insured) make an appointment and get their phone and fax number. Provide that information to your old surgeon's office and they can fax them over so you do not need to worry about carrying to the appt
  4. Azlanie

    Avoiding dehydration

    I started drinking milk more often after surgery. I go for the fairlife or horizon milks, depending on what your prefer since it has some protein in it. I would also suggest the premier protein clear waters - they help you be hydrated AND get protein in, I am still struggling too. I've been trying to be sure that I wake up and drink before I eat, that way I can at least start off my day with something hydrating me. It gets better!
  5. My BMI is right at 50. I went through a lot of emotions when I was first considering the surgery. I have already talked myself out of it twice. I have had...wavering support from those who I thought would be extremely supportive. I've heard everything from "surgery is the easy way out!" to admonishments of "you're going to look gross with all that extra skin". I keep reminding myself that they do not matter. If I don't have this procedure, I may very well develop diabetes or have a heart attack. I would suggest looking for free support groups within the community. Dig a little deeper than just the surface. Hospitals tend to hold these in the evenings. I know my center has one and I can't wait to start going (life has been too busy thus far). But the requirement is POST op. And if you can't find one on your own, you can always start one. You can easily set aside time at a library or a high school for free. BUT We can be supportive here, even if not in person. Once you start on this journey, you are forever one of us!
  6. Azlanie

    Any Early August Sleevers?!?!

    Coming in right behind you at 8/14! One week! I'm excited and very much over protein shakes 😛
  7. I got a call from my surgeons office on Friday. I have to go in for my final preop class and sign all of the consent forms on Thursday! I've had my date for a hot minute now, but it's starting to feel really real! I'm done with all of my food funerals. I'm ready for the next step!
  8. I *hate* pills. I can't even swallow them (psychological issue, I know). I chew everything, even when I am not supposed to. I got used to how bitter certain pills and gel cap fillings taste. Who thought you could do that? I am certainly looking forward to getting away from taking so many. I'd much rather switch a few supplements for the plethora I currently chew and gag down morning and evening

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