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  1. Hi there, I'm brand new to this forum. I apologize if I'm not doing this correctly... I am wanting a gastric sleeve. I'm about 4'7" and I don't know my current weight but it's likely 220 or 230 at this point. I am definitely obese. I'm in a wheelchair. I can't walk at all. I was born with Arthrogryposis. My very limited mobility makes weight loss so difficult. When I try my hardest, I usually manage a 3 lb loss in a month. Then I get discouraged and gain it all right back. It's a messed up cycle. And it doesn't help me at all... I am prone to falling, and with my heavy weight, I end up hurting myself. I struggle to transfer, and I miss being able to transfer without such difficulty. I worry about my future independence. I'm only 29. I know a lot about this surgery as many of my friends & family members have had it done, but no one is in a wheelchair like I am. I'm going to speak to a surgeon soon... I just want to know if anyone reading this can relate. Does anyone have experience with this while being handicapped like I am? Similar to how I am? I can't stand up at all. I just worry. My dad had the gastric sleeve and I know they made him walk pretty soon after his surgery. I just wonder what I will need to do to be safe. I'm no stranger to surgery, but I've never had anything like this done. Thanks in advance for any advice.