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  1. Has anyone else been told by the nutritionist not to use protein with collagen?
  2. I have averaged 10 pounds of weight loss a month but spent a good 2 months going up and down 10 pounds. So you are definitely not alone.
  3. I am looking for something affordable and comfortable to wear to alert emergency services not to intubate or give me nsaids. Any suggestions?
  4. mgrand

    Outgrown Clothing

    I have been giving away the clothes that no longer fit as I go along. I was just wondering what everyone else does with theirs.
  5. mgrand

    My Before and After Pics

    Looking good! Best of luck with the revision!
  6. mgrand

    Over the counter vitamins?

    I am required to take ProCare Health Bariatric multivitamins with iron. Also, calcium citrate with D3. I tried Bariatric Fusion but it lacks vitamin K.
  7. I am just wondering how many have been able to get PS and have it covered by their insurance. I've heard that it is more likely to be covered if there are complications, such as infections, etc.
  8. Thank you! You look great!
  9. mgrand

    Sense of smell heightened

    Right after surgery, most of the people around me smelled like corn! I don't know what that was about but it passed. A lot of smells still bother me that never did before. I am 10 weeks post-op.
  10. I had mine out at the same time. I also had scar tissue from a previous surgery that they had to deal with. I was in surgery for like 6 hours and spent 4 days in the hospital. I'm glad they took it because I had a gallstone years ago that finally passed by itself after a week of pain. It was pretty bad. Now I don't have to worry about that happening again!
  11. mgrand

    Weight-loss funnies

  12. mgrand

    Weight-loss funnies

  13. mgrand

    Weight-loss funnies

  14. mgrand

    Weight-loss funnies

  15. mgrand

    Weight-loss funnies

  16. mgrand

    Weight-loss funnies

  17. mgrand

    Need advice

    I think that 6 hours a week is a healthy amount of exercise. You may need to continue that indefinitely. If you are doubting your ability to continue, maybe you need to find another form of exercise that you find more enjoyable.
  18. mgrand


    Also, I have been doing quite a bit of reading about it and it seems to be a good thing to consume. I have arthritis and fibromyalgia and it seems like it helps. Perhaps it depends on who is using it and why?
  19. mgrand


    She basically said that we shouldn't ingest it, but that it is fine to use on your skin. In fact, she highly recommended it topically. I believe she does look younger than her age!
  20. mgrand

    Illness set back.

    I'm so sorry you are sick. I bet you'll pick back up where you left off when it's over. Get well soon!
  21. mgrand

    Weight-loss funnies

  22. mgrand

    any Oregonians out here??

    I am in Salem
  23. Is lactaid working for you?? It doesn't seem to be working for me but maybe I am not taking enough.
  24. mgrand

    Longest stall ever!

    Wow! That is a long one. Congrats on soldiering through!