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  1. I would seek a second opinion. . . I’ll tell you about me. When I was younger I remember I was sleeping in a bed and someone who was an adult I believe was next to me. I believe it was male but I can’t fully remember. All I know is that I was trying to go to sleep. When I felt this person put their hand inside my pants and underwear. Me little I was confused and bothered because I really wanted to go to sleep and I was slightly opening my eyes. To see the person next to me that was bothering me. When I looked next to me since it was dark I couldn’t really see,plus I don’t have best vision. All I remember was that the person noticed and their eyes opened wider, they quickly took their hands out my pants. And that’s really all I remember. As I grew up all I know is that I would not like it when people tried to hug me make or female it was off limits. For me a lot also had to do with the fact that I was fat. But as a child I wasn’t that fat maybe I was a bit chubby. But I know that in 1st-8th grade I would get bullied a lot since I went to a school primarily filled with kids from Puerto Rico/ Dominican Republic and Black kids. My heritage was Mexican. I didn’t look Mexican according to people but. All I know is that they would bully me and my siblings since we were the Mexicans from the school. So I guess I would eat snacks. Got overweight. Also I remember as I child I had dolls and would play with my siblings. The game would be that the dolls got raped, idk why but always the dolls got raped. And my siblings still remember that when I bring it up to them. So last year I told my mom maybe why I acted the way I did, I told her the truth my memory is not that good, I simply cannot remember certain things my mind goes blank. My mom was like, oh now she remembered something. When I was very young she would leave my brother and I with my grandma. But a lot of people would come by and visit my grandmother. My mother said that one time she was cleaning me in my private parts and I was complaining that it hurts. My mom checked me and she said my anus or vagina was but more red. And she said she immediately quit her new job so that she wouldn’t leave me and my brother at my grandmas. TMI when that memory first came to my head of the person touching me I went to check myself to see if by some chance I might have been raped. And My still intact, but I will never know if they did something to my anus. Anyway I didn’t bring that up to the psychiatrist. I just told her the bully part when I was young. Personally some people will say I should have told them. But I didn’t and I can’t change what happened, I learned to forgive who ever did that to me, and move on. Oh plus I have thumbs like Megan Fox the actress and my and my pinky fingers are shorter than average people. Also my second to last toes are really small that I’m going to need surgery to extend the bones so that they look normal. All of this also added to the bullying from the kids when I was younger. I will tell the truth why I got the surgery. I would try to lose weight and go to the gym but I would hide from people because I didn’t want them to see me. My family would tell me oh you don’t look bad their are a lot of woman bigger and less pretty than you. Have some confidence, you can do it. I’m my head all I herd was blah blah. I don’t care I don’t want to see myself and I don’t want other people seeing me. I felt so disgusted with myself that I didn’t like seeing me. So I got surgery because I knew by my own strengths I would never be able to lose weight myself. I tried before and I failed. But I will say I never truly tried 100% because I didn’t like the way I looked. Some people will say that’s they wrong reason to get the surgery, but I’m sorry that how my mind works. I got counseling and therapy when I was in high school and that didn’t change the way I thought about myself. The mind is a powerful thing even with all the help from other YOU have to bee the one that decides to change or be more free. Which I couldn’t, so I knew that every time I saw a really large person working out in public not giving a dam was a person with an incredibly strong mind. Which I didn’t have. So I knew this surgery was fit for me. I didn’t care about the two week liquid diet and the weeks of diet I’ll have to do because of the surgery to protect my stomach. Because I New I was strong enough to do this and I am doing this. But I knew the mind battle of not giving a crap about how I physically looked in public to try to loose weight. That battle I was never going to win. Yes I know I might end up with lose skin but personally I don’t care. Because my mind is telling me that I’m physically getting smaller, so I’m less scared to work out in public. Sounds really dum but that’s how my mind works. If I do end up with lose skin then I’ll save up money for skin removal surgery. If I would have told all of this to the therapist they would have with out a doubt not given me the approval for the surgery. So I lied since I know this tool is helping me. Some people can get from therapy but been there tried that and I was not willing to let go of my self hate toward my appearance. I wanted the perfect body, like most girls want. Starting this journey I don’t really care if I don’t get the perfect female body with wide hips. Would be nice but, if I’m not build that way then I won’t get it. I’m looking to get healthy and one thing I will say is that I want to gain some muscles. I want to be able to get a healthy muscular body while keeping my femininity. This surgery is actually giving me more confidence, since I would always wear jackets & sweaters all year around even during them hot hot summer days. So that I can someway cover my body so that people won’t see me. But they would look because I must have looked crazy with that during summer. I’m wearing more hoodies know, crazy how the mind works. But sometimes what works for many people, may not work for others. Oh and my highest weight was 290lb and in 3 month I lost 5lb. So when I stated this proses for the surgery I was 285lb. Now I’m 245lb and I’m working hard to get fit and healthy. So that I can move forward in life in the way that my mind can understand things. Oh and yes I do let people hug and kiss me know ( if I know the person) I will normally just give a hand shake. But I still don’t really hug people that much because I don’t really care for hugging. . . Sometimes I will make an exception. Personally I don’t miss the food, my aunt also got the surgery same day as me. And she is the one struggling the most still with food, Mentally. I have to be the one helping her and telling her not to eat because she doesn’t want to open stomach by mistake. I miss food but I know I can’t eat it because of surgery, I would rather follow the safety orders than end up in emergency for eating what I’m not supposed to. That is why I knew I was able to go threw with the surgery. Well good luck I do hope you get a second opinion and get approved because I’m pretty sure not everyone getting this surgery told the truth to the therapist. I’m not saying it’s good to lie, but if you know you can absolutely do this strict diet with discipline in order to get healthy then I’d say tell the therapist what you think they need to know about yourself. Every one will have something they don’t like about themselves even people that look or appear perfect. So if some one thinks that a therapist will solve my last problems and current. That’s good for them, and I know they actually do work. But it’s only if they person agrees to change that it will actually impact their lives. I myself chose this process VSG as a tool to help me get healthy and feel more better about myself. The journey is not over but I have made huge improvements with myself. And I look forward to the hurdles and victories in present and future. Sorry if this was long.
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    April 2019 Surgeries!

