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  1. Hi! I’m almost 7 weeks post op and I’m dealing with some serious abdominal cramping and I’m wondering if this is normal or if I should begin to worry?? I ate nothing out of the ordinary leading up to this. Around 7 am out of NOWHERE I got what felt like awful awful bowel cramps. I ran to the bathroom, had some diarrhea and the cramps are still severe almost 2 hours later. I just got off of my 12 hour night shift at the hospital so I figured I would just sleep it off after getting home but I can’t even sleep because it feels so so bad ): Should I be freaking out? Cause I’m kinda freaking out ):
  2. I’m exactly 6 weeks post-op today and headed back to work tonight. I’m a night shift CNA working 12 hour shifts at a hospital! Does anyone have any advice for me on going back to work after surgery? I’m super nervous when it comes to my lunch break and such because my biggest fear is getting sick at work, especially because I’m rarely sitting down and always moving. Also nervous to go back to nights because I’ve been extra sleepy since surgery! Any advice would be appreciated 😊
  3. jazzyj13

    March Bypass Buddies

    I haven’t experienced this...could it be any vitamins you’re taking?
  4. jazzyj13

    Annoyed with my weight loss

    I just met my 30 pound mark at 5 weeks out! You will get there slowly but definitely surely! Don’t focus on the scale so much.
  5. jazzyj13

    March 2019 sleepers

    I am also a month post op, stuck at 24 pounds, and struggling to eat! I can get it down, but I have to lay down after because I just feel so uncomfortable. Or I end up just throwing it back up! Certain things I’ve done well with but I find myself super uncomfortable more often then not
  6. Hi! Im one month post op as of tomorrow and I’m feeling a little sad/concerned. Is it normal after one month to still feel blech every time you eat? Every time I eat I have to lay down for awhile because I hurt/get nauseous. Today I was driving home from a friends house an hour away and I had to pull over multiple times because I felt so awful after I had eaten. We went to a baseball game last night and I was hungry but I was afraid of even trying anything with fear of it making me sick in the middle of a public event! I just want to get to a point where I can eat and not feel off after. And I want to feel comfortable eating in a group setting without wondering how it will effect me. Is this something normal that I shouldn’t be worried over?? I’m very anxious over this because I just want to get to my new normal and im probably just being impatient! Can anyone tell me if this is normal? If so, when did you start to feel like a normal functioning person of society that could go do normal things without worrying? I probably sound crazy lol
  7. jazzyj13

    March 2019 sleepers

    I did!!! For about 2 weeks I’ve stayed where I’m at. Now I’ve started losing again, slowly but surely (:
  8. jazzyj13

    Old clothes?

    I found this amazing Facebook group for ladies who have had WLS! It’s called WLS sisterhood of the traveling pants! You can give your clothes that don’t fit you away to someone in the group that is that size now, and you can claim items that others are selling in your size! You just pay a shipping fee. It’s a great source to help those in our community!
  9. jazzyj13

    Can anyone post a sample of diet

    Try quest for protein bars! They even have protein cookies that I warm up for 10 seconds...so good!!! Quest protein products are amazing
  10. jazzyj13

    Preop diet?

    I did not have to do one either! I was able to eat regularly until the night before. No problems here (:
  11. jazzyj13


    My sister is a representative for the vitamin company Shaklee and that’s what I’m taking! I’m doing just fine with them. I invested in a nice pill organizer that organizes my vitamins by the time of day, so each Saturday I load up my pill organizer for the week. I super recommend that! So helpful!
  12. Good luck with surgery! Sending good vibes and prayers your way ❤️❤️❤️
  13. I was also told to stop eating the night before, but they allowed me to have water until 5 am! You’ll be just fine!
  14. jazzyj13

    March 2019 sleepers

    I use baby food still even in the soft food stage! The squeeze pouches are so handy for on the go, and sugar isn’t an issue for the ones I have. I think they’re so yummy
  15. jazzyj13

    March Bypass Buddies

    Same here! My surgery was on the 12. I was on liquids the first day, then purées for 2 weeks and now I’m on soft foods as of last Monday

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