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  1. On 11/16/2019 at 7:25 PM, RussT said:

    I just keep eating right and try to get about 30 minutes of exercise in 5 days a week. There wasn't a moment where I stopped losing and started maintaining. It's all about a new way to eat and live my life.

    Aha..that is so interesting. Good to hear that it's a natural process when it works. Ive heard all these horror stories about weight gain afterwards. Im still working on my new eating style and trying to get rid of falling back to my old ways.

  2. Thank you for posting this. I soooo hear you! Ive been sitting in very much the same boat. Even though Ive lost somewhere over 100 lbs since January, I still have 50 to go. I look down at my normal size L jogging pants and am happily shocked every time I can see that I definitely have two legs now. Not to mention a colleague (at my new job which only knows me after my journey started) said that I dont look overweight. (I too am rather tall at 6 foot, so I "carry it well", but heavy is heavy.) However, I can still go buy a security monitor in a store and still only see a fat person. Our minds play tricks on us, and we have to get the "adult" in there to win the fight and let the kid "play" enough to let us not get overwhelmed by the journey.

  3. I have dumped a few times, but oddly enough it was from things I had been eating just days earlier. But otherwise, I do have problems with toast with jam and butter (I know...not a good meal)...and I have one coffee house that for some reason, no matter what I try there, I dump massively. I wonder if they put tons of sugar in EVERYTHING that they have. I can basically only drink tea while Im there, but go there often to get out of the house and get some real work done in peace.

  4. Gah! I don't know. I got some of my hunger back and seem to be backsliding after just 4 months due to really bad stress from my new job. Thank gawd for my dogs though. I get up with them at 5am and go for an hour walk in the mornings before work. I think this helps me keep sane. So I listen to my dogs in the morning and can't help but get caught up in their happiness.

  5. I have been pretty down in the dumps recently due to the pressures of a new job....so I need a pick me up!

    So tell me all about:

    • What is your WORST (in other words favorite) Halloween candy?

    Personally, Im stuck on Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, but thank gawd I can't get them too often over here in Europe or I would be going BACK up in weight after my 4 month GBP anniversary! I can't weight (hehe..see what I did there?!?) to hear all of your stories.

  6. Yesterday, I got to do one of the things that I was looking forward to. It was trying on clothes in a normal sized store and beginning not to feel like a failure in my own body. For me it was a huge step out of my comfort zone, but Im glad that I did it. I never knew that the stretch pants were so comfy. I totally missed this trend and have been living in cargos for the past twenty years. I just wish that I could get ahold of tall women's sizes here in Europe. But I'll still be happy just to be able to wear men's chinos to work. (Anything but jeans is a no-no where I work.)

  7. On 7/3/2019 at 4:29 PM, justmetj said:

    When me and my nutritionist were going over my guidelines after the liquid phase she brought out the 1/3 cup and said I shouldn't eat more than that. I gotta tell you I was shocked because it seemed so minuscule compared to what I used to eat. So I told her it seems like I could eat more! She pointed to her head with her finger and said that's all in your head. Eating more than that is giving into head hunger. And she was right my mind will still tell me that's not enough when I visually see it but when I eat I'm constantly waiting for the cues of being satisfied/full and stop eating immediately when they come. It's usually before I've eatin the whole 1/3 C.

    Are you still at 1/3 cup? even now?

  8. On 7/9/2019 at 11:39 PM, FluffyChix said:

    I'm 17 months out. Very slow metabolism. I walk 60 minutes and aim for 6 days per week and do some very undisciplined movement/core exercises a couple times per week.

    I'm presently working on my Goal #3 of 130lbs. Weight loss is super duper slow these last 20lbs. For me to lose I'm at 650-850 but generally 650-700. I keep it to 1cup volume at meals, aim for 0-1 snack if absolutely necessary and get between 55-60ish grams Protein daily mostly from food.

    I maintain easily in a range of 900-1100 with some days back at the low end of 650.

    Fluffy...You are a legend! Thank you for sharing your experiences. It really helps us newbies see what it's going to be like in the future so we can establish good habits now. /hugs

  9. I've already had a slight downturn in my wieght loss as well. It was as if my body was taking a breath and sighing after losing so much weight pre- and post-op. Then it started up again. The only thing I did was nothing other than drinking one more Protein Shake a day. Some days I even ate a bit more calories to keep my metabolism up.

    Remember a stall is technically when weight-loss has been the same for a longer period. So if you are keeping to your program, dont beat yourself up. You are doing what you need to do and your body will eventually keep up.

    What was your pre-op starting weight? How much did you go down during pre-op?

  10. 15 hours ago, Frustr8 said:

    Ah PEGGO you are Still a Star to ME and you could be an SuperNova so burn brightly if You Can. Some Days I feel like "Cosmic Junk" but I too make it through. Be the very best PEGGO,you can be and nobody will fault YOU for THAT!

    I really liked Fustr8's quote here! You go PEGGO!

  11. 12 hours ago, Frustr8 said:

    Seemed like my center of balance was skewed or my ballast kept shifting- now that I have lost my Rear Patio things are going better

    I so feel you there. I'm losing my balance more often that I did before. It's quite embarrasing when you bump into someone. I was in the cafeteria last week eand I lost my balance and bumped into the guys back sitting behind me. All I thought was, "Please don't tell me that I have mistakenly pushed his face into his food." Since this was during my first day at my new job, doing this would have definitely been a lasting first impression. Thank gawd that it was only a minor bump and not a face meeting plate/table one.

  12. On 8/3/2019 at 7:41 PM, PEGGO said:

    Aim for the moon, you’ll always land among the stars

    hehe...Although it might take you about 100 years to get there or, if you a looking a bjt closer, you would burn up in the Sun (technically also a star). Although it's a great quote, the physics teacher in me couldnt help myself.

  13. I think Im experiencing my first stall and boy is it frustrating. I even caught myself once emotional eating. (I keep a food journal in order to keep an eye on my eating habits and make notes to myself.)

    Im 2 months out of surgery and Im 27 pounds down since surgery and about 65 pounds since the beginning of my journey. While not bad...the first stall is slightly killing me.

    So my question is when did you all have your first stall/plateau? How much weight had you lost by then?

  14. The first 10 days post-op are THE worst...thing should get better at 10 days out, but constipation can be a thing for a while. Im 2 months out and only now am I getting to be somewhat normal. Post-op normal is now pooing once evey other or third day. Stick out this first time. All us post-op have been there. (but only now on the other side do you understand and can give support to others).

    Many hugs and sympathy (especially for the gawd dern gas)!

  15. 4 hours ago, froufrou said:

    Mine was just under a million... this is because of my gastric leak which kept me in the hospital for 3 months. However, before I knew that insurance would cover this, I was going to be a cash payer. Would I have been liable for the whole million? Makes me panicky to think we could have lost everything.

    Im surprised you didnt have a heart attack during that time. I honestly think that the stress associated with even *maybe* being on the hook for 1 million dollars would affect not only my mental but my physical health. I am honestly in awe of you.