    Naiad Shoot at the hospital the day of my surgery I so tired that I told them to quickly knock me out with the anesthesia because I’m about to knock out because I’m so sleepy. Actually I’m pretty sure I was falling asleep as they started putting the anesthesia 😂. I didn’t fully wake up until about 12am. I was so tired that I was conscious when they moved me out of surgery bed. Well at least I think, all I remember is hearing okay we are done. . . Then I felt them lift my body and move it to another bed. Then I felt movement and again movement to another bed. I herd people around me, and I would slightly but just barely open my eyes. Because I didn’t want to wake up from the lights. And I remember in recovery room I was moving my legs and arms a lot 😂. My mother came to visit and she said I was I feeling I told her fine. . . But I’m really really still sleepy, so I knocked out. Woke up a few times when they took me to my room, just to make sure they gave me my glasses back. Then I knocked out again. I was so tired because I went to sleep at 12 something am, due to excitement for the surgery. I woke up at 5:30am for my surgery appointment that was at 11:30am but didn’t get into surgery until 5:30pm so I was getting really tired from being in that chair waiting for them to call me. You can say I did wake up a few time but the tiredness and sleepiness hit me hard. . . But not as hard as them gas pains from the surgery 😂 😬😅
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    April 2019 Surgeries!

    TheFlinstones. I think you can probably buy some big bandages that can cover up your incisions. The to all the sides of the bandaids you use this medical tape. I’m pretty sure Dollar tree sells them. If not then you can also check a pharmacy. I think this might help. If anyone else thinks otherwise please do correct me.
  4. KhaosG00B

    April Sleeve Surgeries!! 2019

    Wilsntomas truth fully I’m not sure, because all they gave us to eat was sugar free jello, some broth soups, hot water if we wanted to drink tea. My aunt has high blood pressure and they didn’t let her take her medicine the day or her surgery, they injected her the blood pressure medication. You can always bring them with you on surgery day, before you go into surgery your doctor will come talk to you and have to sign papers. So while he visit you you can show him the pills you have, and ask if you are able to take them. If not then your stuck with asking them to give you them nausea meds thru IV.
  5. Well I know during the two days before surgery clear liquid diet my aunt on the first day she ate some Mole and a chicken foot. And after she finished it she told our family friend to quickly run to the store and by her the liquid laxative. So that she can EMPTY her stomach bruh 😂. She also drank a premier protein vanilla drink on Sunday when surgery was on Monday 4/8/19 . She was like look Imah put mad water now it looks more clear 🤦‍♀️😅😂 well all I can say was that she had the surgery done. I was worried she wasn’t going to get it, since she also chewed on some corn bread and then spit it out before being able to swallow it. She had me stressed for her during this two week semi liquid diet before surgery. Especially because she had to pay out of pocket
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    Fears wls

    Well the only fear I had was going under anesthesia and not waking up. . . Ending in a coma or dying. But then I told my self that I can literally die any day and anytime before the surgery that’s life young people die babies die, old people, obese people and healthy people. We will all die at some point and no one knows when. The main reason I got over my fear was being extremely SLEEPY by God, I told the people at surgery room that if they don’t knock me out first I will knock out myself from sleepiness. . .zzzzz
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    Hardest part

