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    Welcome to my journey toward being able to walk again! As you can see in the pictures I am the lady that can hardly stand let alone walk. I use 2 canes to hobble real short distances and a scooter to do anything in the community.
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    I want to be able to dance, swim, play mini golf and live, laugh and love again, until than I keep busy with beadwork, plastic canvas needlepoint and surf the web.
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  1. :angry::44_frowning2::57_cry: Very angry and disappointed my breast surgery for tomorrow has been cancelled. Less than 24 hours before surgery I am told I have a lump and need a breast biopsy to be scheduled. Nothing like them waiting until the last minute. 

    1. Newme17


      Oh no! It's terrible they waiting till the last minute. On the other hand, let's pray this lump is NOTHING! and that it's good to get this part done before having the surgery anyhow. Be blessed hon!