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  1. you're doing great..weight don't go on overnight and it don't come off overnight either. Stick to the program, remember "you got this"
  2. MLB357

    Feeling alone.

    Trust me the weight will start coming off and the energy level will increase. ONCE YOU recognize the true benefits of having the surgery for yourself and how it's going to improve your mental and physical being. All the side chatter won't mean a thing. Stay focus and strong...remember you got this.
  3. MLB357

    Partner Support

    You already starting helping her by joining this site....now you both just ask what you want to know. We are family and will try to help you by sharing our stories.. Best part of being an member is learning from others who have already "Loser's". Welcome aboard
  4. MLB357

    Surgery Today

    Welcome to losers club...first couple days after surgery are hardest, remember you just had most of your stomach removed. It does get better believe us, we all been there. But please be careful with medication.. remember its only a temporary tool to help get you through the surgery... "You got this"
  5. To everyone I would say "don't compare your situation to others". Weight lose is easier for some then for others. You have to decide what's best for you and this might mean stepping out on your own. Just remember that when it's all said and done what best for YOUR physical and mental health should be your decision. Most of us on here have either questioned ourselves or had others question our choice for bariatric surgery. And I believe a lot of us have gone through with the procedure and is satisfied with it. Knowledge is the key to understanding what you don't know. So research until you feel you have the knowledge you need to make a informed decision. This might be what you want right now, but let the decision be yours.....
  6. MLB357

    ❤21 Months Post Op❤

    looking good.. stay strong... you got this
  7. MLB357

    Soon to sleeve

    For gas pains.. get up and walk as soon as you're able.. As for packing for hospital lesson learn for me don't forget chapstick.
  8. We all been where you are now. There is always fear going into something new, but after a while the new become the norm. You're doing something to better yourself and that should be the focus. It might seems like you doing the along , but you got this whole bariatricpal family now to lean on for support..... remember "You got this".
  9. MLB357

    My surgery is tomorrow 7/26/19

    Tomorrow is the start of a new and better beginning... you got this
  10. Lot of educational stuff online about bariatric surgeries, YouTube has some great videos describing the surgeries step by step. Maybe you can watch one together or perhaps take him with you to next doctor visit and he can ask questions to the surgeon and staff As for the Endoscopy the hospital should be prepare for all possible situations. most are i am assuming. Ask the questions who , what , where and how until you're comfortable with the procedure. By even concerning the surgery you have taken some control of your life, don't stop now. ask questions ....good luck "you got this "
  11. MLB357

    Sleep apnea and surgery

    As you can see lots of different opinions... my opinion ask your doctor
  12. MLB357

    Pre-op gym sessins

    I've discovered one the main things I had to learn during this process was listening to my body. It will tell you "go or don't go","exercise or rest", "eat or don't eat anymore", "drink now or wait". Exercise or not...just saying from my POV. "You got this"
  13. MLB357

    Sleep apnea and surgery

    My medical team told me it was very important to have my CPAP available right after the surgery is completed. They take very good care of you during the procedure itself, but if you have sleep apnea you really should have your machine there during the recovery. Your body is going to be healing itself and last thing you're going to need is to be waking up all night , which is what happen with sleep apnea.... just saying "You Got This "
  14. MLB357

    Started Process in May

    We all been there waiting to hear those magical words, "you been approved for surgery".. You not alone and the "good decision" you made to start this lifestyle change, will one day become the "best decision " you ever made. Be patient and remember "You Got This".
  15. MLB357


    Thrift stores have cheap prices for good clothes and as you lose more weight you can just donate the clothes back to store. Then I guess once your weight settles you can go and pay full price for your wardrobe. Just a thought and what I'm doing....
  16. MLB357


    If my two cents is worth anything, I would say definitely continue with the therapy. Then maybe try writing your non-scale victories (NSV) in a notebook. Maybe as you see the list of NSV's increase it will help you recognize the benefits of the surgery from the health and lifestyle aspect. " Keep the faith, for this too shall pass"
  17. MLB357

    The day before surgery...

    congrats.. and you are part of this family now. Do you......, We got you and you got this. you get a second chance to start over tomorrow, trust me it's well worth it.
  18. MLB357

    Swallowing liquids

    sip sip sip .... it gets better We all been there and had to be reminded that this race is a marathon not a sprint... pace yourself and sip,,sip,,sip
  19. MLB357

    Overate and feeling it

    I agree with Allwet..if you find what triggered your binge, you can learn a how to avoid having a repeat " losing of your damn mind.. lol😁 All seriousness it's ok to slip,, but never ok to quit. Start over tomorrow,, you got this
  20. It they won't support you, we will. If they try and pass judgment, we won't. If they won't tell you, we will....YOU GOT THIS !!!! I found this online, printed it off and placed it somewhere I would see it everyday.
  21. I had surgery Wednesday 5 June and I any experiencing the same things, Doing my doctors check before discharge, I asked him if something was wrong because I wasn't in pain. He said no, everyone surgery procedure in different, Just take your blessing and continue on your journey.
  22. MLB357

    June 2019 sleevers

    I agree get up and walk as soon as you can. You got this.
  23. MLB357

    June 2019 sleevers

    One last thing you’re going to need that chapstick.. lesson learned . 
  24. MLB357

    June 2019 sleevers

    Update: everything went well today, was actually up and walking the halls about two hours after getting in my room. Don’t get me wrong the pain  can be real. Especially the gas pain, but you know who told me what do when that happens? My WLC family here, so I got my butt up and started walking . It worked. Thank from the  bottom of my heart...   good night
  25. MLB357

    June 2019 sleevers

    Thank you....