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  1. Thea7777

    Post rny throw up

    I never threw up before surgery and then after surgery all the time, UNTIL they stretched out my stoma with a second surgery. Everything was getting stuck. Throwing up was a feeling of queasiness with a "stuck" feeling. Drinking water or anything would make it works. Then it would come up with a bunch of "slime" which was basically like gobs of saliva (sorry this is gross!) and the food. No bile so no bile flavor, just this. It was easier to throw up as I would just basically have to bend over and gag a few times.
  2. Hi, I'm 48 and I'm down 61 lbs being just shy of 4 months out. I feel like the weight loss is pretty quick, but not as quick as others. I do cardio 4-5x a week for 30 min.
  3. Thea7777

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    Hi again - my procedure went well and my stomach opening has been dilated to 16 mm. Now I just have a sore throat and have been restricted to pureed foods again for a few days - but good news is foods are actually going down! Yay! I will have to figure out what my real "full" feeling is now that I know the "stuck" feeling wasn't really it.
  4. Thea7777

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    Thanks for the good thoughts and I hope I only need the one time! Yikes! How long did this process last for you?
  5. Thea7777

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    Hey guys. I love hearing everyone experiences so far and thanks to you guys I was able to see that I was really struggling with my food intake. Many of you are talking about being able to eat X many ounces at this far out and so on. I just can't and it is/was getting worse. Most days something is coming back up or taking hours to get down fully and feeling "stuck" in my throat and esophagus. Because of your stories I knew something was not right. After my follow up today with my Dr. it turns out that I have a Anastomotic Stenosis (stricture) and the opening to my pouch is (most likely) very small and closing. This can happen with some patients. So I have to get an upper endoscopy done on Thursday and they will stretch the opening with a balloon. Hopefully this will help! It's just a day procedure, but I will be fully under. Cross your fingers for me
  6. Thea7777

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    Hi Sept peeps! I wanted to check in to see how everyone is doing? I can't believe that as of this upcoming Tuesday I will be 6 weeks out. On Tuesday I will have release to eat whatever I want (of course keeping within recommended dietary guidelines from NUT and what new insides agree with). I'm wondering how it is for others at this time? I do ok with soft foods like yogurt, but really struggle still with more solid foods like shredded chicken. Last night it took me 45 min to get in 3/4 of an ounce of chicken with some spaghetti sauce on it. I'm averaging about 500 cals a day. I still need to rely on protein shakes to get my protein up there. I've had the foamies a few times now - no fun! But I'm having trouble determining what the feeling of "full" is for me, so I think I just overdid it those couple of times with either eating too much or too fast. (I am starting to more consistently use a meal timer to help make sure I don't eat to fast.) How is it for others? It's weird too because every time I eat my new insides gurgle and they feel like they are shifting around. Very strange feeling! Energy level - I'm OK feeling for just regular sitting around and such, but going out to a store can exhaust me. Just last weekend I had to go sit in the car and let my boyfriend finish our grocery shopping without me. Ugh! I'm taking in my first batch of clothes to goodwill today - weird to see them go, but this time (unlike previous "diets") I don't feel the need to hold on to them just in case I gain it back (which ALWAYS HAPPENED and then some!). I was thinking too, its usually about this time into a diet that I would start to slide and go back to old ways. It is nice to have this tool so that I cannot do that... I just can't! This is what it is all about - making lifetime healthy habits!
  7. Thea7777

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    @smaller_sav Thanks for asking. I’m doing OK I’m up to pureed foods now But I find them difficult to eat very uncomfortable. As for when I was in the hospital I was in a pretty good amount of pain but it was alleviated pretty much by day three or four
  8. Thea7777

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    Hope everyone that had surgeries is doing well!
  9. Thea7777

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    Hi. If anyone is curious I had my surgery Tuesday. As of today I’m doing well. No need for pain meds. My stomach feels still so bloated though. Like I’m pregnant! No big issues with my liquids just not that interested. Its like a job to fit everything in. Passing gas is a challenge but walking around is helpful. Any questions feel free to message me. Im more than happy to share any of it if will help! Good luck to those coming up!
  10. Thea7777

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    Surgery done on 10th. Feeling ok today but yest was rough !
  11. Thea7777

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    Tomorrow also here... wow! I can't believe it's here already! Super nervous...
  12. Thea7777

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    Mine is 5 days full liquids, two days clear. The 5 days is 3 protein shakes a day and one glass of juice. Then sugar free popsicles, sugar free jello, water and etc as much as I like. 2 days clear is just clear liquids and 6 cups of clear juice or non sugar free popsicles (2 count as one cup) (I assume for calories).
  13. Thea7777

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    September 10 seems so close. Two more days then liquids only for a long time!!!!
  14. Thea7777


    Hope it went well!
  15. Thea7777

    Doubting my decision

    I understand where you are coming from SassyLady, but Briswife15 is right - the complications of NOT having the surgery can be worse and almost a certainty. My surgery is about a month away and I keep going back and forth from excited to nervous and share some of the same concerns.

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