    Right now it’s drinking from those little cups they gave us, I have to drink 4 every hour. Not going to lie it’s hard. But I’m trying since I don’t want to go to hospital for dehydration. That’s my challenge, plus sometimes I wake up late so I really have to get them at least 8cups of water in before the day ends. My surgery was on April 8
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    April Sleeve Surgeries!! 2019

    I’m from NYC and I had my VGS on April 8. I ain’t gonnah lie my stomach was hurting, I guess it was stomach gas pain. I didn’t fell pain from the incisions. The two days and night I stood at hospital I had horrible nausea that I would make the motion of a person vomiting but nothing came out. That motion would make my stomach hurt. Them doctors must have given me pain medicine threw IV 10 times. When I tell you your stomach gas pain hit you, they hit hard. One nurse was taking my blood pressure at same time I started getting stomach gas pain. My blood pressure went up fast to 256. I told her it’s because if they pain. She waited until the pain finish and took blood pressure again and it went down to 106. I also remember them giving me a lot of nausea medicine but then suckers didn’t work. So they used a different one and that was God sent. The people who got same surgery as me and my aunt, none of us left home on the second day. We all stayed and left the third day cause them pains were intense. But when I got home the pain was nearly gone. I feel much better don’t get a nauseas as before. But man I did have a lot of phlegm. The whole two days I arrived home I was spitting phlegm Filled up a whole cup. But today I haven’t spit phlegm so that’s good. It gets better as the days go bye. Oh and I am able to drink water from the little cups they gave more frequently. I know some people get nervous when they are about to get put under for surgery. Can’t lie I was a little worried, but man I was so sleepy that my worries left me and I told the surgery people to just knock me out because I’m about to knock out myself since I’m so sleepy. Anyway I pray both your surgeries go well and successfully. That you have a great recovery. And if it hurts ask for them pain meds cause they help.
  9. Sweet I’m waiting for them to get me to go into The surgery room. Man I’m excited and I hope everything goes well. My aunt goes in after me
  10. Hello my name is Diana, so far I am having my surgery on April 8 at 12:30pm. So i have to get to hospital at 10:30am. Im worried only for the weigh in, because Ive read some where that if you don't loose weight in two week liquid diet then they cancel surgery. MY two week liquid diet was like this. I'll write what my paper says. BREASKFAST: Protein shake LUNCH: 3 oz grilled chicken, spinach salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, red beans and beets) + olive oil and vinegar dressing DINNER: Protein shake SNACKS: Greek Yogurt, sugar free apple sauce, fresh fruit (berries), whole grain crackers ( 3-4 ), sugar free jello, sugar free popsicles sticks , carrot and celery sticks, they also said I can have sugar free/ fat free PUDDING. ( only had pudding twice ) BEVERAGES THROUGHOUT THE DAY: Your choice of water, crystal light, diet Snapple, diet Gatorade, Tea or coffee ( sweetened with a sugar substitute ), fat free milk/soy milk/almond milk. 2 DAYS PRIOR TO SURGERY - CLEAR LIQUID DIET Water, ice chips, sugar free jello, sugar free popsicles sticks, diet cranberry juice, diet Snapple, Diet Vitamin Water, Diet Gatorade-G2, decaf tea, broth based soup ( chicken, vegetables, beef ). I've been following this diet because it doesn't seem hard, yes at some points i wanted to eat some rice and that tasty food im used to. Shoot the spanish ladies in church that always be cooking, we had like two birthday celebrations in church, was proud of myself for not eating the food. Only one day during first early week I ate half a slice of pizza and I didn't even finish it. because i don't really like pizza that much. I tried my very best to stay in the diet especially because I read and saw allot of videos that said that while in liquid diet if i eat carbs my liver will get big again and all the hard work was for nothing. So yeah that was my fear so sugar free popsicles sticks sure to not eat any carbs. just like how i doing during my 6 Month weigh in's. Ill give you my stats: Beginning weigh in for VSG was: 285 lb ..... (my highest weight before tis was 290 lb) height: 5,6' BMI: 46.0 I was cutting carbs such as bread, rice, pasta, and would not eat snacks like i used to. I would get a small snack once a week and like every 2-3 weeks would have some type pf carb. shot i was really proud of myself in thanksgiving during 6 month weight lose. only carb i ate that day and not a lot, it was my moms baked tomato 5 cheese pasta. Anyway ill right how many pounds i lost every month until final weigh in. SEP: 285 Nov: 280 Dec: 276 Jan: 272 Feb: 269 Mar: 264.6 My period was never normal and sometimes it would come and sometimes it wouldn't, didn't know what time of the month it would decide to come. Usually only knew i had my period when I got some spotting. During this weight loss journey, I realized that my body get swollen when i have my period shockingly up to 10lb . Man sometimes during 6 month weight lose i had to visit my primary doctor and thats when i found out this would happen to my body. because one month when i got went for the mandatory weight in i did good and lost the weight i had to. then that following next week i was on my period. I felt heavier and tired. so when i went to primary they told me a gained nearly 10lb i was shocked and really scared because i herd that if you gain weight during this process then they cancel your process and you don't get surgery. Didn't even change my diet, so like i said felt like i nearly had a heart attack when they told