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  1. And that is what ive experienced my whole life, if I am going to be honest. Even when I was working out constantly and in the Military, I have always struggled with maintaining consistent weight loss and been overweight/obese. I guess my apprehension is making such a long term change.
  2. Ed_NW, that is a very good way to look at it. If I am being honest with myself, I have always had a hard time managing my weight and using just will power alone. I know its not easy either way you slice it. Strangely enough, I eat when i'm happy or bored. When I am stressed out, the thought of eating turns my stomach and I have to usually force myself to eat. My biggest fear with the weight I am carrying is the health problems that are getting worse in my case (sleep apnea, acid reflux, lack of energy, and joint pain/snaps). My concern with moving forward with WLS is how drastic of a change is it going to be long term. Like would I be able to have things like ice cream or other things like that (in moderation of course) with my family or would I be on a special diet the rest of my life? Hell maybe if I got to my goal weight, I wouldn't even want to touch that stuff!
  3. Hello all, New member here! I decided I needed to make a lifestyle change and investigate all my options to improve my health/lose weight. As a Veteran I use the VA for my care (have BCBS insurance as well) and scheduled a PCP appointment before my initial consultation for surgery. While I got some really good advice and support in checking out my options for weight loss (including surgery), they were not too supportive of gastric surgery as an option although encouraged me to explore it. They also had focused on the negative and complications that could be associated with it and some general misinformation (i.e. have to lose 50 lbs before you are able to get the surgery and at that rate, you might as well keep going to lose more weight). The initial consultation with the surgeons office couldn't have been more polar opposite. Obviously supportive of surgery as an option, dismissed the prevalence of the complications that the PCP brought up (almost all the surgeries end up in perforations and leaks, a lot of people who get the surgery gain the weight back, etc). They answered every question I could think of and scheduled me for more appointments in the next month. I made sure to tell both the PCP and surgeon that i'm not rushing into something that is such a life changing decision. The surgeon mentioned with my age "low" BMI and metabolism it *should* be very effective. My body composition (for context): 33 years old, 260 lbs, 5'6, have sleep apnea and acid reflux that may be more related to weight and diet than GERD on its own. Other than sharing my experience, questions I have for everyone here is - If you have had a similar experience with your PCPs when discussing bariatric surgery? - Given my body composition, does bariatric surgery seem drastic? How many people between 35-40 BMI have had the surgery and do you think it was a good move? Thanks in advance for your input!