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  1. Hello beautiful peeps. It’s 2:07am and I’ve been awake on and off for two hours in pain, nauseous, and stupid bloated because I ate peanut butter and it jacked up my whole life. I’m being dramatic because I feel like trash and I have a VERY important job interview today and really need the sleep. I just had to get it out into the ether to a group who would understand how something little like that can screw up your whole world temporarily. Thanks for listening!
  2. wallpapermusic

    Peanut Butter Has Ruined My Life

    Thanks everyone!! I’m feeling better this morning. I was able to get some sleep eventually. I’m gonna go rock the interview later, I’ll keep you all posted!
  3. Hi all! I need a general consensus on adherence to the pre-op diet. I’m on day three of just liquids, my surgery date is May 6th. The liquids bite, but it is what it is. My bff and I would really like to go out for one last sushi night on Friday and I’m wondering how much damage I’ll do if I stick to just fish and veggies? Is it worth it? Please send help!
  4. wallpapermusic

    Pre-Op Diet Adherence

    Yay for surgery twins!! Thanks for the input from your surgeon’s office! Mine said I could have 4oz lean meat and veggies at one meal but I’m super paranoid it’ll put a huge dent in the weight loss if I do 😬 Good luck with the surgery!! I know we’ll both do great with it!!
  5. wallpapermusic

    Pre-Op Diet Adherence

    I’m actually doing liquids of my own volition. I was given the option to do two shakes and a meal or just liquids. I felt that liquids are more regimented and I’m already down 7lbs. But thank you for the info on the sushi! It’s not my first time having it, I’m aware of the carbs and sodium in regular rolls.
  6. wallpapermusic

    Pre-Op Diet Adherence

    Just trying to gather opinions from others who have already been through this step and may have been in a similar place. I thought we were all here to support one another through this journey. Thanks for the input! 👍🏼
  7. wallpapermusic

    Liquid Diet Pre-Op

    I get the Gold Standard protein powder from Costco. It tastes great and it's 24g per scoop.
  8. wallpapermusic


    I've been curious about this too. My surgeon said no NSAIDs ever again because of potential ulcers, but I'm curious what to ask for if I need dental work or something like that. They always send me home with 800mg Ibuprofen. Sooo... yeah, seems like there's a lot of conflicting answers 🤷‍♀️
  9. wallpapermusic

    How long before you went back to work?

    I'm only able to take three days (surgery Mon, off Tues, Wed) and then work from home the other two days, and then I'll be back to work. I also don't have the PTO because I'm saving it for a holiday, and my FMLA doesn't kick back in until October, so I'm on my own. I'm hoping since I have a desk job and I'm able to work from home if I need to I'll be alright for the first two weeks or so.
  10. wallpapermusic

    May bypass

    RNY May 6th! 🙋‍♀️I'm starting the pre-op liver shrinking diet the day after Easter so I get a last hurrah with the family before then! I'm really looking forward to the surgery, I feel like I'll finally have a huge part of my life under control.
  11. wallpapermusic


    I just saw my nutritionist for the pre-op visit last week, she said no caffeine for two weeks prior and four weeks after. I'm also a decaf snob, you know, there's a time and a place for it. Never, and in the trash lol. I hope you get a straight answer, a year without coffee sounds miserable.
  12. wallpapermusic

    Pre OP bypass

    I found little salad dressing containers at Target that are one ounce each. I bought two four-packs for post op to make it easier during the day at work.
  13. wallpapermusic

    Week after surgery and I'm struggling

    Try collagen powder, it's usually about the same amount of protein as whey shakes, and you can add it into other foods. It will also help with the hair loss and skin elasticity. Power through, girl! You got this!
  14. I'm working with Dr. Brian Long at the Nicholson Clinic. They have an office in Dallas and an office in Plano. The staff there is wonderful and I love Dr. Long. He's very knowledgeable and has been doing bariatric surgery for a long time. I've just started my journey and am waiting on insurance approval (fingers crossed!). The office staff has been amazing guiding me through the steps of this long and confusing process. I highly recommend contacting them!

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