e that. During this 6 month weight lose my period seems to start getting stable, two months out of the six my period acted abnormal. As in i started realized that i would get period during middle end of the month. one time it come during last of the month and into the beginning of month. Before this sometimes that would happen to me. that i why i was always so nervous and scared to get my weight in at the bariatric hospital where i would go. Now in this two week liquid diet like i said I've been following it .... but man they got us running everywhere to get the clearance before surgery, so another reason i couldn't have final normal meal like how some people call it. because i had to go to primary and they always weigh you first, and i didn't want to risk them canceling on me for after they said i was approved. Im here hella nervous not really about surgery itself because i know i did what i had to do for the pre-surgery diet. i had to go to my primary for the pre- surgery clearance exams. i had to pee in some cup. i told them i got my period so they said when my period finished i as able to take test that was going to be nearly during begging of week two before surgery. Man i was so nervous because i had to get everything done, in a short amount of time. So i decided to tell them my period finished because it was still in spotting phase for a week. So thankfully no blood was in pee sample and they was able to get result of that test. I kid you not two days later y period came in like it usually does. heavy-medium. Thank God i decided to do that pee test when i had spotting period, because so far im still on my period. Man when i got my regular period i immediately went to weigh myself and i was scared cause i went from 264.6 to 270. i was scared yet again because my surgery is around the corner. Man you don't know how serious i was with the two week liquid diet so that i can loose the weigh. So far today i weigh in at 263lb. this is nice but in my mind not good enough because from my last weight in, im still with my period and swollen and so nervous and scared that they are going to cancel my surgery because of my weight. they probably going to be like oh you didn't loose weight so you didn't do the diet ... BAM no surgery. I really hope this period ends before surgery and my weight goes down, because this would happen to me. like i said im not worried about my liver not shrinking because i did the diet and cut the carbs like i said and sugars so that my liver could shrink. My aunt is also getting surgery same day and i was the one constantly telling her what she was able to eat and what she wasn't and why. The lady who called form hospital said that if i still have my period that they will give me a special pad/underwear to wear. Oh and i got the clearance for cardiologist two days ago. and he gave me blood pressure pills he said a small dosage just to be safe. I was really stressed during these two weeks before my up coming surgery also running like a chicken with no head trying to get all test done and get clearance. Because my coordinator forgot to give me the paper that primary had to fill for the clearance before surgery. Also my primary doctor only goes to my clinic on MON,TH,FRI. and cardiologist on Mon and the other guy to scans your heart comes in on Friday. So that was all during these two weeks before surgery. I pray that am able to get this surgery . Has anyone had a type of similar problem like mine. if so i would love to read about it. Also will keep you guys updated on the statues of my surgery on April 8. Who ever read this thanks for reading i know its long.
  11. I got weighed in Before surgery and my weight was 254.2lb thank god my period finished. The surgery was a success and the recovery I’m not going to lie it was painful them gas pains, but at least the gave me pain medicine and nausea medicine because I was suffering more from the nausea.
  12. Thanks everyone, the surgery went well my liver was small. And they weighed me before surgery and I went down to 254.2lb because my period had finished. Also I can’t lie I was really sleepy before they put me under anesthesia. While I was in recovery room I tried not to wake up even when they brought me to my room. Ladies and gentlemen it be no joke. Them gas pains. By God, the nurse was taking my blood pressure. And the stomach/gas pain was hitting me and my blood pressure went all the way up to 256 really quick, because of the pain. I told the nurse and she waited until the pain stoped and blood pressure went back down to 106. Not going to lie I’m suffering from feeling very nauseas and my body makes all the movements someone has pups if they wee going to vomit. But nothing would come out. My aunt is not dealing with the nausea like me. She feels like her chest hurts/heartburn. The medicine the nurse gave me a different one really helped with nausea, because the other ones wouldn’t help at all. Also I think they gave me pain medicine about 8-9 times already. Because when I tell you then stomach/gas pain hit you dam they are awful. But still it’s all worth it, my body will heal and get used to it’s new stomach.
  13. Alwazla8 My aunt was struggling A lot during her liquid diet. I mean I can’t lie it was really hard. But in my head I just told myself that it was only for a short time. Plus the fear of not being able to get the surgery helped me to not eat. Lol I hope your liver shrinks and you have a wonderful successful surgery.
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    Catwoman7 I was looking up the centrum chewable ones but they didn’t bring as many. Actually the bottles where expensive if you take to count the number of pills they give. I think I was 60 pills. I think I will just buy the ones I was mentioning. I’ll get more for my money and it says take one a day. So it’s a good deal, at least I think
  15. KhaosG00B


