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    I’m not losing weight anymore!

    I had my surgery in March 2019 so I’m 8 months post op. The most I’ve lost is 65 lbs. I thought I would’ve lost more by now. I’ve been at the same weight for a couple of months but I need to lose to 15 more to get to my GW. I walk a few miles every day and I still meal prep/3 small meals and a snack per day; although I can definitely eat more. Thoughts? Advice?
  2. jbasspromotions@gmail.com

    I’m not losing weight anymore!

    Great suggestions! I will try several of these! Including looking out for hidden sugars and IF
  3. jbasspromotions@gmail.com

    March 2019 sleepers

    I’m eating but super small portions. What I eat in a day: AM: Protein coffee Starbucks decaf espresso with premier protein caramel, 1 oz of fiber oatmeal or grits with protein powder, 1oz of applesauce to take meds, vitamins PM1: 2oz small meal of chicken salad or tuna salad or salmon & spinach or leftovers, Whisps (my fav!!), sometimes a protein shake on the hour commute home, 1 oz of yogurt if I’m hungry PM2: if I’m hungry, sometimes I can’t eat dinner, 2 oz of the PM1 meals, 3oz of clear protein drink, sugar free pudding if I want something sweet I meal prep on Sundays; measure most things, and get 32oz of water in (trying to do better); I don’t force myself to eat and eating out doesn’t always agree with me🙂
  4. jbasspromotions@gmail.com

    Any March 2019 Sleevers?

    I had surgery on March 21