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    Life Insurance

    I am a retired insurance agent. Most companies require 1 year from date of surgery, but I have had several during my careeer that we requested a change in rating and they were approved and out underwriting was relatively strict.
  2. Tim p

    March 12 RNY

    Morning . I had my surgery 12 March . I am a band to sleeve revision. Have really don’t have any pain as of now . Can’t wait until I can at least have meal replacement drinks or even a small protein drink lol . Suppose to stay on clear liquids. I bought some of those clear protein drinks .. omg they are nasty!! If you are still on clear like me I found if I put ice the drink and some artificial sweetener in a blender they taste a lot better, not much but tolerable. My walking is good I walk at least 5 times a day .. miss coffee big time de-Caf isn’t same .. other than that I got this !! We’re is everyone from ? I’m in Waco Texas , I am married have 4 kids and 4 grandsons . I am a professional fashion photographer.
  3. I am day 5 post op. No real pain walking as much as possible. A lot of folks talked about leg compressions , was I suppose to have gotten before I left ? I find I am always cold now , is that normal ? I couldn’t drink the clear protein drink tastes really bad any suggestions on how to get protein during clear liquid diet ? anyone out there that are on day 5 through my Baratric solutions ? Let’s team up !