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  1. Colorado Cowgirl


    I did. Not often.
  2. Colorado Cowgirl

    Top Ten NSV

    Looking at a pair of jeans and being able to get them over my once huge rear end!
  3. Colorado Cowgirl


    Big congratulations!
  4. Colorado Cowgirl

    Surgery for 70 year old female

    67 and surgery April 1st. Down 71 lbs and full of energy and less aches and pains. Off BP meds since 1st week. Portion control has always been my Achilles heel and this surgery does the trick. Definitely am changing my habits. This will lengthen an active life but it isn't a magic bullet. You still have to do the work. Good luck with your decision.
  5. Colorado Cowgirl

    Gastric Sleeve after 50 (Senior Sleevers)

    Wow to all of the above! I'm 67 and enjoying life almost for the first time in my adult life. Congratulations!
  6. Colorado Cowgirl

    Gastric Sleeve after 50 (Senior Sleevers)

    How has your life changed?
  7. Colorado Cowgirl

    Eating small bites

    Those are great. I bought tapas plates and appetizer forks and spoons at Bed Bath and Beyond. Six months out I am still using them. Ellen DeGeneres has a pretty set I bought to treat myself. Non food reward!
  8. Colorado Cowgirl

    Anxiety/Depression after surgery

    I was told that there are hormonal changes after surgery. The mood passed quickly.
  9. Colorado Cowgirl

    Post-OP Diet Curiosity

    While your stomach is healing you won't want to put anything else in it. The warm liquids were soothing to me during that time.
  10. Colorado Cowgirl

    VSG + Hiatal Hernia Repair

    No issues here either having both done.
  11. Colorado Cowgirl


    Yes. For me it's lack of fluids. Stand up slowly.
  12. Colorado Cowgirl

    Wine 2 days in a row

    Sometimes I have nightmares about big time cheating. You should be fine so long as it doesn't become a habit. Now you can get back on track!
  13. Unflavored protein powder. I put it in broth, scrambled eggs, smoothies, etc. At the beginning that was the only way I could get protein in.
  14. Colorado Cowgirl

    First day at home after discharge

    I couldn't drink anywhere near my 64 oz for about two months. My doctor told me to do the best I could. Check with your doctor.
  15. Colorado Cowgirl

    Anyone NOT track their calories?

    My PA tells me to count calories and my nutritionist tells me to measure. Since portion control is my nemisis I track calories and eyeball portions. I hate the idea of deprivation so I pay attention within reason. No sweets or higher carbs until maintenance. Do whatever works for you.
  16. Colorado Cowgirl

    Hernia and sleeve

    I had a hernia for years before my sleeve. It was repaired at that time. I'm only five months out but so far so good.
  17. Colorado Cowgirl

    3 days post op and pain

    You had major surgery. That is what you should tell your boyfriend.
  18. Colorado Cowgirl

    Water intake

    I am going to try it bc I'm bored with everything I drink. Would you compare it to Crystal Light? Thanks so much for the heads up!
  19. Colorado Cowgirl


    Thirty lbs. in a month is unbelievable. You might not see this kind of a loss again in a month. Congratulations!
  20. Colorado Cowgirl

    The WORST Loser

    Get back on track. Measure your food and eat slowly to give your body time to feel full. Eat at the same times each and every day. Protein, protein, protein. Saying that you didn't do the surgery to allow this to happen to you is a huge tell. The surgery isn't doing this to you. You may want to look into some therapy as well. It has helped me immensely. Good luck.
  21. Colorado Cowgirl

    Hair Loss [emoji45]

  22. Colorado Cowgirl

    Hair Loss [emoji45]

    Mine just slowed down at 5 months and also started around 4 months. I also have thick hair and have no bald spots as a result of the loss. I thought no you'll be fine.
  23. Colorado Cowgirl


  24. Initially I cut them in half with a pill cutter and waited 5-10 minutes between pills. Now at 5 months I can swallow them whole but still space them out
  25. Colorado Cowgirl

    Feeling Weak past 2 Months

    I get sick when I'm dehydrated. Dizzy, light-headed and weak. You may need fluids. Start logging your intake.