    Can’t I just take the , Centrum Women (250 Count) Multivitamin / Multimineral Supplement Tablet, Vitamin in amazon for $18.41. But since it’s not a chewable, wouldn’t I have to just crush it. Since a chewable would just get dissolved. And I’ll also have to be taking in 2 other pills. It makes more sense for me to get this one. Instead of the Flintstone ones.
  16. KhaosG00B


    I’d say keep on fighting eventually I think they will give it to you. Because I’ve met some lady who I think was 200lb and she wasn’t short so her BMI was low. She said they denied her. But she kept on complaining putting in appeals to her insurance and finally the wa able to get the surgery. I was surprised she even said she didn’t have to do non of the requirements I had to do. But hey I guess if you bother your insurance long enough they will probably let you get surgery. Also she didn’t have diabetes or high blood pressure
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    April 2019 Surgeries!

    Oh wow I’m also from the Bronx in NYC, I’m getting my surgery on Monday at Lenox Hill Hospital. Man I hope your surgery goes well.
  18. KhaosG00B

    April 2019 Surgeries!

    Man I hope I will be able to tolerate sea food because I prefer eating seafood than cow/pork/chicken etc. meats. Well for me after surgery. Day 1 & 2 : clear liquids Day 3 - 14 (2 weeks): Full Liquids Day 15 - 22 ( week 3): Thin Purées Day 23 ( week 4 ) : Thick Purées Weeks 5 & 6: will transition to a regular diet, but I have to measure portions. So far it doesn’t seem hard, but I won’t know after surgery.
  19. Update I was nervous yet again because I herd that if you sick no surgery. Well like I said I took a shower as soon as I woke up with hot water. And today and tomorrow I shall only drink hot liquids. So far my nose is not stuffed anymore and my throat doesn’t feel sore. I guess that was just in the morning. But I shall see what happens on Monday.
  20. Update update . . . I was sneezing a lot yesterday night and today I have runny nose and a bit sore throat. I took a hot shower and I am only going to drink hot clear liquids for these last two days before surgery. Anyway when I came out the shower I weighed myself, because I notice that My period is starting to finish. THANK GOD anyway I weighed myself and it says now I’m 259lb. Staring from my last 6 month weight in I was at 264lb and when I got my period bam all the way up to 270lb. Like I said worked even harder in my liquid diet. Just like I said before I weighed myself and it said I was 259lb. . . . Thank god I’m feeling less stressed now. Will update to anyway changes.
  21. KhaosG00B

    April 2019 Surgeries!

    Wow once I had horrible gas pains and I felt like I was dying but i just dealt with it since I wasn’t able to do nothing. But man I wonder if the gas pain from surgery will be anything like what I experienced before. Thankful it was only once. Fit.4.Me I hope you feel better soon
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    April 2019 Surgeries!

    My VSG surgery is on April 8, nervous yet excited and bit stressed. You’ll know why if you read my post. But yeah I’m so excited and wonder how my body will change after surgery. I can’t lie I wonder how my body shape will look like and who it will resemble the most from all the females in my family. They all look different and my two sisters have different body shapes.
  23. KhaosG00B

    Anyone else playing the waiting game?!?

    Can’t like these two weeks right now had me really stressed, especially how everything went if you read my only post you guys will know why. But so far my surgery date is April 8. If was originally April 29 but they moved it up since there was spots available and my aunt and I are getting it same day. You should get the clearance pretty soon and surgery day as well. I have medocaid/ Fidelis health care. My aunt has some private insurance. Her aunt as approved a few days earlier than mine. Good luck everyone on your surgery.
  24. Hi im getting my surgery on Monday, .... not really nervous only thing im worried about is the weight in before surgery. If you read my first post i just finished posting you'll know why. You are all welcome to read my post would love to hear back from you guys because im nervous. I hope your surgery goes well if you haven't had it yet. Oh and my name is Diana